Granville Village Dog Park (at Wildwood Park)

Wildwood Dog Park
Wildwood and Broadway
Granville, OH
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Granville Recreation Commission and the Village of Granville
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes: This dog park has grass. Be sure to bring water for your dog to drink and your own poop bags. This dog park no longer has a separate small dog area.
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PuppyDad's picture
Still there but seen better days.

Moved less than a mile away from this park about six months ago, and had no idea it was there until someone at another park mentioned it. Even then it was tough to find because of the lack of signage. Park in the lot, cross the bike path, get to the picnic tables; and hang a right. Clear that it's mowed and maintained. Just needs some TLC. Gates aren't the greatest, but are functioning. No visible gaps or fence damage that we could see. Going to try and set up a meeting with whoever oversees it, to see about volunteering/implementing improvements... or at least adding a simple sign. Plenty of great space. Hate to not see it utilized because of lack of awareness.

Grosvenor22's picture

I would love to take my dog to the park, but the fence is not secure. There are many gaps in it. It's a shame that the fence is not fixed.

rupleb's picture

Can anyone tell me if the fence is now secure before I drive that far?

btdixon's picture
dog park

dogs love the wide open space to run it would be nice if they added a pond in the middle or some kind of water area! and if u could drive back to it an park!

Ncz2's picture
Dog Park

I take my dogs there a few times a month, and the last time I took them there I took my foster beagle with me. He managed to find a large gap in the fence (along with my lab mix and german shep.), and escaped. He then slid down a large area and into the water. It would be awesome if the holes and gaps in the fencing were fixed, as this is the second time my dogs have found an escape route. Needless to say, I will not be returning, even though it is 10 minutes from my home :(

dawnrenee1313's picture
Why doesnt Granville Advertise this park?

THere is so much potential here. The area is very nice. Secluded. Along a creek. But there are NO SIGNS and I have never seen other people or dogs there. This is Granville! Qaint, cute, and eclectic. I would think they could improve this dog park?? Have been here a half dozen times to let my dog stretch her legs and have never seen other dogs there...Very sad.

hearts4pets's picture
We love it!

The park is great, but it could use some improvements, like having trees for shade. The biggest thing is though, There's NO Signs! A friend of mine told me about the dog park, so i ended up at wildwoods park... I seen No dogs! I had to get a hold of my friend, she had to explain how to get to the dog part (behind the play toys and swings to bike path, there will be lots of picnic tables, follow that path), There needs to be signs so more people know it's there!!
The best time to go is around 4pm, otherwise it's pretty much empty.

Visitor's picture
Quite a nice time...

...for our dog; and for my wife and I.

Our year-and-a-half old mix-breed had never been exposed to other dogs and you could tell he absolutely loved it.
He (literally) got to run with the big dogs and pretty much wore himself out.
All the dogs were friendly and wanted to play.

Likewise, the folks we met there were very nice and welcomed us as though we've known them for years.

Hopefully our schedule allows us to go back later this week!

Visitor's picture
What time?

Go later, around 4pm when everyone gets off work!

Visitor's picture
Big & fenced in

Hard to find this area as there are no signs... you park by the swingset and then walk over the bike trail (to the right of the parkinglot trail is a "no vehicles" rope and sign, go through that), walk straight and when you're about to go into a bunch of trees, turn right and you'll see a big fenced in area.

It's a large fenced in area, no trees or benches inside, bring your own water and poop bags. But it's HUGE with tons of room to play and run.

The gates (and fences) are a little run down - determined dogs could escape so keep your little dogs away from the fence. It looks like the small/medium dog area has been removed, as the fencing around it are gone. So your little dogs have to play with the big dogs, but it's a LARGE area. All the people I met there were very nice and the dogs are pretty well-behaved and keep each other in line. It seems like the people there have a pretty close-knit group, so get to know them!

But as with all small dogs, they could be playing, get trampled and break their legs or internal injuries, so play with caution!

Visitor's picture
HUGE potential

I have taken my dogs here several times. LOVELY secluded location with TONS of potential...But we have NEVER seen any other dogs here??? There are no signs posted for it...No hours...Nothing telling you when is a good time to go or not...I still take my dog so she can run...But she has yet to meet another dog there...

Visitor's picture
Love it!!!

I love this dog park! All of the people there are SO nice and friendly. All of the dogs are SO playful. But I would like to have some agility jumps or logs in the fenced in area for dogs who love to jump. But overall this park is a good little park to come for your dog to get some exercise.