Robinson Duck Farm Dog Park

Montauk Hwy
Brookhaven, NY
Operating Hours:
Dawn - Dusk
Managed By:
Suffolk County
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has some chairs (no separate small dog area). Be sure to bring water and baggies and some to share..

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Park with lots of potential

One of the larger dog parks on Long Island (2.5+ acres).

Things it has going for it:

- Plenty of parking
- Plenty of seating for owners
- Safe area/park
- Has both a large & small dog runs
- Plenty of room for dogs to really run

Things it has against it:

- No shade
- No water of any kind
- No poop bags provided
- Ground cover is just grass/dirt
- No bathrooms for humans

I have been to this park only once and I have to say this dog park has a lot of potential to be one of the better dog parks on Long Island. Needs some canopies, there is not one tree in either run. Needs water lines brought in. These 2 things would make it better then most dog runs/parks on Long Island just because of it size, parking and new fences….. would bring this park up to a 4 star rating in my opinion

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Robinson's Duck Farm

Nice park with lots of open space. There is no wooded area, just dirt and green areas - not much grass, mostly low growing weeds.

It needs more trash receptacles, bag stations and running water. The park is mostly maintained by the users, not by the county, although they do mow it, but not often enough.

The park is not widely used, but I've seen up to 20 dogs, just not that often. Those that do use the park, do so frequently, so you'll see a lot of the same dogs and people - all very friendly.

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First time

Brought my dog for the first time. She had a great time. Big aggressive dogs need to be monitored. Bring water, toys and baggies for your pets messes! It's a nice place to bring your pet, but it's only in the study stage we need to keep it clean if we hope to continue the use of it

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Great place !!

Loved this place its very open which gives my puppy a long range to run and play. She enjoys it everytime we go. It took me awhile to get use to the idea of the expressway being so close but the gates are good and it has two ways to get in.
I go here often because its clean and not over crowed. I wish I could find more good places like this one ;) Remember to bring your own water though they dont have any running water near by Over all a really lovely place to bring your doggy

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great park

Open area ... Gated in ... If there are fights EVERYBODY runs and helps but it is so so so rare ...

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Needs support...

Enjoyed our time in the park. Owners of large, aggressive dogs need to monitor. Some dogs not neutered. Overall, safe & fun!

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Robinson Duck Farm Dog Park

My dog and I had a great first time today at the Park. Our Saturday morning visit was filled with exerciser & socialization. It was my 10 month old Hounds first time off the leash with other dogs.
This morning had about 30 dogs ranging from very small to some near around 75lbs. In the few hours we were there, I saw no fighting and all the owners picked up after their dogs. I walked the whole area and found no droppings and most importantly nothing dangerous on the ground either. It's a good size park so there is plenty of run room.
I gave the park a 4 out of 5 stars only because other then about 10 plastic chairs there is not much else besides the double gated large fenced park. I would like to see some shade trees planted and some type of overhead structure added to get out of the sun. Running water would be a big plus too so don't forget to bring your own for your thirsty pup.
With so few area's on Long Island to let my little girl run without a leash, I'm glad I found this dog park.