Town of Cary Dog Park (at Godbold Park)

2050 Northwest Maynard Road
Town of Cary, NC
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Town of Cary (919) 469-4064
Days Closed:
$5 for a visitor day pass, $40 a year for one dog, $60 a year for multiple dogs
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area, lights, wood chip ground cover, shade trees, benches, and water spigots. Dog passes are available for purchase at any Cary community center and require proof of rabies vaccination, an pet ID tag, and a park waiver form. This dog park is supported by Cary Dog Park Club.

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Bobster's picture
Cary Dogpark

I have to ditto the negative comments about this park. It sucks that Cary charges for its use and the lady who we met as we were checkIng the place out seem snide and maybe even a bit snooty!

Even the tone of the people here defending the place makes me think that the place must be dominated by prissy stepford wives!

Jake123's picture
Cary Dog Park

I'm from out of town. My dog has all of his shots, and he's very well behaved, etc. It was difficult to obtain a pass. I wish I'd never gotten one. The people at the dogpark are unfriendly and suspicious. It was so pleasant to take a long drive across town and go to a much nicer dog park--everything was better. Even the dogs in Cary almost seemed tense, uptight, and pretentious--just reflecting their owners. Unbelievable. It's completely worth the drive to go elsewhere.

Jenny C's picture
call me cheap

Looked like a nice enough park but the keycard thing makes it a pain. I travel frequently with my dog and try to take him to a park every day, often in a new city. I certainly don't have time to go buy a pass at a different location. Plenty of towns have nicer parks without charging for them.

Beatrix Kiddo's picture
To the person who posted on

To the person who posted on 05/01/11: I have been at the park several times at the same time as you. I think the problem is that you don't inspire any confidence that you have control over your dogs. They seem well behaved, but they are large dominant dogs, and you don't seem to understand that other dogs do react to their size. Maybe being friendly and trying to talk to the other owners will help, instead of making negative comments both at the park, and here. You should choose to be more positive to others in your community.

Jenny C's picture
dogs fine, owners can be horrible !!!

We take both of our dobermans and they are very well behaved. Some dogs should not be allowed. They should have some sort of social test for the dogs and a test for the owners!! Make your dogs behave and WATCH them !!!!

shibahugger's picture
hit the road

"people coming and going from the park were hostile and unfriendly" ARE kidding, right?? I have NEVER encountered a single ill-willed person at Godbold Park. And you waited 2 weeks to let your dog run? Don't know where you're from... The town of Cary REQUIRES your dog's documents to ensure the safety of other dogs and humans... those of us who go everyday appreciate that fact and our dogs thoroughly enjoy the park : )

papagriffin's picture
Good park, Greedy town

the price is a little steep, yes.. though i must admit i'm slightly shocked by all the negative reviews. i've been three times with my dog and it's been nothing but pleasant. nice and friendly people, with a large and diverse area for your dog(s): great for everything from running, to catching toys or frisbees, to sitting in the shade under one of their trees. but yes, leave it to the Town of Cary to CHARGE for something most communities freely offer. if you can swallow that fact, it can make for an enjoyable experience.

I Love Animals's picture
cary dog park

The Cary Dog Park does have a small area for smaller dogs and provides bags as well. The Town of Cary has several places where you can go for day or yearly passes. I am glad that Cary requires immunization records for all dogs who enter the park. It makes me feel a lot safer for my dog and myself as well. I think safety is what Cary has in mind!

petstacular's picture

thanks for your comments on the park. i was looking for a park to go to but after hearing about some of your issues i'll probably look at other parks.

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cary dog park

We were visiting relatives in Cary whose yard was not fenced. We looked for an offleash park and found this one. We did not realize you had to contact the city/community center and pay before use. Unable to contact them. People coming and going from the park were hostile and unfriendly. Our dog Cassie waited 2 weeks until we were in a South Carolina RV Park with its own fenced off leash area to be allowed to run. Shame on Cary. Many RV parks have better dog parks.

Itssme00313's picture
Expected better

With Cary's reputation and having to pay to get in I expected more. I will drive across town to Millbrook Exchange Dog Park spend $5 in gas. It has a second park for small dogs and ones not ready for total socialization. Cost PICK UP YOUR POOP. They even provide the bags.

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dog park

I had heard about this dog park and took my 2 pups to check it out today. This is the only park I've ever heard of that charges money for use. $5 for a freaking day pass? I took the pups to the middle school across the street, and they ran around on the fenced-in field for free. Boo Cary

EDITOR COMMENT: DogParkUSA does not endorse the use of off leash play at the school grounds. This is not legal and you could get a ticket.

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cary dog park

Decent attempt at providing a area for dogs. As with most things, there asre some issues. Mainly it's the lack of owners picking up after their dogs. Seriously, why do you think your dog loves to go to the park? TO poop! Social interaction is secondary.