Lakewood Dog Park

Valley Pkwy
Lakewood, OH
Operating Hours:
8am - 9pm
Managed By:
City of Lakewood ???
Days Closed:
Park Size:
0.66 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes: This dog park has a separate small dog area (20lb and under), trees for shade, gravel ground, water fountains, and benches. All water is shut off during the winter. This dog park is supported by Friends of the Lakewood Dog Park.
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Jenny C's picture
good park

I have only had good experiences here. However I do use my better judgement and go when it's not terribly busy and scope the crowd first. My dogs just don't enjoy it much because they don't like running on the pea gravel.

pinkpanda's picture
vet complains of nasty diseases coming from this park!!!

I have taken my lab/ shepherd mix to this park a number of times, my dog has never been the victim of an attack there, I have seen fights quickly broken up by owners but no serious injuries, however we had to quit taking our dog there due to the fact that our vet told us he has seen nasty diseases coming out of that dog park because not all owners properly take care of their dog there and we are not jeopardizing our dogs health, the one in medina is much better!!!!

Jenny C's picture

I travel with my dog & we went to this park around 8pm. It's nice that it's open late & while it is small my dog enjoyed it. There were a lot of dogs and some wrestled but I never saw any out of control fights. In fact everyone was very attentive to their dogs. Not sure I agree with all the reviews on here.

My dog is a small beagle, female & no one picked on her. We had a good time & will visit again.

The park is all gravel so your dog may get a little dusty. Everyone picked up after their dogs as well.

Jenny C's picture
We could take it or leave it!

We live in Lakewood and take our dogs down often. It's all about timing to avoid the well-known husky pack that also frequents and rules this park. And yes, there are negligent and inattentive doggie parents who allow their dogs to run crazy and stir up trouble while they stand around socializing. Dogs are going to scuffle from time to time, but it's the owners with exceptionally aggressive or un-neutered males that make me dread going. It's those dogs' owners who cease to keep control. Again, I could take it or leave it.

cortjohn07's picture
Not the best experience

I am new to the Cleveland area and finding a close dog park has been difficult. I was excited to try out the Lakewood dog park, especially when I saw a good mix of pups all playing when we walked up...Then it was bad. We walked in and my dog got attacked. The dog was not just playing rough, this dog attacked my dog and looked like it was in for the kill. The owner stood there and did nothing. She didn't even try to stop her dog from attacking my dog. I had to jump in and pull her dog off of my dog. The dog wasn't reprimanded and the owner didn't say one word to me. Not even a simple apology. It was the worst feeling!

On a positive note, the other people and dogs were very nice. They made sure that we were both ok. However, the poor start to the park day has just left a bad taste in my mouth. Be careful.

ohiosucks's picture
worst dogpark i've seen ever

The Dog bowls are always dirty.. it does smell in the park.. no one picks up the dog poop .. sometimes in the morning there is dog poop in there... this is the only dogpark i know that is locked up at night... cause the people that go there don't know how to control there dogs from barking... there are dog fights there the owner do sit there & laugh about it they do not stop the dog from fighting..they are dumb cause they say the dogs are playing,, right when the dog is bleeding.. these people are ignorant...they do have there clan of people that they think they own the park.,..there is a small area for dogs then why don't they use it no they let there little dogs run with the big dogs..then when the dogs gets hurt they whine about is a public dog park some of them think they own it.. not..

Pitbull owner's picture
Wow people

So alot of people give this park a bad review because of dog fights and misbehaved dogs... because the owners don't pay attention. Ok I understand owners should pay attention to there dogs but maybe if you don't like how people control their dogs, then maybe you should leave! Me and my girlfriend own a pitbull ( that the park states must be muzzled) and have never had her muzzled. We have only had one problem but still continue to go. Dogs althought may seem like children are not, dogs play alot rougher than human children and I think some people baby their dogs way to much. All I am trying to say is don't punish the park for the bad owners that go there and make your own opinion of the place.... That is if we can save it =[

