George Poston Dog Park

1101 Lowell-Spencer Mountain Rd
Gastonia, NC
Operating Hours:
7am - Sunset
Days Closed:
None, but dogs must have a current rabies vaccination tag
Park Size:
4.5 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened Feb 28, 2009. This dog park has a separate small dog area and shade.

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Celticvirgo's picture
Questioning more question...

Hi, I just moved to Shelby and apparently this is closest dog park to me. Is it very muddy ?
Is the fence 6 feet? One of my dogs can jump 5 feet.
I can't wait to try this park. I moved to a rental house on five acres but it has no fence so we are stuck with a leash when outside.

ShannonCassidy's picture
Banned or put down?!

There are not bad dogs, just bad owners. Dogs rarely start out as aggressive, but end up that way because of bad ownership. Saying that the dogs are stupid and need to potentially be put down is just cruel.

Levi's picture
Need overseers

It's a nice park. But there needs to be someone to watch over the aggressive dogs. Another dog bit my dog Max several times and when trying to hold Max back because he would have hurt the aggressor, who was smaller than him, I got caught in the crossfire and was bitten. Some people do not deserve to be allowed into the park, because their dogs are stupid and need to be banned or potentially put down.

Joe Johnson's picture
Great road trip stop.

Very large park. Nice mix of sunny and shady areas. Most of the trees were pines so there was a pleasant carpet of needles in the shade and the grass was in good shape in the sunny areas. People and dogs were very friendly. Very clean and nice park.

Jenny C's picture
Wonderful Park

We go at least 2 times a week and always have the best time. Park is kept clean and stocked with clean up bags. Thank you Lowell, NC for giving us such a great place to play with our pups.

Amanda Cain's picture

This is the closest dog park to Shelby, NC. And my little Loki loved it. She got to run around without a leash. She was alone for a while until some other dogs showed up. The park is very clean and well kept. We will definitely be back.

Tracy Edens Bryson's picture
First time visit

First time today for me and my Sadie. She really enjoyed it. It was so nice for her to be able to have somewhere to run and play with other dogs. We will be going back thats for sure.

Jenny C's picture
pleasant surprise

I would recommend this dog park for any dog owner. The park is nice and the owners pay attention to their dogs.

Visitor's picture
2nd chance

We did decide to go back and give the dog park a second chance. Staying along the fence we had a better experience and allowed our pup to meet dogs more gently than before. Is a very nice park as long as you go when there is a calmer group of dogs in the park.

Visitor's picture
Ist timer

Went to the park for the first time with our lab and dane puppy. It was a very negative experience for our pup. The lab was fine but the owners of the other dogs saw that out pup (35 lbs) was scared and did nothing to stop their dogs from coming towards her. At one point I had to put her on my lap to calm her down and the other dogs owners just stood there and watched with no control what so ever. So we took them to the 25 lbs side for a few minutes and got a snide remark from a man with a chihuahua. The park is nice but we will not be back due to the inconsiderate owners that do not control their dogs.

Visitor's picture
George Poston Dog Park

This is a nice, fenced-in dog park outside of Lowell . The larger area is for dogs over 25 pounds. A smaller fenced in area is provided for small dogs under 25 pounds. There's also a double-gated entry for safety. Some poop clean-up bags are provided if you've forgotten yours. The dogs here were friendly and had fun romping and playing. They only ask that you clean up after your own dog , and have there rabies tag.

Visitor's picture
great place

I take my dogs there quite often and all the dogs we've met are really nice and the park is pretty well kept up.