Brooksedge Bark Park

Dog Park 3
Dog Park 2
708 Park Meadow Rd
Westerville, OH
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Portable restroom
Park Size:
4 acres
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This park has a separate small dog area, benches, emergency phone, and water spigot.

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civytrukrgrl's picture

I have had okay experiences here before today. I've probably brought my dog 10 or so times. Today there were no small dogs in the park and since my dog has done well previously with large dogs in small numbers, we proceeded to the large dog area. As soon as I opened the gate, several large dogs entered, including a pit bull with blue eyes and a sandy colored dog, and the next thing I saw was my dog defending herself. So I promptly picked her up, which I know riles dogs up, but I'd rather myself be fighting off 50+ lb dogs than my 10 lb dog. The owners of two of the dogs came over and escorted them out, but didn't seem in much of a hurry. I promptly left since I didn't want to disobey the rules even though I think she was defending herself. One owner reminded me about the small dog area, but I came to the dog park to socialize with other people and dogs. I have an area at home she can roam leashless. So having no small dogs there was disappointing.

If I do return, I would stick to the small dog area, but the last two times I have come and there have been NO small dogs. Last time I waited a good 20-30 min. Perhaps in the summer it is easier to come by when small dogs are there, but not right now.

There have also been several times where large dogs have come into the small dog area. The dogs were well behaved, but I fear the day a less responsible owner brings a large dog into that area.

Poop pickup seems a bit of a problem too. A lot further away from the entrances.

Overall, I'm not happy after today's experience, but I'm willing to try again...but only in the small dog area where my dog isn't dwarfed. I'm probably going to try other parks first so I have more basis for comparison as well.

Comet's picture
glad to find a dog park in Westerville

I was so happy to find this dog park in Westerville. Many of my friend's and neighbors have dogs and never heard of this park. They like me thought the closest dog park was at Alum. I often take my dog to Alum, but I liked having a park closer to my home, within the city, less dogs, drinking fountains, benches, an emergency alert button between the small and large dog sections in case of emergencies. The large dog area is not huge but has enough space for dogs to chase each other, wrestle, and play fetch, as well as, allowing enough space for an owner to play with their dog away from playing dogs. I do wish that more trees would be planted in the park, more benches, and that Westerville would have more dog parks than one.

Most people there seemed friendly. The dogs were nice, though one large dog who occasionally will growl at other dogs were as there to work on socialization with his owners and a trainer. The dog did NOT seem to pose a danger to anyone or dog, and I thought it was actually responsible of the owners to work with their dog who has a more dominant play style to be a nicer and happier dog around other dogs...esp. with a trainer their to watch body language. I hope to see that dog there more often and engage with other dogs more.

My dog enjoyed exploring the area and running with two other dogs she met there. Also I was so happy to not step in any dog feces as I have at other parks. Owners or volunteers must do a good job cleaning up after dogs. So glad I found, will be spending much more time there.

Comet's picture
space for medium dogs

I agree it would be nice to have a spot for medium dogs. I have never been to a dog park that has had a section for medium dogs; however, I have seen timid and medium sized dogs accidently get knocked over while playing in the large dog areas. A timid, young, or medium sized dog may become scared of bigger dogs or for the smaller dog to growl at the larger dog. For a first time dog owner this could be particularly scary to see. It would be nice to have places for all types of dogs to play. I did see a third area when I have been there. It is not marked large or small dog section, so this could be an option?

Melanie Ortega's picture
couldn't get there

Tried to visit this park while in town... I have breathing problems and this park was hard to get into. There are handicapped parking spaces but there is a huge hill to climb. There is no spot to park on the other side of the park where it is flat.

fzyfrog's picture
Great experiences until....

