See Spot Run Dog Park (at Overlook Park)

127 Overlook Rd off 55
Poughkeepsie, NY
Operating Hours:
Dawn - Dusk
Managed By:
Town of LaGrange
Days Closed:
$25 annually LaGrange residents and $50 for Beekman, Pleasant Valley, Unionvale, Pouquag and Town of Poughkeepsie
Park Size:
1 acre
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened summer 2009. The dog park is on an island in the middle of a pond; there is a picture of the location above that can be clicked to enlarge to get a sense of the exact location of the dog park. There is no separate small dog area and no Pitbulls allowed at the park (there are many dog parks with Pitbull bans) and no children under the age of 6.  Those interested in joining a committee to raise funds for the park can e-mail Wendy at [email protected]

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Park info

This place looks nice. How do you get a dog tag? Is it required?

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Park rules

I have three dogs I would like to join this park. Anybody tell me who to get in contact with or how to join

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Dog Park

I know it's it doesn't say anything about the Township of Hyde Park. Are we allowed too

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I was considering bringing my dog here when I learned you must buy a tag. Not a terrible idea, so I was going to purchase one. However when I discovered that pits and pitbull mixes were not allowed, I wanted absolutely nothing to do with this park- they did not deserve my money.

I will never support the continuing stigma against a certain type of dog that this park is pursuing. That is not what the dog community is about, and I am disgusted to see that this park chooses to make evil these dogs.

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my dog

i have a lab and part pit, he is mostly lab but is he allowed in park? and if not, can i at least bring him if nobody else is using the park, i just think its very unfair that not even a lab mix can't use a park i think its discrimination. its not fair, i have trouble for my loving dog to not be able to use a park because of its breed

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Just sayin.....

Not to sound like a broken record, but I have yet to see anyone who has intelligently or otherwise defended the "No Pit Bull Allowed" rule. I am a regular attendee at the dog park and of course, have a tag. I do believe that everyone should have a tag but unfortunately some lovely people and their dogs are not eligible because of their location which in all cases are nearby. It seems to me that you might want more money for the park and should accept more dogs.The park is very rarely overcrowded if at all. By the way, I am very delighted that all of the drama has died down. Let's keep it that way and take a lesson from our dogs. Let's have fun and enjoy each other's company.

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Wasn't my impression ...

There was an official town metal sign on the trail clearly showing the off leash area pointing to the trail . Also , some of the founding members of this park walked their dogs off leash every Saturday morning thru the clearly designated off leash trail and thru the beautiful river . I know because I was privileged to have enjoyed that with them . There was no indication to me that any park rules were being violated . It's what made the park the best in Hudson Valley . So when you payed for your tag , was that still a privilege that could be taken away on a whim ? Or did it become your right as a member ? I can only say that to me , any problems didn't amount to closing the more beautiful parts of the park to us . I have little use for the small acre they left there . Expensive lesson learned .

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To what happened to dog park


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What happened to the park ? Wow

The previously off leash trails and river that we and our beloved pets were blessed with and made this park into the greatest dog park in Hudson Valley bar none is GONE ...posted everywhere are signs denying by penalty of law to walk the off leash trails , or to enjoy a splash of beautiful river . What was left is a tiny piece of land where you can throw a ball . I have a back yard thank you very much . We took a chance today and walked the trails me and my friend for the last time today . I think the saddest part was knowing that the land is used for no other purpose ...and the warmest community members enjoyed our weekend mornings like it was sacred ground ...which it was to us . The end of a dream truly .

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Too Much Drama

Recently there has been so much unnecessary drama concerning our dog park! (when I say OUR it means those of us who paid for our tags and have the right to be in the park) The Short of it is NOW THERE IS A PETITION TO LIFT A BAN ON SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT HAVE TAGS FOR HIS DOGS! ARE YOU KIDDING!! The town has been enforcing the TAG rule which is only right especially to those of us who have paid for our tags. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A TAG FOR THE PARK YOU SHOULD NOT BE IN THERE! IF THE DOG SITTER WOULD HAVE GOTTEN TAGS FOR HIS DOGS- THIS WOULD PROBABLY NOT BE AN ISSUE!! His "Supporters" are making it into more than it should be (how many of you have tags??) If the town requires a tag to enter the park then buy a tag and there should be no exceptions.

