Lap it Up - Dog Swim and Activity Center

5420 Hwy 55
Durham, NC 27713
Operating Hours:
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Lap it Up
Days Closed:
Various - swim, lessons, games and play
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Other Notes:

This facility has a pool and doggy equipment to learn, play, and swim.  They hold classes and have mazes and game times.  This is not a traditional dog park. 

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alyssa558's picture
This place is terrible!

This place is terrible! I have never met such a tense, rude business owner in my life. I was made to feel like a second-rate customer because my dog is a mix from the shelter. The owner told me off because the other dogs there were "working" dogs. That must mean their money is worth more than mine? We were just there for the group swim and had to pass by other dogs on our way in and out. Guess what horrible thing my dog did? She...SNIFFED ANOTHER DOG! Gasp! The anxiety and tension were palpable in this horrible facility. I will never, ever be back. If you have a mutt you will not be welcome here!

Mishaun's picture
Not a welcoming place to take your dogs

My friend and I took our dogs to Lap It Up in Durham and had an awful experience. The owner opened the door and the first words out of her mouth were rude. No "Hi!" or "Welcome". The entrance was not good for dogs coming and going. We were coming in with our two dogs and a woman in the small area at the entrance freaked out that we were so close to her. Our dogs were just standing there. You could cut the tension in the place with a knife in this place. We were there about 15 minutes and left. We were trying to leave and a guy came in with his dog and both my friend's dog and the other started to sniff each other in passing. Nothing was out of control or irresponsible. The owner (Diana Boos) was uptight about the situation and my friend calmly stated, this was natural behavior for dogs and the owner told her she was no longer welcomed back. I emailed her to let her know the way she treated us was not appreciated and she responded by saying, "If you want a free for all where you can interact with any dog I highly recommend you stay at the dog park." There was no "free-for-all". Just two dogs trying to get through a small space. Everyone was courteous, except Diana. They've only been open 2 weeks and this is how they conduct business.