Quarry Dog Park - South Euclid

S. Belvoir and Monticello
South Euclid, OH
Operating Hours:
Closes at dark
Managed By:
City of South Euclid
Days Closed:
Yes, in the summer months
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened Oct. 2005.This dog park has trees and benches (no separate small dog area). Be sure to bring water for your dog in the winter months (Oct-May) as the spigot is turned off. This dog park is completely supported and upgraded by private donations through Friends of the Ideal Dog park Off-leash (FIDO), for more information see the city website.

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Don't know what we'd do without the S. Euclid Dog Park!

The South Euclid Dog Park is, without a doubt, responsible for preserving my sanity as we train a young, headstrong, rambunctious pup. It's not the fanciest of parks and it's not enormous but it is the perfect size for a friendly, neighborhood dog park. The two and four-footed "regulars" are friendly and there is usually plenty of parking, even during the summer when the ball field and park are in peak season.

The edges of the park are grass covered while the center is covered in pea gravel; tennis balls and tug ropes abound! Bring water in the "winter" months (early October until late May) to share in the community water bowls.

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Dog Killed

Husky kills a 7lb Chihuahua at the dog park. Owner is charged with a misdemeanor by police for having a dangerous dog.

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South Euclid North Quarry Park

I take our dog to S. Euclid Dog Park almost every afternoon. Depending on weekday/weekend and the weather, there are up to 18 - 25 dogs there --- more commonly 5 - 10. There is a lot of tussling and chasing. Within an hour our dog is well exercised and tired out.

This park is about 1/2 the size of the Clark Field Park in Tremont (W. Side Cleveland) and about 3/4 the size of the Lakewood Dog Park. In just several day's sampling, there are more dogs at Lakewood (about 25 on a weekend) than at S. Euclid and far fewer dogs (about 5) at Clark Field than at S. Euclid.

Bring a jug of water if you come after October and before May. The dog park water is turned off and the restrooms are closed.

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S.Euclid Dog Park

The dog park in South Euclid is really fun, lots of sand/gravel, lots of room and dogs, clean & maintained, very muddy - great for the dogs! It is half grass (which turns into mostly mud) and half gravel/sand mixture which is very soft to walk in. You sort of sink down into it. There are tennis balls all over the place that stay there to play with. There are a few bowls and a well pump that gives water (but only in the warm months I assume) as it was not working when I was there in December.
Some dogs jump on you when you arrive and walk thru the gate, so wear old clothes! Your dog will definitely get dirty, too! I drove from Garfield Heights to come here and it was well worth. there are some benches off in the distance to rest for the people. The best things in life are free.