Yes the Dog Sitter cleans up the park, brings water and has donated money to the park and that is all well and good BUT there are other people who also clean up the park and as far as bringing water, you as a dog owner should bring your own water and not depend on someone else to do it for you!!! If he has money to donate to the park he has money to purchase tags!!!!! I JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY THIS IS SO COMPLICATED..A FEW IGNORANT PEOPLE CAN RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE ELSE!! IF YOU DON'T HAVE A TAG BUY ONE!!! IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO PURCHASE A TAG..FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO TAKE YOUR DOG!!!

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good park gone BAD.......

This park had everything a dog owner could want, a real DIMOND in the rough well that Dimond has turn to sand. I'm a tag holder of the town who uses the park regularly I've witnessed many times people who don't abide by the rules of the park I've even seen a fight between 2 owners over aggressive behavior of one's dog. I've even been approched by a man telling me I stole his dogs water from a jug that was left on the table. This park has gone to the dog's after reading the rules of park one can see the town wants to limit there liability to park. One of the rules that needs to be Fixed is the refusal of pitbulls as a breed if this was twenty years ago we would be banning the Dobbin pincher we should ban the owners. You should get ONE CHANCE.. if ANY COMPLAINTS ABOUT YOU OR YOUR DOG YOUR GONE NO EXCEPTION! WE need someone who knows most of the tag owners and is willing to get the ones who dont have tags to get them. This person should be in the park once a day at different times to give feedback to the town to let them know of concerns of tag owners. One who cares for dogs who can spot aggression beforehand my two cents tks

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The Rules and laws for the

The Rules and laws for the dog park were made for a reason, it does clearly state that pit bulls and pit bull mixs are not allowed, unfortunately they do get a bad wrap but as an owner taking a pit bull into your care is part of what is involved and should be a consideration when adopting. Lagrange dog park is a great place to take your dog. Unfortunately there are issues that are very concerning: THERE ARE PEOPLE BRINGING THEIR DOGS WITHOUT ENTRY TAGS... THERE ARE OWNERS THAT DO NOT SUPERVISE THEIR DOGS! AND DO NOT REMOVE THEIR DOG FROM THE PARK WHEN THE DOG BECOMES AGGRESSIVE! IF YOU DO NOT HAVE AN ENTRY TAG YOU SHOULD NOT BE THERE! IF YOUR DOG DOES HAVE A TAG AND BECOMES AGGRESSIVE..BE RESPONSIBLE AND REMOVE YOUR DOG FROM THE PARK! Our dogs can be safe and enjoy the park if owners would just be responsible!

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Hello Again

Hello guys I'm back. I have looked into the park and met with the parks dept. They have no idea what BSL is so for them to tell you what breeds are not allowed in the park is nonsense. If they want to look at a few pictures of my dog without ever meeting him or me and decide whether or not we are welcome... forget it. My dog was bit by some lab mix that will not be named because we will all know who it is!!!! The rules are not concentrating on whats really important, temperment and owner. You could have the nastiest lab in the land and you can get a permit. That's crazy. Do you and your dog a favor... stay away from this park.

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Sorry about the grammar ect. I am angry and I start typing crazy lol. But I meant... I can't even bring her on the leash nor off the leash!!! Its just sad this world has turned for the worst.

kdes143's picture

I have an amazing loving cheerful pup named mini...I was looking for dog parks close to me because I live in Pleasant Valley. Of course I find on I was reading the laws they have created...and then I see a sign that says no pit bulls and they are not allowed to have any pit bull in them to be off the leash. I have an pocket pit bull. I think it is sad because they say not because or a stereo type but then say because of aggression. My dog has never been aggressive so I can not bring her I am confused? The laws they have said pit bulls can be there but on the leash, okay and then I read no pits allowed.SO WHICH IS IT? I am highly confused and very discouraged that I can bring her to interact with any other dogs. Pit bulls are very misunderstood!!! It can be in genetics and or the owner that make dogs aggressive or health problems, that does not mean they are all like that. I am very bothered. I am going to go to the town about this. And how can people be denied? The laws are stated and how can they change the rules when there own laws contradict them. I am trying to figure out what to do at this point. I want my dog to be friendly with other dogs and be around them so this way other dogs are not foreign to her and she can interact and not become to protective and aggressive. Dogs can become aggressive from being excluded not able to be around other dogs at the park and that is not right! Any advice?

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Open but muddy....little grass

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Don't Waste Your Time

Park is $50.00 annually for a "permit", unless you live in Lagrange, then $25.00. Two dogs per person at on time. Very small with no separation for small and large breeds like Thomas Bull in Walden. If you want a permit you have to submit 3 headshots of your dog. If "they" decide it looks or resembles a pit, pit mix, bull terrier, amstaff or are refused a permit. There is NO Breed Specific Legislation in the Town of Lagrange, but the powers that be have decided to make there own rules for the park. feel free to contact me with your thoughts. [email protected]

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Park open?

