Fancyburg Park Off Leash Dog Area

3375 Kioka Avenue
Upper Arlington, OH
Operating Hours:
before 8am and after 8pm (DST) and before 8am and after 5pm (EST)
Days Closed:
Park Size:
25 acres
Type of Park:
Not Fenced
Other Notes:

Please keep dogs off of athletic fields. Dogs may be off-leash after 8 PM and before 8 AM during Daylight Savings Time. During Eastern Standard Time, dogs may be off-leash before 8 AM and after 5 PM. Dogs must be under the control of their owners at all times. Violators are subject to citations and fines from the city's animal control officer. There is drinking water on site.

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mroach's picture
Wish I still lived close buy - Upper Arlington has it right

So I see now that UA made their dog rules more lax. If only every place in columbus would allow off leash in parks (with behaved dogs of course). This park is a nice big rectangle with a HUGE field in the middle (like many other UA parks) the front near kioka has ball fields and a playground off limits to the pooch. The back also has a tball field but rarely used. That leave about 5-10 or more acres usually deserted in the middle. Always well kept and mowed great for Frisbee or fetch. Although not fenced the streets on all sides are some of the lowest traffic of all parks in UA. Lucky for all of you close by. UA has some weird off leash hours but dont know how enforced they are but if they are be aware UA police are VERY good and ever present in the community.

Jenny C's picture
Great Neighborhood Park

Very friendly park. Water available at the shelter-house.