Heritage Trail Dog Park

Heritage Trail
Hayden Run Road
Hilliard, OH
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Hilliard
Days Closed:
Park Size:
4 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area, sprinkler water feature, and drinking water.  This dog park is joint effort of the City of Hilliard, Metro Parks of Columbus, and Franklin County.

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Hayden Run Dog Park

I have been here many times. Every time is a pleasant experience. Everyone is very friendly and enjoying their dogs and the park. It is clean, convenient, and I feel extremely safe. The water feature is fun for the dogs on both sides. The side for "more active" aka larger dogs has tunnels. Everyone I have ever seen picks up after their dogs and doesn't let them play rough.
It is next to the Rails to Trails, so you can see runners/walkers/cyclists going by. I am impressed that this is in the Hilliard area.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking your pup here. Mine loves it!

Lolasdad's picture
Very nice but...

We've been to this bark park twice. It is very nice. On our second time there there was a Great Dane that was sick or something. Had watery stools. To make a long story short, my dog ended up catching a bug from the Great Dane and then took it home to our Jack Russell. A $135 lesson learned. No more bark parks for me.

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Heritage Trail Dog Park

The park is now completely open including the water features and fountains for drinking water for the dogs on both sides. There is no potable water so be sure to bring water for yourself. Also the only restroom is a portable toilet. The park is large so dogs have plenty of room to run and play.

The "Active side" covers 3 acres while the "Less active side" is an acre. The only thing missing are shade trees, which is the only reason I didn't give the park a 5 but that will come with time. For the pet parents there are several benches and a small shelter.

Almost everyone I've met has been very friendly and dog smart. On the active side, some of the dogs can get very rowdy but I've never seen them out of control. Since the two sides of the park are not divided by size, you will find everything from Chihuahuas to Great Danes on the active side.

I love the park and take my boy several times a week. We have made lots of new friends, both canine and human. Hope to see you there.

OzziesMama's picture
The Park is Open!

As of 5/1/2013, the Heritage Trail Dog Park is OPEN! The park features two fenced sections - one for "Active Dogs" and one for "Less Active" dogs. The Less Active dog area is not open yet. The fence is finished but they are keeping it closed while the grass grows in.

The Active Dog area opens to a paved path on the right and gravel on the left that leads to a cement pad with three spray fountains. My little terrier mix is not a fan of getting wet, but there were plenty of other dogs enjoying the fountains. Past the spray pad is a huge grassy area with plenty of room for running. Heritage features a large mound with two tunnels for hiding and running.

Some of the grassy sections are blocked by construction fence to allow the grass to grow in. But I would imagine that the park will be fully open by mid-June. Size-wise, Heritage Trail is easily 2 - 3x larger than Nando's Park at Derrer Fields which is practically around the corner.

Things to keep in mind: if your dog doesn't like getting wet, you'll need to bring drinking water with you. Right now there are no dog fountains. They are still in the process of building some features, including a shelter house. And because the park was constructed in a prairie/field, there are no mature shade trees. So on hot days, be mindful of your dog's level of exertion and act accordingly.

Even for not being fully open yet, there were lots of dogs and their "parents" at the park. Everyone was super friendly and happy to have a new park in Hilliard to enjoy. We'll definitely be going back!

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FYI, this park isn't open yet

It's still in the planning/building stage: http://www.hilliardohio.gov/play/heritagetraildogpark.aspx