Alum Creek Dog Park

Hollenback Rd
at Alum Creek State Park (Delaware)
Lewis Center, OH
Operating Hours:
Nov 16 - Dec closes at 4pm for the Fantasy of Lights
Managed By:
State of Ohio
Days Closed:
Park Size:
4 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has 3 separate dog areas - one for large dogs, small dogs, and water dogs. There are trees and benches. The lake will be closed during winter and the water spigots turned off, so be sure to bring drinking water for your dog. Take Hollenback Rd almost to the marina; there will be the dog park on the left just past the boat storage area. Friends of Alum Creek Dog Park volunteer and support this park and would like to continue to upgrade it with donations.

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Jenny C's picture
beautiful park!

Visiting Columbus from out of town and enjoyed this park. I have breathing difficulty and this was easy to get in and out of. There were chairs provided and plenty of shade. Just make sure to bring water. There weren't many water buckets or dishes.

Nikis's picture
In Georges Defense

Sunday, 2/26 I watched a young Bulldog and a younger Lab wrestling. Wrestling turned more serious and George the Bulldog was removed. I saw Bailey the Labs toes get caught in Georges collar and I think that is what turned the playing to fighting. I think Bailey who was on the bottom was suddenly feeling pain and reacted. Then George reacted to Baileys reaction. I could be wrong, knowing nothing about either dog, but this is what seemed to happen from my perspective. I think the two dogs were trying to seperate, each defending himself but neither wanting to fight. I was the guy that grabbed George, and he was immediately calm and not aggressive once they were apart. Again, just my perspective.

pinkpanda's picture
Good experience

my dog really enjoyed swimming in the creek with the others and there were plenty of dogs there to play, some of the dogs there were a little rowdy but overall it was a good experience, it was a very nice size and very clean :)

curryrice's picture
I have a 14 yr old German

I have a 14 yr old German Shepherd suffering from arthritis in her rear hips. Alum Creek is our favorite dog park to go to. The swimming is good exercise for her that does not seem to wear her out as much. The beach allows easy access for her to get in & out of the water easily. I also I have a 2 yr old Bassett Hound, who is not so fond of the water. He loves to play with the other dogs & run laps around on land. In the large dog area, it does tend to get rather messy near the bank of the water (my son & I lost our flip-flops & walked around in squishy mud in our bare feet), so you may want to make sure you have a blanket or something to protect the interior of your car.

Jenny C's picture
Alum Creek Dog Park

Separate dry areas for small and large dogs and separate water areas for small and large dogs. Lots of visitors and everyone is very friendly. Best dog park I have ever seen.

er86's picture
Favorite Public Park in Columbus Metro Area

Alum Creek is our favorite public park in the Columbus area!

Aside from the small dog area being large enough for running, the other feature I like the best is the lights so we can play after dusk. Funny thing is this is a volunteer run park, not gov't run except they mow the area, and it is maintained better than the other truly gov't parks.

Poop is less of a problem at this park due to numerous persons who visit the park continuing picking up after others... I also think the more suburban demographic are better about picking up.

Apples are a HUGE problem in the small dog area, but would not be so if EVERYONE would pickup a handful on their visit and pitch over the fence. The Apple trees do provide a NICE amount of shade though! There was talk of possibly spraying the trees this Spring to prevent the fruit from developing, but I don't know if the money and such was arranged to actually happen.

Turf does not hold up well though and each Spring areas are seeded and fenced off. As I understand they have tried every alleged "wonder grass seed" and nothing can take the abuse. The center part of the small dog areas takes the most abuse so the back and front do have substantially more grass and topsoil...but I cannot dodge the area since my little one runs through mud without regard. 8-) Since the ground is sloped this park tends to not be as squishy after rain as some parks with less of a slope.

Parking is an issue, but unlike many other state parks you can park on the shoulder/grass WITHOUT getting a ticket. There are other parking areas away from the dog area if you really want to park on asphalt and walk a short distance. I think the closest lot is just past the entrance to the dog park and off to the right.

labfamily5's picture
Alum Creek Dog Park - Wonderful

We have been going to the park for quite some time; and we love it! :-) Regarding the space mentioned by another reviewer, it is quite large. In fact, I've never seen it so crowded that it is uncomfortable.

Sometimes, the park has to fence off areas in order to reseed the grass. The park gets a lot of use; so, that is necessary from time to time.

