Bark 'Til Dark Dog Park - CLOSED

1277 Hills-Miller Road
Delaware, OH
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Bark 'Til Dark Dog Park 740-369-9170
Days Closed:
Park Size:
6 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

CLOSED AUGUST 31, 2010 and sold Oct 2010.  This dog park had a pond, agility equipment, paw washing station, shade, and picnic area. All dogs must be vaccinated and spayed or neutered.  No children under 12.

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lolabelleb's picture
Best Bark Park

The ONLY park I will visit with my dogs. Most of the others in Columbus are used by dreadful dog owners to dump their aggressive dogs while they go off and run errands or just stand idly by while their dog attacks someone. This park is vigilant about checking vaccinations, is well maintained, and does great work for animal charities. I have NEVER witnessed an aggressive incident in all my visits. I was very sad to see it was closed. If more dog parks were run like this, it would be a GOOD thing.

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Oh, Jimmy...

It's true, the park has closed. But don't be fooled by Jimmy! He's just bitter that he continually finds himself booted from every dog park he joins for being cranky.

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Bark Til dark Closed forever on August 31, 2010

BTD is gone! Sad, but typical in this market. the only other private park in the Columbus area is Companion Club and it is awful.

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Bark Till Dark

Don't waste your time. The park is in the middle of no where and is essentially a big, open, tree-less boring field. It's closing anyway, so don't get ripped off. At least the pond is treated so it is relatively safe. The trains every 30 minutes get old---they are so loud that you can't carry on a conversation. In the winter the wind is awful.

d0ggiem0mma's picture

I don't have a membership, but we've been to the park twice and it was great both times. Lots of room to run, several benches in different areas, lots of shade available, and the pond is a blast. My dogs don't swim, but they like to chase frogs around the edge. The fact that all of the dogs must be fixed is a MAJOR plus- it cuts down on aggressive behavior and makes it safer for everyone.

Current membership costs:
$239/year for full access
$199/year for weekends only
$30 for a 3 visit pass

The ONLY negative for this park is the weekend hours. It's about a 45 minute drive for us so we'd only be going on the weekends, but closing at 5 is just too early. Also- the membership only covers 3 dogs.