Liberty Dog Park (near Pond Brook Conservation)

Watson and Monte having a blast
April 2014 (fountain still off for season; note jug)
Liberty Dog Park Regulations
Liberty Rd
Twinsburg, OH
Operating Hours:
The main park is open from 6am-11pm
Managed By:
City of Twinsburg 330-963-8722
Days Closed:
Park Size:
0.5 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has drinking water, shade, and benches (no separate small dog area).

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mobile_user's picture
awful owners

I was just back in the area with my friend an we took our dogs there. One ladies dog attack my friends dog and my friend got in trouble for it. Another dog was very aggressive towards my dog and the owners don't do anything about it. It must be the area cause these people care about anything...I should have realized that before subjecting our dogs to this mess. I will never go back. Plus people don't clean up after their dogs...they must be too good for that.

Judip53's picture
Nice park, nice dogs, nice people

I'd estimate close to a full grassy acre nicely fenced with a double gate. Some agility equipment in place for fun. The doggy water fountain is great. Not crowded on a Saturday afternoon. Sitting on a shaded bench watching my dog have a great time.

wuthrows01's picture
My dog enjoyed it!

I have never taken my dog to a dog park before, but when I saw that this one was close to my home, I decided to check it out. This park has a large open fenced in area with a 4-5' high fence. Contrary to the post from 3/22/09, there is a fountain for people and one for dogs. There is a small covered area at dog height in the back of the yard for the dogs to get shelter under and several park benches. There is also a dog waste pickup station. The area seemed well maintained - I didn't see much in the way of residual dog waste. There is a double gate to get in to the enclosed area and they have added some ropes to prevent the gates from opening.

I went there around 6pm on a Tuesday evening and there was no one there. My dog loved the opportunity to run around off leash. All in all, I think its a good park.

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We love Liberty

we moved here almost a year ago and are so glad to have Liberty dog park. Everyone is so friendly and most dogs there get along and play well. We've never had a problem and the dogs get so excited when we make the turn into the drive of the old farm house. Thank you Twinsburg for remembering a place for the Twinsburg dogs.It maybe smaller than some but a lot less overwhelming also

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So-so park

I took my dog to visit this park because it is very close to my house. There was nothing there but a fence. No fountain, no toys, no nothing for the dogs. It was in a hidden field behind an abandoned house. I couldnt find anywhere to park. My dog was also able to escape the gate because it would not shut properly. He ran out on to the busy road. I would skip this park.