Certainly, people are entitled to their opinion; and if they are not happy with the park and choose not to live here, that is a personal decision. But, as the owner of two large dogs, we've found the park to have quite enough room. I grew up with a lot of land; and the we've been very happy with the size and condition of the park.

There are benches, water dishes, a water supply, and lots of trees. It's a beautiful place! Our dogs love it and we do too! What continues to make it a better place is the people. If we continue to pick up after our dogs and make sure that the dogs in the park are well as helping to maintain the will continue to be a beautiful and wonderful park!

Thank you for the park! We are so happy to have it in our area! :-)

chunkytuna's picture
Alum Creek Dog Park

Somebody tried to develop a dog park but it is way to small therefore the grass is gone and nothing but mud. I was planning to move to the greater Columbus area from Glen Ellyn, IL and have changed my mind because the largest public dog park is a few acers which is rediculous for the taxes paid in Delaware County. In DuPage County we have one hundred acer dog park and 5-6 that are 10 - 15 acers.

Jenny C's picture
alum creek

Nice park! My dog loves the swimming beach!

chunkytuna's picture
Columbus Area Dog Parks

Help. I am in the process of relocating to the NorthWest Greater Columbus area from the Greater Chicago area. Finding great dog parks is more important to me than finding a house. Can anyone tell me the best dog parks in the area. Mylie May and I did visit Companion Club and liked it but Mylie May is used to running in the large DuPage County dog parks in Illinois -- 100s of acres. Thanks in advance for any help.

HumptyDumpty's picture
Alum Creek is an better than average public park

This is a very decent public, government run park. They've added a second swim area which will help reduce congestion. Weekends are crowded. There is no requirement for spay or neuter since the inner city population of Columbus won't support it. There are people who bring dogs here who do not act responsibly. There are people who keep their dogs on leash inside the park areas. There are people with small dogs in the big dog area and big dogs in the small dog area. There are people who admit that their dogs are aggressive. There are people with no control over their dogs.

A suggestion: put your dog on leash and walk him on one of the trails (or somewhere else) before you bring him to the dog park. A tired dog is generally a less aggressive dog.
If you have several dogs, try only one the first time or two until you get the lay of the land.

Every time I've gone to Alum Creek I've seen a..."disturbance". It is always caused by incompetent owners. When you see someone trying to enter, gather up your canines and get them away from the entrance so the new dog(s) can enter in peace. If you see someone attempting to exit (there really is no separate entrance and exit which is a little stupid) let them clear the double gate area before you barge in.

In essence, pay serious attention and show a modicum of common courtesy. If you're dog is all amped up and making other dogs uncomfortable---take you dog and leave.

huckleberry's picture
The 4th Annual Pup-A-Palooza

Saturday July 31st, 2010 from 10 am to 3 pm
-Free entry but please bring a donation of pet fed for needy pets through Meals on Wheels.
-There will be a silent auction, bands, t-shirts, and food.
-This is the largest fundraiser for the dog park and all money goes to the upkeep of the park.

To volunteer, email: [email protected]

Artichoke5's picture
Another Horrible Experience

On 4/05/2010 myself and my dog were attacked by a nasty cairn terrier. When I told the dog's owner she needed to remove her animal from the dog park since she couldn't control its aggressive behavior, she told me I was not the owner of the dog park and said some nasty things. I am currently pursuing legal action against her for her lack of responsibility. Signs are posted--obviously blatant disregard for the safety of others.

Visitor's picture
Dog Park behavior

This is a wonderfull "Off Leash" park that I come to often. The main problem is some humans seem to think "Off Leash" some how translates to no rules apply and nothing is off limit. You still have to continually monitor your dog(s), large or small, correcting negative behavior as it occurs. I have seen many times people just shrug their shoulders and say " They're just being dogs". This is what leads to injuries. The dogs for their best protection should be on the appropriate side of the fence.

Visitor's picture
small dogs

As a big dog owner I find that big dogs see smaller dogs as prey, thus try to keep your small dogs out of the large dog area to prevent such things as dog attacks. This is the reason they have small dog areas and large dog areas to prevent such cases as yours.
I do hope your dog wasn't hurt badly, sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. I personally try to go to the park when its not busy which may help you to have a better experience at the park with your dogs. I had a person take her small dog in the big dog area and I immediately asked her to get her dog as my dog went into prey drive and didn't want any problems and she complied and I explained to her certain breeds do see smaller dogs as prey. She said thank you and it was a happy ending for both of us. This was at a different park but I managed my dog so that there was no problems. Hope this helps you and may you have a better experience at dog parks. Always manage your own dog, others don't always follow the rules and we must all educate those who do not by setting good examples for them to follow.