kkderk1970's picture
Bad experience

I went to this park twice while visiting family in the area. The first day wasn't bad, a good mix of dogs that my overly energetic Vizsla had a great time with. There was one dog that was aggressive to mine but the owner immediately handled the situation and everything was fine. The second day was downright horrible!! There is a group of people that apparently meet there on Fridays at 9 a.m. with a large group of very unruly dogs. Two of the people who bring dogs have about 16 dogs, all huskies, that are rescue dogs and not well behaved. My dog was run down and pinned more than once and the owner/handler didn't do anything about it. She just stood by the gate with her coffee and cigarette and watched. When I asked her to do something, she just looked at me like I was from Mars and asking her to stick her head up her own @ss or something. I don't live in Ohio and I know that there is a petition to stop the dog park from closing, but I don't know that it's a bad thing if it closes. Or maybe, it needs to be better patrolled by Animal Control to make it a safe place.

littledog's picture
It's a nice dog park!

We have visited the park many times since it opened. Our little dog gets too excited when the big dogs start romping around with each other but she still enjoys it. It is a wonderful dog park but the only drawback is the fleas she brings back home. We use the drops on her but when she visits the park a lot the drops don't work as well.

Visitor's picture
won't be back

There are a number of people who think this park is a social hour and do not believe they should pay attention to their dog. My dog was minding his own business when he was bit by another dog who's owner was sitting down talking to someone. I was standing right there but it happened before I could do anything...and even if I could, the dog was twice the size of mine and I would have been scared to take on a dog that size..but I would have but could not react quick enough. The park is not policed for irresponsible owners so the only way to avoid them is to not go to this park. I doubt if these same people keep their dogs up on all their shots.

Bdokedog's picture
So lucky to live near the park

We go to the Lakewood Dog Park every weekend at the very least and our boys love it. Everyone is very friendly and the doggies love to romp and play, and even make new people friends! People who have written reviews claiming that fights break out are probably people who do not understand normal dog behavior (As my fiance and I have witnessed people freak out over nothing before). Sometimes when larger dogs romp and play it can look rough but theyre in heaven getting to play the way dogs really love to play. While it is a definate must to keep an eye on your dogs, be aware to break up true "tiffs" or to take aggressive dogs home, some over-protective people need to step back and let dogs be dogs! This park is a haven for many dogs and owners around the area and a wonderful place to socialize our pets!

Visitor's picture
New dogs

I have been going to the park for over a year. Never had trouble now new people and Dogs. There has been dog fights. Dogs growling at people. Who is Controlling the Park? This year has been bad.

Visitor's picture
Excellent Park to Socialize Your Dog

My dog and I visit the park almost daily. Having a dog that was abused by her previous owner, the park has provided us with a place where my dog has begun trusting people, and other dogs, again. While there may be a rare "argument" betweens dogs, they are dogs, and any human that does not expect this to occasionally happen, is being unrealistic. We have visited many designated dog parks, and ultimately decided to make Lakewood our place of choice. I will continue to allow my dog to play with the other dogs at the park, and will encourage others to visit as well.

Visitor's picture
horrible horrible horrible

I have the happiest yellow labbie in the universe. Jack was attacked by a big red cur dog there over the weekend. The cur's owner refused to leave after his dog attacked mine. Poor Jack had a bloody gash on his head. There are some terribly strange and maladjusted dogs there. I have seen it time and time again. We will never go back there. It is downright dangerous to well-adjusted happy dogs.

Visitor's picture
won't go ever again

My dog was bullied by aggressive dogs with owners who seem to thing they need not pay attention. There are may accidents waiting to happen at this place. Won't be back.

LabOwner's picture
Nice friendly Park

Lots of dogs on the weekends and a seperate area for small dogs. I've been down to this park at least 6-8 times and it has helped my shy Lab immensely with socialization. The park is located down in the Metroparks near the Rocky River boat docks, in the parking lot of the Waste and Sewage Plant. Most of the people we've met are friendly and the dogs as a whole well behaved. Of course we seen a few squirmishes, but their owners quickly seperated them. Over all we're very happy taking our dog there.