Washington Dog Park (Winston-Salem)

clearing for dogs to play
1490 Broad Street
Winston-Salem, NC
Operating Hours:
Days Closed:
Park Size:
1 acre
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has shade, benches, and rinse area.

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sophiesmom's picture
Park redo.

This was until last week almost a perfect park. The city in their infinite wisdom has turned the dog park into a cat park by installing a giant litter box full of sand! What were they thinking? I'd really like to know. My dog comes here everyday!!!
Doesn't sand harbor fleas? Wtf?!

KONADOG's picture
New to the park

Today, was the finish, of my first week, visiting the park. As of today I cannot say enough positive things regarding the physical makeup and location of the park. We have made new friendships with dogs and their owners. It is a true shame that our governments cannot study dog behavior and work through their indifference's like our best friends can do, with so little effort. Dog owners not enjoying their dogs is a nonrestrictive state are missing so much.. Thank You, Winston Salem for this great space.

cyphr's picture
Real deal...

There will always be ignorant owners with an almost sociopathic way of thinking their dog is the almighty and does no wrong. It happens and there are intelligent ways of dealing with those kind of people. I'm trying to find local dog parks that I can bring my dog to without worry. I have a one year old Pit Bull, that's right. And she's a big baby. No aggression at all. She's as happy as can be. If you see a Pit Bull in a dog park and automatically assume that it's aggressive, then you are close minded. I plan on going to Washington Park tomorrow and hope to make friends for myself and my dog. Cheers.

ran1026's picture

Owners please remember that your four legged furry family members are still animals. Animals smell, first. Dogs say 'hello' by smelling.
Now there is a HUGE difference between aggressive dogs and dominant dogs.
I train dogs and a vet tech and owners let your family members be a dog......they hump, they smell, they test other dogs. As an owner be observant.
I will bring my dog there and for the record, she plays rough, but by no means is she aggressive. You need to be more aware of this owner than you do the dogs.
I cant wait to go for the first time. I need to see for myself how 'aggressive' these dogs are.

bgreen1617's picture
Wow what

If you haven't been there than you really shouldn't leave a review. This park is much more like America's Funniest Home videos for pets than Jerry Springer but you wouldnt know that since you havent been there. Some owners are definitely Jerry Springer candidates but the dogs are awesome. I know a few guys who bring very menacing looking pitbulls to the park, which causes some of the more ignorant and fearful owners to leave but there pits are some of the most playful and happy dogs at the park.
Just to reiterate - its typically not the dogs, its the owners and by comparison to other parks the owners at this park get a bad wrap.

bgreen1617's picture
Best Dog Park Ever!

The issues that often arises at dog parks are typically due to owner ignorance or fear. This dog park is the best I've been to and I've been to a few. The people are great for the most part and you can find very sociable and playful dogs at the park on almost any day there is good weather. I know the German gentleman who owns Max the german shepperd and he is not an aggressive dog at all. The dog is very vocal and uses his voice and shows his teeth to assert himself. Max is of no harm to any dog that is of no harm to him. He keeps his distance and is more of a fetch than ruff play dog and will let any who bother him know about it. There are many more over-protective, scared and ignorant owners that over react than there are aggressive dogs. In fact, there are more dogs at the park on a daily basis that try to keep the piece than ones that cause trouble and I'm there typically 3 or 4 times a week.
Don't be turned off or on by reviews - u should just take your dog to the park and experience it for yourself. The crew that shows up in the mornings (around 10 - 11) are by far the most docile crowd for any new or nervous handlers/dogs. The after work and weekend crowd can get wild with 20+ dogs being common but if your concerned about the safety of your dog I suggest you bring a small water gun or air horn. Either tool will quickly make a dog unmount from another or stop fighting. The water gun is really good and typically doesn't need to be used more than once before the message is understood. Much easier than getting in a shouting match with someone who doesn't think there dog is out of line. All in all the park is awesome and my dog has a great relationship with all the people and most of the dogs and loves to go to this park. If your looking for a fun and sociable outing with your dog this is definitely the place to be. Just understand that if you have a small dog or any unfixed males you will have to watch them because the only times any real incidents take place are between two unfixed males fighting or the entire pack will chase and harass any fearful/insecure dogs that run instead of hold there ground upon entering.

jmc022's picture
Love this park

Love this park... Go with my Westie sometimes

Danielle4346's picture

I haven't even BEEN to this park yet and after reading all this drama I totally wont be attending any time soon. It sounds more like Jerry Springer than a dog park!