Visitor's picture
Horrible Experience

I went to this park over the weekend, and had a horrible experience. 3 out of 4 of my dogs were attacked in the large dog area. All of the owners were just standing around letting it happen without trying to break up the fights. I've never seen such an awful group of people and dogs. The people started cursing at us while we were trying to get our dogs together to leave the park since the entire pack of dogs attacked our two smaller dogs and I was personally dragged through the mud trying to get the bigger dogs off of my poor dog. I will never go back to this dog park!!! Too many aggressive dogs go here and the owners don't care!

Visitor's picture
Take Responsibility for your Dog

While we all take the risk of an aggressive dog being at the dog park, when your dog bites another, own up and take responsibility. My dog was bit on Saturday December 12th around 1:30pm. He had walked up to a couple of other dogs and was just standing there, one dog (a husky) turned and bit him on the side. I yelled out who†s dog (assuming that people watch their dogs like I do mine) just bit mine, but funny thing, everyone at the park just looked the other way. Not one person even seemed to be concerned. The bit was about 5† long on his side and required 12 stitches. While I understand that I take full responsibility for my dog and his medical bills, at least own up so I know that your dog has had it†s shots.

We visit this park on a daily basis when not closed for the holiday lights, so my dog is no stranger to the park and other dogs. Generally this is a great park. Unfortunately, we will not visit this park again.

Visitor's picture
Very nice park

This is probably one of the best parks I have run into in our city. It is a bit of a drive (live on the east side) but well worth it. There is plenty of room as well as separate areas for large and small dogs. There is water available onsite and a swimming area which is set apart from the dry area. My dog is very mouthy and likes to bark at the other dogs to get them to run when in some of the other parks but this does not seem to be the case at Alum Creek for some reason. She seems more at ease here and this seems to be the case. We have seen some of the other parks where dogs can be viscious but never at Alum Creek.

Visitor's picture
Lovely park

It's a bit of a drive but it's worth it. Both the large & small dog park are very nice and big enough for plenty of play! Both have a lot of trees. Most of the people I met there were very friendly, but like any dog park there's always someone making a fool out of themselves or bringing a dog that shouldn't be there. Be wary, but it's definitely worth a trip!

The small dog park has a kiddie pool by the water pump, which is good because the water area is a complete mess, and also the drop-off into the water is too big for medium-smaller dogs. The water park area is very small, VERY muddy, and the actual beach section of it has a lot of roots and rocks. It's also very close to an area where people boat, so there are a ton of waves. Not a good area to get a dog used to water - go to a different park if your dog is not a seasoned swimmer.

Visitor's picture

Very large park. Monthly cleanup by volunteers. All around great.

Visitor's picture
big walnut

Big Walnut Dog Park used to be nice but the area is not so good and lately there have been a lot of aggressive dogs come, has gone down hill...I no longer go there for this reason!

Visitor's picture
Big Walnut dog pond

There is a dog beach on E Livingston Ave at Big Walnut Dog Park, very nice!

Visitor's picture

water is nice but there is minimal grass and tons of mud. Not sure how it was voted "best dog beach" on multiple occasions because i have seen better just within columbus

huckleberry's picture
Small Dog Area

General note from Friends of Alum Creek Dog Park:  This dog park has a separate small dog area.  Small dogs are always safest when in the small dog area.  Recently, there was a serious injury to a small dog when he was in the big dog area. 

Visitor's picture
Awesome Dog Park

This dog park is an outstanding asset to the residents of North Columbus, Lewis Center, Delaware, etc.  There are often several dogs and families there for both people and dog socialization.  The area is huge for the dogs to run around in and there is a water spigot as well as bowls and toys that are available for play.  The traffic leading to the park can be a little nasty during rush-hour, but it is worth the wait.  Alum Creek is also a great area for hiking, boating, and picnics, all closely located to the dog park. 

huckleberry's picture
Upgrades to mud

Starting in October 2007 the members of this park community began a project to solve the mud problem.   They will be adding drainage trenches and 1500 feet of drainage tiles to the small dog and large dog areas.  The newly done areas will then receive dirt, gravel, new grass seed, fertilizer and straw.