Yesterday. I've been taking my 9 month old, 38 lb Beagle mix to this park about 3-4 times a week for about a month now. She has always had a great time and enjoys playing with the other dogs, especially when they chase her. We've had a great experience there each time until yesterday. Even before we walked into the large dog area, dogs were fighting. And I'm not talking just wrestling, but teeth bared, biting and pinning down other dogs fighting. They were quickly separated. My dog and and I went off by ourselves and played fetch with a tennis ball. As my dog was bringing the ball back, she lost control of it and it rolled under another dog. When she reached under the dog to get it, the dog turned on her and suddenly attacked. The owner got a hold of her dog after she'd bitten mine and then 5 seconds later this same dog and a dog from the original fight when we first got there, along with at least one more, started fighting again. One owner had to kick her dog away and another owner reached in the middle and pulled its dog straight up and out of the pile by its harness. This was my first experience with aggressive dogs and it really soured me on this park. I've enjoyed taking her there because it's so close to where I live, but I don't want to have to worry about her being attacked by larger, aggressive dogs each time we go there now. Especially as the weather starts getting nicer. Why can't people keep their aggressive dogs at home and let others enjoy the park without having to worry their dog is going to be attacked?

sfwise's picture
Aggressive Dogs

We've had two encounters with aggressive dogs and irresponsible owners. One didn't understand that we wouldn't let our dog spar and our greyhound was bitten by a german shepard whose owner did nothing. We will not be going back.

EccosMommy's picture
Had a great time!

I went to this dog park tonight with my dog and my friend and his dog. Ecco and Coco had a blast! It's a very simple open area, but the people and other dogs were really family. It seemed like there were a lot of regulars there, which is always a good sign. It's a small drive for me, but I'll definitely be making it many more times!

londonbridge's picture
medium dogs

This park needs a medium or non-aggressive dog area. I have a standard poodle who is too timid to go in the large dog area. She runs to the exit gate as soon as she gets in there. She does much better in the small dog area but she is really too big to be in there, even though she loves running with the little dogs. But we get rude looks and remarks from the small dog owners about having a 50 pound poodle with their dogs.

There needs to be an area made for medium size dogs who are too big for the small dog area but not aggressive enough to be with the big dogs.

psg's picture
very nice

I took my dog there for the first time today. Very clean, grass was full and nice. The five dogs already there were well behaved and well supervised by their young owners. I really appreciate having such a nice place to bring my dog close to my home.

er86's picture
Getting run down

This park no longer has any agility equipment.

This park can be very warm as it lacks shade, but shade does hit the area from the trees across the street in evening.

They are rotating the big dogs between the two areas, but not very well as the area that is being used now is practically grass-free. 8-( I use the term grass lightly as the turf tends to be more weeds than anything else. Disappointing compared to how well maintained the soccer fields area...doubly so when you learn a private group raised the funds to build the park. I wish the park was maintained like the other great non-dog parks in Westerville are...

The choice of a bench makes one scratch your head...NOT a dog-friendly piece of equipment. But this design seems to be the same one used in all of the parks in Westerville so it was probably deemed "good enough" by a non-dog owner.

The gravel near the entrance is migrating all of the small dog area. Some of this is to be expected, but there are too many unattended children throwing rocks. Each time we visit we pick up the larger rocks and return them to the gravel area...not that it really helps.

This park is known to have persons bringing in food/treats and actively handing out food/treats to their dog without thinking about the impact (and ignoring the rules that should limit treats to training type). One more than one occasion I have politely spoken to someone when no one else would -- the women just glare at the offenders. Despite trying to be polite these persons get all huffy and think they have a right in the Constitution to do whatever they want to do. 8-(

Lastly this park has a serious poop problem...the further away you get from the entrance the worse it gets. We visited in late Winter and it was everywhere -- better now in Spring, but there is no excuse for this. 8-(

porcelina21's picture
Warning - Please Read - Aggressive Pit Bull Apollo

I have been taking my dog, Turbo to this park for over 4 years now. I have never had any issues until tonight. Around 6:15pm, a young couple brought in a white and black pit bull. I generally don't have any problems with pit bulls, but this one began attacking dogs as soon as it got past the gate. This dog barked, snarled and pinned my dog to the ground and bit him on his side. I have never heard Turbo yelp or look so scarred before. Thankfully, there was no blood shed. I then got ready to leave the park because this dog went on to attack others. As I was leaving, I told a lady with a poodle that she should take her dog out because there was an aggressive dog in the park. Once I exited the gate, the young man who owns Apollo began to yell at me. He insisted his dog did nothing wrong and continued to yell at me as I tried to leave. Please, please be on the look out for this couple and their dog. This particular instance was not so bad, but who is to say Apollo will not attack more dogs in the future...or that the owners will even care.

