Wiggly Field Dog Park (at Voice of America Park)

Wiggly Field
The Brdige at the large side of the dog park
VOA Park Drive, off Cox Road
West Chester, OH
Operating Hours:
8am - Dark
Managed By:
West Chester Township 755-4402
Days Closed:
Yes, annual pass or $5 day pass
Portable restrooms
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has 3 separate fenced areas, agility equipment, benches, and grass (sometimes mud.) Jugs of water are usually provided, be sure to bring a bowl and some water to share.

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animal's picture
Very Large

I took my lab and brit yesterday. We had a blast. It is kida hard to find but when we found it we quickly found we wernt the only ones. We didnt have to pay anything, no guard on duty. They did have water but it was not from a tap they have a water tank. They just finished a huge reno. The park is 3x the size it once was. The have a large dog and a small (20lbs or less) aria. Tons of room to run. No large trees for shade but there are 5+ benches. They now have two arias for large dogs. The plan to let one field recover while they play in the other. This is a self served park so watch out for aggressive dogs. All in all its a very nice park.We cant wait to go back.

billjoe's picture
waste of time

This dog park was a waste of mine and my dogs time. Its VERY small, no shade, no seats, no cold water for the dogs. The dog park i usually go to in cincinnati has doggie pools, tons of shade, water fountains for the dogs, actaul bathrooms for people (not porter pottys) It was my first time going there and it took me about 10 mins to find it because there werent any signs. It was a all gravel driveway. I will not be returning to this park!

harperhm's picture
Love It!

Great Park! The dog owners are very friendly and responsible. I took my Basset here 2 times a week and she had a blast! Almost any time of the week or time of day there´s a good variety of dogs here. The only thing I don't like is that there´s no shade and it can get VERY muddy! Sometimes it gets really packed and you have to be aware because with so many dogs things can sometimes get heated.

catchme's picture

I've been here a few dozen times, winter, spring, and summer. They just opened the biggest part of the 3 sections, which was closed so the grass could grow, it gets really muddy in cool/cold weather. There's one area on the side about 10 ft long that gets muddy, some dogs like to wade in the muddy water to cool off. Just bring a towel or two just in case, there's tennis balls scattered, a big jug of water provided so bring a bowl, and most of the people and dogs are nice. There's also a fishing lake with a trail 1.5miles long, but dogs can't go in the lake, that's my only dislike of the park.

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Great park but muddy

There's almost always quite a few dogs there, so it's great for letting your dog get to know a lot of different types of dogs, and there's some agility equipment for the dogs to play on... I suggest you go when it's frozen, or be prepared to get your cloths muddy, and give your dog a bath.

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Nice park...but is

Nice park...but is frequently muddy due to is popularity. Would be perfect if it had more fenced areas, allowing the grass more time to grow between uses. Nice location though and has 3 separate fenced areas.