Woodland Dog Park - Eastlake

Lakeshore Blvd
just east of Route 91 (SOM Center)
Eastlake, OH
Operating Hours:
Dawn - Dark
Managed By:
City of Eastlake
Days Closed:
None, donations accepted at City Hall
Park Size:
About one acre
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has picnic tables and shade. You must pick up after your pet and no food is allowed in the dog park. There is no separate small dog area or drinking water, so be sure to bring water for your dog and some to share (there is a community bowl). The park was reseeded in 2010 and is very green. Here is an article about the high voltage lines nearby.

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bulldog0099's picture
untrained agressive dog!

this was our first experience bringing our 1 year old bulldog to the dog park; he is friendly and well behaved. a man and his grand-daughter brought a 2 year old untrained pitbull to the park and let him off of his leash, and he immediately went after our dog. the owner just said 'be nice' and 'don't bite' to his dog, only to see the dog become more agressive. i finally had to pick up my 60 pound dog and run him to the picnic table, while the pitbull was circling me, jumping on me, and nipping at me and my dog; the owner did NOTHING. finally i got my dog and my son on the picnic table, and the man would not leash his dog! the dog ran around the table trying to bite my dog, while i was pushing him off the table, he was nipping at me. i then asked the man to leash his dog so we could leave. what a horrible first experience, and this will certainly be our last visit to this park.

Kmattiuz's picture
Bad manners

Having been to 60+ dog parks and beaches from Ohio to California in the past 3 years, I have never been to such a horrible park. Dogs to aggressive and owners ignorant to their dogs poor manners. My dog came into the park only to be surrounded by 5 dogs and their noses would not leave her tail as she walked to get away from them. They would leave her alone, of course it was her fault because she is not dog park material. Excuse me?? My dog who goes to a dog park daily, plays with 50+ dogs everyday who have good manners and she is the problem. Doubt it. Never again will I go and know exactly why I hated it 2 years ago. If you dog has no manners sure go but if you have a dog who actually has real dog park manners stay far far far away. Owners just as rude as their dogs so it is not hard to pick out which dog belongs to which moron. My dog is a large breed dog so I was not taking "Fifi" into a situation that was too much.

animeprincess's picture

I'd been trying to find a park to take my dog to where there was enough space for her to run around in, while also not feeling overwhelmed by the other dogs. I have a 5 month old(6 month next week) cocker spaniel, and had been to the dog park in south euclid a couple times. While the dog owners for the most part were nice, the dogs there were WAY too agressive for my dog, and there were droppings everyhwere. Not saying that dogs themselves were agressive, but they were playing too rough with my dog, and one time when i said something to one of the owners she became defensive and said her dog was a puppy..a puppy however that came to my waist. The eastlake park is spacious, has grass as opposed to gravel, and the owners were really observant and respectful and nice. They watched their dogs and not their phones and stopped things when play became too rough. my dog is little, and i didn't have a bad experience. Lexi had a good time and held her own. It was clean with plenty of toys and water bowls. And everyone cleaned up after thier dogs which was a definite plus. will definitely be going back.

adh's picture
We LOVE this park!

I saved a 6 month old puppy that I have been bringing to this park for 2 or 3 months, and he LOVES it (he's now 9 months). He gets so excited as we approach the gates and can't wait to run around and play with his friends. You will usually see a lot of the same owners and pets there, and from day one they have been a friendly, welcoming bunch. It's a very communal space, and a lot of the regulars know each other by name and share water/toys/bowls with one another. It's really easy to fit in here and enjoy talking to the other visitors, who are quick to refill the bowls regardless of which puppy's thirsty and throw the ball around for whoever's interested in a game of fetch.

With so many dogs in one place, there is bound to be some rougher play time now and then - the dogs will sometimes wrestle with each other or play bite - but in my experience thus far all of the owners are responsible and watchful and make sure that nothing gets out of hand. I have seen a few cases of newcomers coddling their dogs and making a big fuss when Fido takes a tumble, but if you go in with the understanding that they are DOGS, not fine china, you'll have a great experience here.

All in all, I cannot recommend this park enough. It's a great opportunity to exercise your pets while hanging out with some fellow dog lovers :)

Eastlake dog dad's picture
For newcomers to the park

When you come into the park please take the dog off the leash in the gated small area. Once in the park several dogs will come over to "sniff" and welcome your pet. You won't get tangled if the pet is off the leash. All are welcome, please clean up after your pet. Also if you bring toys, other dogs will want to play with them too, so you might lose it to another dog.

Eastlake dog dad's picture
For rararen

I'm sorry you didn't like the park but don't complain if you didn't take care of your pet. I've been coming for years and never had a problem like you suggested. Some times the owners bring the dogs to poop and never clean up after them. These are the people I have a problem with.

Eastlake dog dad's picture
great park if you follow rules

Plenty of bowls for water provided and most owners bring water. Owners ARE required to clean up after their dogs, mutt mitts are provided as well as a dumpster. If your dog isn't fixed, it's not allowed in the park and if your dog does come in, don't complain that it will be mugged by other dogs. There are dogs of all sizes and breeds. Food and treats shouldn't come in the park, if you do bring it in, you will be mugged by the dogs.

rararen's picture
RE: Got small dogs? Go somewhere else...

I have had similar instances occur lately...poor dog ownership, its a disgrace!

rararen's picture
Euclid Dog Park Owners Are Moving In! Go Somewhere Else!

We have been visiting the Eastlake Dog Park for over a year and have made many friends, both dog and people friends, during our visits. Lately, I have decided not to return. This park has turned into an aggressive, high alert, unfriendly place. I am normally very calm, but I am on edge when I come here. I spoke to a couple of dog owners trying to get some info out of them, since I did not recognize them. Apparently, after the Euclid dog attack incident, many of them have moved on to the Eastlake dog park, along with their aggressive, dominant dogs. I urge all good dog owners to not take your dogs here, its not worth it!

3smalldogs's picture
Got small dogs? Go somewhere else...

While I agree that the open space, fenced in area, etc. is nice, as an owner of 3 small dogs (7, 6 and 4 lbs), we have not had a positive experience the last 3 times we went there. In fact, most recently my 4 lb, 3-legged Pomeranian was overwhelmed by a "pack" of 50+ lb dogs 3 mins after we got there. Fortunately I was able to pluck her from the group, who at this point was starting to snarl, and go to get my others. They sought out my 6 lb dog immediately after and started the same thing. To make matters worse, a "drunk" dog owner (it was on his breath) tried to tell me to calm down. Shocked and amazed (not sure he fully understood what happened), I told him to back off and that I was sick of the bullying these dogs give, not to mention the apathetic slow response time of owners. At that the dog owner ran over, got in my face and started taunting me in front of my frightened 10 year old daughter, even calling me names for not doing something about his taunting. At 6'7" and 270 lbs myself, I walked away, determined to be the bigger person and let everyone I know about this experience, especially since it wasn't my first one and that dog park.

So, if you have a big dog that can stand on it's own, this is a great place for the space. I don't like the lack of urgency for this situation and the utter disrespect some of the owners have. This wasn't the case for everyone, but next time "Cupcake" might not live to snuggle another day.

EastlakeDogMom's picture
Love the Dog park

this is a fenced in dog park, with a double gate at the entrance. there are usually 3 to 4 picnic tables. plenty of shade. people come as early as 6am and have been known to leave after 10pm.

there is no water spicket, but there are always plenty of bowls. visitors always bring water and always share !

the park was just reseeded this year and is green, green, green. the dogs love it.

Visitor's picture
Awesome park! big and

Awesome park! big and spacous just what every dog needs