Shuffletown Dog Park

Shuffletown c/o Jenny's Pet Sitting
Lucy loves the baby pool at the dog park.
I'm having fun
9500 Belhaven Blvd
Charlotte, NC
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Mecklenburg County
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This dog park has a separate small dog area and a walking path.

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Our Weekly Walks with Lucy

We love this park - usually every Sunday we take Lucy there, it gives us all an opportunity to get some exercise and fresh air, and for Lucy to socialize with other dogs.

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Shuffletown Dog Park

This would be a "Great" park if pet owners would just "PICK UP" after their pets! I don't understand why people leave dog poop all over the place. Why do you want your dog playing in this? Come on people let's be responsible and stop ruining this great park!

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Location correction

The map shows an incorrect location. The dog park is part of Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation's Shuffletown Park. The address is 9500 Bellhaven Boulevard, Charlotte, NC.

Great Park!

EDITOR COMMENT: Thank you. We have moved the map marker to the correct location.

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Becoming a Regular

This is a great place to take a dog. There are two separate areas, one for dogs over 20 pounds and one for dogs under 20 pounds. I have taken my dog Maxie over there in an attempt to socialize her as she is a little timid with other dogs. We have been over 3 times in the past week and there have only been a few dogs there. Both Maxie and I were able to get some exercise there is there is a gravel path all the way around the park.

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Atleast two football fields. No riff raff

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1st Timer

Great park! There were about two dozen dogs there at one point; all were friendly, as were their owners. It was my first time at a dog park (plus I'm a new recent dog owner) and someone gave me good advice on how to make the experience better for my dog. The park provides several cleanup bag stations (all were filled) and water stations too. I also love that there is a wooded area which will be nice to have once it heats up outside.

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First day at the park

This is a great place to socialize your dog. Bailey, our dog made some new friends on her very first day and got a good exercise. That was yesterday. we will be going again today.Park is clean and comfortable.

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The Park is great. It is huge and there is a gravel open section and a nice shady area. There are plenty of benches and water both inside and out. You can excercise with your dog. I have gone both Am and Pm it seems that around 7-8 at night is the most traffic. The only downfall is the staff does not stock the disposal bags so there is some waste not picked up because there is nothing to pick it up with. Also the park opens whenever someone gets there. I think a lot of people have complained and the last week they have been open by 8am. I wish the local Mt. Island Monitor would get the word out so more people take advantage. If you come look for Rudy the Red Mutt and Myself Jenny from Jenny's Pet Sitting, a local pet sitter.