Godown Road Dog Park

It's always beautiful in the park!
Chester likes to relax in the park
6099 Godown Road
Columbus, OH
Operating Hours:
Dawn - Dusk
Days Closed:
Park Size:
about 6 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened July 14, 2012. This dog parkhas a separate small dog area, drinking water, benches, and shade. Worthington Organized Off-leash Friends (WOOF) supports this dog park.

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Great park! Huge large dog area. One of the best dog parks I have been to. After it rains, come prepared for your pup to get nice and muddy

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Awesome Experience!

This dog park was just what we were looking for. Our boys loved it! The people that were there were really nice, and there were a ton of dogs for my boys to play with. My only complaint is that there is almost no grass.... I know we are just coming out of winter, but almost the entire ground was just mud, which made it really hard when we got home and had to take baths. BUT, everything else was wonderful, and we will be going back weekly for sure!

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Pretty good - NEEDS WATER DISPENSER in colder months

This is a great new dogpark, but as of the last couple of weeks, the water fountains have been shut off! This is probably due to the colder weather, BUT, is there any way of providing water for those dogs who non-stop run for 15-20 minutes and are looking for water??

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Hey! Glad you are enjoying

Hey! Glad you are enjoying the park but did want to let you know there are no plans for a pond.

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Godown "Dog" Park

My beagle is in his glory running and playing at this dog park! I enjoy going just as much as he does! A great way to give your dog exercise and social contact. The atmosphere is grand, close to where I live, and can't wait for the park to be completed with the pond!

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Here's a review of this dog park by a local blogger...


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Great Dog Park

The Godown Road dog park is in an excellent location for Central Ohio residence. The dog park is split in half for small dogs, and large dogs with ample shade. The large dog park is very diverse complete with sidewalks, benches, hills, plenty of trees for shade, as well as grass, and mulch for the dogs. The dog park is equipped with a dog and human water fountain for its patrons and the volunteers are quite friendly. My dog has so far enjoyed the other dogs at the park, and has been met with little issue.
Though the dog park is beautiful, the design was not created with safety in mind. There are wires running from a telephone poll in the middle of the large dog park, along with a ditch that is filled with rocks located in what can only be describe as a valley between the hills. Furthermore there were roots located throughout the grounds that where easy for both human and dog to trip over. During my few hours at the park Saturday and Sunday dogs where rolling down the hills from rough play, and could have very easily landed in the rigid pit, or run into the wires running from the electrical pole (thankfully I did not see this happen during the time I was there).
Like any dog park, it is play at your own risk. Very beautiful and convenient park, however I do encourage all to keep an extremely close eye on your dogs to ensure their safely playing throughout the park.

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Keep in mind this park has

Keep in mind this park has been built from the ground up. As with any new construction, you can estimate a date but you can't control certain things. In this case, Mother Nature and the heavy and continuous spring rains we received. Then, allowing time for the new grass to fill in as much as possible.

We have volunteer "Primp the Park Days" coming up this Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 2pm as there are areas that need to cleared of rocks and debris. Would appreciate anyone who can come out and help.

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Dog Park at Godown Park

The Grand Opening is actually JULY 14, at 9am. We look forward to seeing everyone!

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Why the continuous and ongoing delay in the opening of the park?

why the delay?

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Grand Opening!!!

The Grand Opening is scheduled for July 9th, 2012 if everything goes as planned.

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The dog park is a joint partnership between the City of Worthington and the City of Columbus and is supported by Worthington Organized Off-leash Friends (WOOF), an all volunteer 501c3 non-profit. Columbus is overseeing construction. The park will be maintained by Worthington. The park will have a nearly five acre large dog area and a small dog area that is just under one acre. Both have rolling terrain, lots of shade and two double-gated entries each. There will be paved walking paths through both areas. Water will be available as will dog waste stations. WOOF is currently fundraising for the addition of benches, a dog wash, info board, shelterhouse/education center and agility area. These will be added as funds become available. Donations accepted via out website www.worthingtondogpark.com

Opening is planned for Spring 2012. We are so excited about this park!
-President of WOOF