Las Cruces Dog Park

my dog lilo, having a blast in the pool
Hadley Ave and Hermosa St
behind Meerscheidt Rec. Center
Las Cruces, NM
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City of Las Cruces
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Opened summer 2009. This dog park has a shade shelter and some trees. This dog park is supported by a local group of dog lovers.

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A great, friendly dog park

This park doesn't have grass because of the high maintenance cost...a tractor pulling mowers wouldn't work, it would have to be cut with a single mower. Running dogs kill grass, and poop is nigh impossible to remove from grass. The more than two dozen trees will provide ample shade in the future; it's a park meant to last. In the desert, not many folks go out in the heat of the day, so early summer mornings and late afternoons are crowded here. Volunteers provide a wading pool, refreshed twice daily, all summer. The people are friendly and helpful. This is currently the only public place in Dona Ana County where dogs can run off-leash legally. The Dog Park Coalition is working on more amenities for this park (water feature, agility equipment, more lights), and we're working on getting new dog parks. Visit us at or on FaceBook sewarch for "Dog Parkers."

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Small dogs

Not very small dog friendly at all. they have a section marked special needs where you can put your small dog. should have separate area dog for small dogs that can be away from any large dogs that may scare them.. No grass just dirt very little shade they did not do a good job in planning this dog park out.What a dissapointment

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Road Trip

We had a great time here! With 2 Great Danes and a Jack Russell the 1700 mile trip from Louisiana to California was anything but easy. We stopped here after hearing great things about it from the baristas at the local Starbucks. The covered gazebos were perfect for shade and the fenced area was huge! We all had a great time.

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worst dog park

Whoever designed this dog park obviously does not own any sort of pet. There is not enough shade not enough water and no grass. Why would you build a dog park with no grass? We need to do something to get a better space for our pets. You would be better off taking the dogs to the river to run around.

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New Dog Parks

There is a nice park in four hills on the left side heading east on Mars ave that could provide a very nice dog park with grass lots of shade and dog waste bags in place already.It would be very easy to convert a section of the park into a dog park.The south west side of the park already has a large rock wall and would only require three sides of chain link to be installed.It is visited by lots of people with dogs but legally dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.My late father took the dogs there every morning he tried to contact someone with city parks to convert just a small percent of the park into a dog park.Everything required for a dog friendly park is in place already but three sections of chain link fencing.I personally would contribute money and labor to get this rolling.Why spend 150k to make a dog park that is not very dog friendly when there are so many large parks in Las Cruces that could provide a small section with out causing any problems or inflated budgets.There is a need for more dog friendly areas in the city cause there are so many dogs and people in Las Cruces that would benifit.I know I am not the only one that would donate to this cause.Its still we the people we have a voice and if enough people speak we can get results.

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yes there is

jennifer you will see,not much here for our dogs,album in elpaso we went to day and our 2 dogs burned there paws from nothing but rocks/gravel to the point one couldnt hardly walk.but i would use your servises heck work for ya been here 3 years and no work.good luck with your move and let me klnow if you open anything.i will make the trip to lc.if need be....but i know alot here in ep that would use your facility if we had one..thanks ...upset dog owner

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dog park

Yes, Yes, & Yes...Unfortunatly this area does not have much to do for dogs. There is a few good trainers, but they mostly do protection & schutzen because the boarder patrol is big out here. I have only found one person that does the agility, and our personalities did not fit. There is a small dog area in El Paso at Album Park, but no one does any training there, it is mostly used just to let dogs run and the agility equipment that is there is not keept up. I have 2 weimaraners and would love to do something with them. They have both been through basic training, but they need something else to do.

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Dog park

We are moving from the Chicago area due to my husbands job. Up here I had a business doing dog swimming(therapy and fun) and agility. We are looking at land. I was also after seeing htese posts thinking of opening a "real dog park" complete with pool. Are there a need for these services?-thanks

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dog swimming pool

We are moving to Las Cruces and I did k9 hydrotherapy in Chicago. I am wondering if this is of interest in the Las Cruces area. Also anyone needing training I have trained 2 dogs for FEMA(which includes heavy obedience and search and rescue(9-11)

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Training my overgrown puppy

Any advice on a good obedience trainer for my dog (and me) in the Las Cruces area?

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Can anyone help?

I've read all the posts about this dog park. Can anyone tell me where the temporary dog park is? We are adopting a dog and meeting the foster parents in Las Cruces to make the transfer.....we need a dog park WITH GRASS for the new dog and our old dog to run around and get aquainted before the 6 hour drive back home! Thanks to anyone who can help!

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Very disappointing! Needs Grass, my dogs will not chase a ball because the gravel sticks to it. No shade except for two small areas where people and dogs sit to avoid walking on all that hot dry gravel.

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Grass would be nice but I'm hoping for LIGHTS

Now that the days are getting shorter and I don't get off work until 5PM I won't be able to go except for weekends. I saw a flier for a meeting of the committee last month but not until it was too late to attend. I want to become more involved. Anybody out there that can post a post number or an e-mail to let me know who to contact? I know that just voicing my opinion is not enough and that I need to get busy and do something to help.
ANSWER: Click here to see the local community dog park website.

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I agree

We need to get grass. My dog Rocky went there and it wasn't even as nice as the temporary dog park. We need grass and hopefully the city reads these reviews.

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Where did 250K go?

This park is mediocre at best. Let me start with the old temporary park: it had GRASS, poop bags, a fence, and enough room. Everything a dog needs. I believe the designer of the new park is not a dog owner because the new park has gravel....who in their right mind puts gravel in a dog park. I do believe we live in a desert so the gravel gets hot! My dog was playing with another and fell down, just playing, no harm from the other dog, but she got hurt because she slid on rocks and hard ground. They say there is "shade", yea, about a 10x10 and not even covering the water fountain. The small hill would be cool if there were grass. There is no excuse not to have grass. If they use the excuse that we live in a desert, look at the beautiful grass all around it in EVERY park nearby. And supposedly this park cost 150K, I want to know whose bank about 100K went into because it couldn't of cost more than 50K to build. If it really cost 150K, then we need a new project manager because their spending habits are horrible. PLEASE GET GRASS, FOR THE DOGS SAKE!!!

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Welcome to our New Dog Park!

We're so proud of our new park! Dogs of all sizes and shapes are welcome to come and romp. Please visit our website for more information, rules/regs, open times and so on!