Brunswick Dog Park

Cross Creek Drive
Brunswick, OH
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Brunswick
Days Closed:
Park Size:
0.75 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area and grass. Be sure to bring water for your dog.

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PHRED96's picture

My first visit was @ 1pm on a Friday. It rained this morning so the park was soft and muddy in spots as expected. It is a nice open fenced in area with plenty of room for all dog sizes to run till they drop.
Bring your own water and bowl. 3 picknick tables are spread around for owners. Parking lot is OK. I'll be back

Priscilla's picture
The pictures are decieving...

The pictures are decieving... makes it look bigger then it actually is. I have been there before when they delivered mulch and it was mounds all over the place, not raked out. There is more mulch there then grass. Water would be a good thing to have or a little pond for the dogs to frolic in when it's so hot out. Would it really cost that much to make it better. Heck, we pay more then enough taxes in this city for the City to improve the dog park. Come on Brunswick... get it together. It's not rocket science. Do it for all our little fur babies, they need a place to have some fun.

Priscilla's picture
brunswick dog park

nice enough place to take your dog but Brunswick doesnt maintain it very nicely. basic mulch/grass park. I wish we had an area like Stow has with the lake etc. You can't even get water at the brunswick location. Was there tonight and there were really nice people there. Great dogs. I know mine were just whipped when I got home with them. City of Brunswick should pay more attention to the dog park as the citizens of this city need to have the park there. There is no reason why it can't be made bigger, there is a bunch of land that butts up to the park there now.

Jenny C's picture
a place for running

Basic dog park. Although no water. Ground is either wood chips or grass that may be cut depending on when you go. Nature area so being mosquito repellent. Bags are usually there for waste.

pinkpanda's picture
not very good at all!!!!!!!!

It looks nothing like the pictures anymore, the grass looks like it hasnt been cut in over a year and its long and i kept getting bit by mosquitos, not many dogs there, and the horseflies were a constant pest, the only good thing about this is the size but it wasnt enjoyable because of the long grass and constant mosquitos, I will never go back to this park ever again, big disapointment and the pictures are very misleading :(

EDITOR COMMENT: some of these pictures were taken just over a month ago.

Jenny C's picture
love it!

Nice area, good size for dogs to run play.

firehazzard6029's picture
brunswick dog park

very basic grass park. seperate area for small dogs. bring own water and waste bags. been there three or four times and there have been about 7 dogs there between 5pm and 7 pm