We haven't been for a while due to all the snow-does anyone know if the park is accessible?

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The Park is Open

Went to the park for the first time today. Wonderful park!!! I read the other reviews which said that the park maybe closed, but there's lots of pups raring to run and play!

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Due to flooding from Hurricane Irene, the dog park is closed until further notice.

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Park re-opened
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Park (Opening)

Hope that we can get to enjoy the park soon, STORM can't wait to see his friends..

Virginia77's picture

I was over there yesterday (before I saw the notice on here, and the park gate was open). The water has receded somewhat, the land bridge is still under water, but the parking lot and fenced area (minus the gate) aren't anymore. Hopefully it will be dry soon, the weather is too nice to not be able to go!

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wag326's picture
Be Responsible

PLEASE DROP YOUR BAGS IN THE GARBAGE ON THE WAY OUT OF THE PARK. Do not leave bags near the picnic tables or outside the fence. The town temporarily moved the pail to make it easier for them to pick up. Also, please be sure to pick up after your dog. I've heard there's quite a lot on the ground. Please, please be responsible. THANK YOU!
I'll get someone to fix the gate and tend to the garbage.

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Repairs, not all that clean

When you first walk up there is a pile of waste filled bags. The first gate in the unleashing area is fine but the second gate is off its hinge. Oother than these things that with alittle upkeep could be fixed the park is a nice size and my boxer loves it there. There are a few owners that aren't really attentive, and alittle caddy. I hope to continue going but I am very put off by some of these owners and that is unfortunate because there are a lot of nice people that do the right things that these people make look terrible...

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Has anyone been to the park lately? Can you tell me if the baggie dispensers need refilling? I can't imagine anyone goes there in this bitter cold, but nothing would surprise me! Thanks, Wendy

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Dog License and Dog Park Application

Here are links to the Town of Lagrange applications for a dog license and park tag, for those who don't want to have to make 2 trips to the Town Hall.

Dog license application -

Dog park permit application -

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Lexi Jane's picture

Excellent news, and good job, Liz, keeping after your friend! Lexi says thanks, and we'll be there this weekend. Jane

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Hi everyone.. I drove past the park and it is plowed and accessable. Also, my good friend plows for the town of Lagrange and they do plow the park after the snow is finished. Plus, I stay on his back! :)

See you all soon,
~Morgans Mommy

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Last year the town did not plow the parking lot. As far as I know, there are no plans to do it this year. However, we shouldn't have any mud in the parking lot once the snow melts since the town put down the hard gravel. Just beware that it can get pretty icy on the path, so please be careful.

Also, the park will close for a few weeks some time in April(also known as "mud season") to allow for reseeding. I will keep you posted with more specific info when I have it. We appreciate your patience during this process to allow the grass to grow back. We were pleasantly surprised last year with the great results!


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Does anyone know if the park is accessible after the snow?

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Miss you guys

Just wanted to let you know that Quincy and I haven't been able to get to the park since Thanksgiving because of the time change, weekend weather, holiday shopping etc. but we miss you all and wish you the happiest holidays. Hope to see you soon. Carol

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Love this park!

We've been coming to this park since August and I thought it was about time to write a review...

The Overlook park is on a pretty large piece of fenced-in land, with a gated area for leash removal. The park has some small trees, as well as a pavilion with 2 picnic tables. There are several water dishes that get filled by the dog owners, who usually bring enough water to fill a couple of them up.

In general, the people and dogs at this park are nice, responsible, and laid back. The "regulars" are great about watching their dogs, picking up the poop, and intervening when a dog gets uncomfortable. A wide variety of breeds, both large and small, come to the park. There are times when you come and the park is empty, and times when there can be upwards of 18 dogs there. It is on these full days when everyone has to be extra vigilant of situations escalating quickly, although this rarely happens.

I am curious about how the town plans to handle making the park accessible in the winter once we start getting some heavy snow. Will they plow out the parking lot, path to the park, and gated entrance? I've been told that this did not happen last year, but now that people are being required to pay to come, I hope we will have access to what we are paying for.

Overall, this is a fantastic place to bring your dog! :)

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Found camera

We found a camera today at the dog park. Let me know if you lost one. [email protected]

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Thank you

Thanks to Petco, Peg's Grooming Salon (845)486-8800, Bark Busters (845)489-0764 and Beth the "paw" reader (845) 471-2384 for participating in the 2nd Annual "Howl"oween Costume Contest last weekend!