John Mattey's picture
Winston Salem Dog Park

This is a nice park. A little on the small side. Don't use the main entrance. Use the Broad St entrance. Just past the power line tower is a little sign on the right (if you came down Broad St from Business 40W) that says "dog run". Follow the narrow road to a huge parking log. Just past the gate is a bridge. Cross over and go to your right

Souperwoman's picture
Out of towner

My husband an I were on vacation in the area with our 10 lb mini dachshund and decided to stop by. There are 2 large shaded areas with benches, a large clearing for them to play, and a ton of friendly people We saw dogs of all ages and sizes. The big dogs were enamored with my little guy but it was harmless curiosity. It's a good thing they have a dog wash area as our pup was covered in dirt and slobber from the big guys! We had an awesome time and another dog owner asked if we wanted to go down the path to some water where the dogs play. We passed but I'm sure it would have been fun.

1badyellowgirl's picture
Come on people!

Why can't we all just get along. All of this he say/ she say is ridiculous! Grow up people and control your dogs!

Tyrone BLueberry's picture
It's the owner - not the dog

People with two big sheep like white dogs roams Forsyth County dog parks. Stay away from him and you†ll stay out of trouble.

Thor owner's picture
Response to the incident mentioned in the paper

Dear Laura,

I am the owner of the dog involved in the scuffle last week, so I can give you my side of the story, backed up by others which were present; most have spoken to Officer Evans which has been put in charge of the investigation.

I take my dog to Washington Park everyday for 1 hour and I have many good friends there. Last week, as I walked in my dog approached two very big dogs which we see in the park infrequently, sniffed them and walked away. I sat next to a friend who told me that the owner of these two dogs was making comments to everyone that my dog was going to attack his dogs. I thought the non-event would prove him wrong.

About 10 minutes later, my dog did bark at one of his, they showed some teeth, kept barking and at that moment I walked over to separate them. Both my dog and the other owner's are over 100lbs, so they are loud and impressive, but nothing more than barking went on. That is until the owner started screaming. He ran from the other side of the park, screaming at the top of his lungs: "Aggressive dogs must be taken out of the park immediately and without debate." I was in full control of my dog and ready to do so, but the owner walked to within 12 inches of my face and screamed repeatedly: "Aggressive dogs must be taken out of the park immediately and without debate." I remained calm, even though I had a screaming lunatic 12 inches from my face. This went on for about 1 minute, screaming non-stop. The park came to a complete stop; dogs stood still as did their owners. At that point, I decided to go for my leash and sit down until this guy was done screaming. People tried to tell him to stop, he just kept screaming the same thing. Finally, he stopped and decided to call the police. Then he left, to everyone's relief.

Dogs bark at each other and sometimes they growl, its the way they sort out who's the alpha. Usually, we talk it over like adults and it isn't rare to see an owner leave the park for the day and come back the next. The next day things are fine and the people in the park are happy dog owners. This incident has nothing to do with dogs or rules, but everything to do with the owner of a dog that went out of his mind. Worst of all, he was talking about it BEFORE it happened, building it up in his mind. Some people that were present during the incident questioned if he was sober. This person his now mobilizing city authorities, animal control (with which we had a conversation), the police (with which we also had a conversation) and now the media over his own lost of temper. If only he had taken time to speak with me like adults do, we would have gotten along like we always do in the park.

maxwellsmart's picture
You are wrong

Wow, what is your problem? You got big dos yourself, right? I happen to know both dogs rather well. I believe you mix up dominance with aggression. Next time, if you watch carefully, you will see that mostly puppys approach them and it is rough play only. Ever since I go to the park I have never ever seen them in a dog fight and/or seriously hurting another dog as you claim. Both dogs are under perfect voice control. I suggest you inform yourself a little better about dog agression before makeing false accusations like that. If you talk to other people at the park, you will see that they agree with me.
I hope you will get the opportunity to educate youself better on dogs and get your own anger under control. This "campain" or mission you are on helps nobody.

Animal control will hopefully evaluate the dogs and settle this once and for all.

A happy dog owner and frequent Dog part visitor.

eriklekker's picture
injury,blood and apathy

The agression and violence are out of hand. Mostly it's just two dogs named Max and Thor.(german shepherd and rhodesian ridgeback).I have seen them attack countless dogs but the owners refuse to control their dogs or leave when directed to do so.I guess it's going to take enough injury that a lawyer will get involved before anything is done.
Don't go unless you've got a big Rott or something else that can constantly defend itself.