The young woman is small build with long, blond hair and the young man is tall with short, dark brown hair. The dog, Apollo, is an unaltered white and black pit bull with a very large head.

ace03's picture
good park

the park is nice but they do not mow the large dog areas all the way...but people are friendly and dogs have lots of room to roam and run! And to on i have two pitbulls that i take almost everyday, never any incidents, but to be safe i bring a thick stick (break stick) incase of anything happening!

Visitor's picture
Aggressive Dog

I took my four month old puppy there yesterday, and it was great for the first five minutes, until out of nowhere a pit bull mix attacked her for no reason at all. I also got bit in the process of pulling him off of her, and throughout this time no owner stepped up to help me. We immediately left and went to the small dog area, even though she was a bit big for it. As we were leaving the same dog was causing fights left and right, with no owner in sight. The park is very nice, and many of the people were as well, but this incident scared me and my puppy so bad that I don't know we would return.

miamimarci's picture

Love the park! I take my dog to the large dog side. The only problem I have is the mud. The water is too close to the door and the concrete doesn't extend across the entire door way so there is always mud. I have been to other parks where straw is spread to help with the mud and it really helps! Would love to see that happen for Brooksedge! Thanks!

Aulkie's picture
Small dog run is large here, H20 provided, with dog waste bags

This park has piped in water, both inside and outside of the large dog areas. There is a large area for both small and large dogs, with areas fenced off for turf recovery. Some pine trees and apple trees provide shade on hot days, and there are a few, though I would say too few benches or trees, to make this park as enjoyable for people as it is for the dogs.

Sanitation bags are provided, although not everyone is using them. For small dogs, the small dog area provides a great exercise area. If I had a small dog, I would definitely consider this park as opposed to Pizzaro in Gahanna.

There are two pieces of agility equipment in the large dog area, in one of the two areas only. The park does tend to get muddy however, probably due to the number of dogs that use the park.

Pluses are an emergency response button, large running areas for both big and small dogs, and sanitation supplies provided. If folks could donate some durable agility equipment, and more durable benches for the large dog area this park could be even better.

Still, for those of us who work, this is a great place to take the dogs to run and run and run.

Visitor's picture
Good Park

Needs more benches in the fenced in areas.

Visitor's picture
Watch where you step....

This is the only dog park we have been to so don't have any other dog parks in central columbus to compare it to. However, I will say, seems to be alot of dog waste not being cleaned up. The main area is along the paved walkway to the entrance of the fenced in areas. I have seen however, several waste piles in the play area as well. I have a medium size 4 month old puppy (23 pounds) and still alittle timid so prefer to take her to the small dog area. However, on most if not all of our visits, all dogs are in the large dog area. Need more small dogs to play in the small dog area.

Visitor's picture

Took my 3 month old puupy today for very first time. Was a very nice experience for all. Lots of friendly dogs to play with and other folks to talk to as well. Seemed fairly clean overall. Only comment is small dog area has only one bench for all to share. But loved the park overall. We will most definetly be back.

Visitor's picture
Great Park

We took our 2 year old dog there for the first time this past weekend. It was very busy - lots of dogs but we had a great time. Our dog left very tired. I would recommend this part to any dog lover!

Visitor's picture
good park

Very nice dog park! usually pretty good number of dogs there at any one time. Lots of toys and stuff scattered about for the dogs to play with and usually a good group of dogs and their people! i love this park

Visitor's picture
it is awsome and clean

it is awsome and clean

Visitor's picture
Agressive Dog

I took my puppy that is 4 months old for the first time and he loved it for the first part even though he did get muddy. However, someone had an agressive dog that bit him so I had to remove him. We never did find out who owned him when someone was helping me. Took him over to small dogs and they said they heard that happened before. I would just beware of a medium part rott mixed dog that no one monitors its behavior.

Visitor's picture
It's a mud hole right now

Maybe because it's December and people don't really visit the park during the winter months. But I stopped by last week to play with my lab, and the large and small dog areas was all mud. The grass had been turfed up. There was no longer a portable restroom either. Maybe it'll be nicer during the spring/summer.

Visitor's picture

I took my puppy here and it was amazing! The fenced in areas are clean with water available for the dogs. They even have random toys all over the park for the dogs to play with. Overall, it is a great area - CLEAN and DOG FRIENDLY!