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no comments or apologizes from anyone

My dog (a chocolate labrador) who comes from a line of field champions) will have a permanate scare due to an unprovoked attack. My dog and i will no longer attend your park due to the new park regulations which favor only town people. I am totally disgusted on how the Town of Lagrange handled their new park and got away with making up rules obviously favoring the elite town people.

reddd's picture

We are also being excluded because of being city of poughkeepsie resident. Nice right? I was there this morning and i was the ONLY one there.

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Rules Review

Hello- I was informed about the new rules today. Hudson, Bailey and I are very disappointed with the new rules. As residents of the City of Poughkeepsie, we have enjoyed the park. I am a bit concerned about why the rules were created and on what basis? If overcrowding is the issue how was this determined? What was the average attendance at the dog park? If revenue was the issue, why not charge everyone (including all towns) outside of Lagrange? If aggressive dogs were an issue why not issue tags and rquire people to file for a permit? I think that decisions are beind made without all of the facts. Just my opinion for what it is worth. We (Hudson, Bailey and I) will miss you all and hope that the goals of these new policies have been vetted and will provide the town with they are looking for.

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"Howl"oween Costume Contest

The 2nd Annual "Howl"oween Costume Contest will be held at the park on Sunday, 10/31 at 10:00am. There will be prizes, giveaways and refreshments. Also, please bring a donation for the Dutchess SPCA of blankets, dog or cat food, paper towels, bleach or laundry detergent. The SPCA will be there with some dogs that are available for adoption.

reddd's picture

The other day, we were at the park and there were three greyhounds there. Two were on leashes because the owner said they were " dog aggressive" . Please urge people like this to exit the park. There is no reason for an innocent dog to get bit for trying to sniff a dog that really shouldn't be there. Suggest that they come at non-peak hours or to not come at all.

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Sorry to hear about what

Sorry to hear about what happened to your lab! I have a large lab/pit mix and he has gotten bit there on more than one occasion by dogs who were not being watched by their owner.

bdaddy's picture

I have brought my dog (a chocolate labrador) to the park for over a year. He has bee ATTACKED BY several dogs of varioous Breeds. This was while the owners were not paying attention to their dogs. On 10/28/10, my dog was attacked while running past the pavillion. He sufferd a tear. Not one person acknowledged the attack . By the way none of the dogs were pitbulls or terriers. The owners need to spend less time gossiping and pay attention to their dogs. After all it is suppose to be a dog park.

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paw reader

Yes, I was contacted by a "paw reader." She said she will be there.

LadyGazoo's picture
Fortune Teller?

Can anyone actually confirm that there will be a fortune teller reading paws at the upcoming halloween party? Sounds so cool!

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Ulster County Dog Park initiatives

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say hi, and introduce myself. I'm one of the people working to bring a dog park to Ulster County. Hopefully, we'll have our dog park page up here soon!!

Website at


Lilley77's picture
1. If the issue was

1. If the issue was overcrowding, that could be solved by asking people to pay a fee and complete a lengthy registration process, which many people will not be willing to do. Over crowding solved.
2. If the issue was LaGrange taxpayers not wanting to pay to maintain a park that other towns are free to use, that would also be solved by taking money from every person who uses the park.

For Paws of Ulster are a group of like minded dog lovers working to build a dog park in New Paltz. It will be a county owned park, open to everyone. We have no plans to enact breed restrictions at this time. We have a plot of land approved and ready to go. Please help us in whatever way you can to raise the funds, and there will be a new dog park, open to all. Vote on the Pepsi site and we could win a huge grant to make this happen faster! Thank you, friends!

wag326's picture

I have been in contact with the town about this. They are looking into the NY State law which states that they can't discriminate by breed. I am happy to continue working closely with the town and keeping them informed on issues that arise. However, everyone has the same access to the town board that I do. Call and voice your concerns. Ask to be a part of the recreation committee. Go to their website ( and see when the board meets. Wendy

LadyGazoo's picture

I have not personally accuse Wendy of discrimination. In fact I applaued her past and present efforts to create and maintain this dog park. I only wish that it could remain in the spirit in which it was created. I do however feel that Wendy has the connections to be a liason between the dog owners and the town. Therefore it is not in our best interest to antagonize her for she can be an ally. I still stand by my feelings and feel that The Town of Lagrange is guilty of Geographic Deiscrimination.