Timber Creek Dog Park (at Slims Ranch)

Chews Landing Road and Somerdale Road
Gloucester, NJ
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Camden County
Days Closed:
Park Size:
9 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has drinking water, trees, benches, and trails.

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Jenny C's picture

Nice big park

4foot's picture
Best Park around

I've been taking my dogs to Timber Creek for the past year. I especially love the paths and the wooded areas. My dogs are so much calmer after a good run at this park.

While there will always be a dog or two that are not behaved, or just don't get along (as in any park), my experience has been great. I like that you are actively walking on a path. It tends to keep dogs busy so they're not milling about, posturing and getting into trouble.

My dogs love it, the people are nice and most dogs I've met have been well behaved. It's important at any park to understand your dog and general canine body language. If you can recognize an issue before it escalates, then you can be pro-active and change the direction you're walking, before trouble starts.

I don't like that people feel it's ok not to clean up after their dogs! I wish people would take better care of the places they enjoy!

Jenny C's picture
nice park

I personally like the park, we take my dog and walk around the paved trail with my bichon and my son in a stroller. People are nice always say hi and stop to talk. Just dislike the trashy people who go and litter and let there dogs poo in the middle of trails and not clean it

icebox88's picture

My border collie really enjoys the space and the other dogs and owners are usually friendly. But my dog had previously developed pink eye and just recently developed kennel cough from a dog that was in the park. As nice as the area is, I won't be taking my dog back there again

Jenny C's picture
this place doesn't get a star

So I've been going to this park for 8 months it used to be great. Now there's to many people that can't control their dogs. There are also aggressive dogs that bit my dog. My dog you can see in the pics will never go to this park again until some one does something with the and owners and bad dogs!