Freedom Park Off Leash Dog Area

Dogs playing water side - Medford Dog Park
Union Street
Medford, NJ
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Township of Medford
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Not Fenced
Other Notes:

This park is has a tree line and gates as natural boundaries but not fencing. Also has a creek for the dogs to play in (be sure to bring a towel), agility equipment, benches, and trails.

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Meford Dog Park Rocks

The Medford dog park is a 40 acre garden where dogs can go unleashed. There are always flowers blooming somewhere in the park, the fields are full of buttercups and the honeysuckles are so sweet smelling you think someone has a dryer sheet in their pocket.
Hope to see you there.

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wonderful park

This park is the best dog park by far and we have been to many. If your dog is trained properly then I gaurantee that your dog will have an amazing time. We started going there when our dog was just under a year old after she received all her shots. It is a great place to train them to listen while you walk the trails. There is so much open space, it is the best place in the world to expose them to water and swimming, with some areas being shallow and some deeper. I really enjoy watching the labs jump into the creek. Our dog did not take to the agility equipment but many do and it is another way to train them to listen. It is beautiful there all year around and the natural surroundings are lovely with park benches and dedication rocks throughout. I can t even imagine that anyone could complain about this park. My dog gets so excited when I approach Union street and sometimes cant be contained. I know that there are many people (volunteers mostly) that work very hard to keep this park Nice. We Thank you!'s picture
Freedom Barks Off Leash Dog Park, Medford

I don't own a dog, yet I visit this dog park daily throughout the year. Why, you ask? My customers rave and wag about this park. Some even start howling when we pull into the gravel parking lot off Gill Road. I am a pet sitter and dog walker, my furry clients rate this park 5 paws up! Most of my customers live close to this park and bring their people here daily to walk the trails and chat with their friends while they romp and wrestle and engage in games of chase with any dog that will follow them. We frequently find a lost ball to toss or that perfect stick to chase. The regulars bring treats and all the dogs know the tricks that will prompt the treat bags to open and yeld a tasty snack.
Bring a towel or ten, your pet will surely take a dip in the creek or run through a mudpuddle. It is just not a full park experience without a dip in the creek.

I would like to thank the group of dedicated volunteers that maintain the park day in and day out. These folks trim vines and remove fallen trees from the trails, paint the benches and agility equipment, spread mulch along the trails, build bridges and haul heavy trash cans to the nearest road for pick up.

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Great park!

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people do not control aggressive dogs

My dog was bit there and owner did not take responsibility. Was lucky it was not fatal. Horrible experience.

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Best park ever

As long as your dog listens to you, this enormous park will provide hours of entertainment for pet and owner. Dogs can swim, walk trails, or run full speed in the multiple open areas. They provide bags for poop, but it is always wise to bring a spare.

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Freedom Dog Park

We're year-round regulars at Freedom Park. It's not just a dog park. It's adjacent a skate park, basketball courts, sand volleyball pits, playground with pavilion, restrooms and charcoal grills, frisbee golf course and community garden. Acme, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts and Rita's are a stone's throw away as is charming Medford Village where there are wonderful shops and restaurants. Meford Township does a great job with regular grass cutting and mulching the muddy creek areas when necessary and there is even a spring volunteer clean up day. I've seen a few scraps here and there, but dog handlers are for the most part attentive and courteous. We're known to leave dropped sunglasses, leashes and keys on the fence for their owners to retrieve on their next visit. There is no separate small dog area so as a small dog owner, I decide for myself if the current pack dynamic in the main run area is safe for my dogs and I'll take them to another field if it's not. Although the park is not fenced, the main entrances are gated and the three main run areas are tree lined. There are bag dispensers at every entrance and are usually stocked. As for the poop, well there will always be those who don't clean up after their dogs so you will see piles here and there. There is a small agility course, a dog shaped suggestion mailbox and plexiglas covered bulletin board for notices. Take precautions for ticks and be aware that the back field has ground bees. There is plenty of parking with a short walk beyond the playground and through the frisbee course to get to the main gate. Dogs must be leashed in this area as on nice days there are plenty of small children in this area. Your dog will love it there!

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Best Park I have been in by far

Great park for your dog, especially if you have a medium to large breed. Gauranteed to tire your dog out. I went while stationed there all the time with my dog and he always had a blast. Every now and then there would be a few aggressive dogs and a few fights, but all people have to do is watch their dogs and correct them when necessary to prevent that. Three very large sections there, so your dog must listen to you and come when called or else it will be a miserable time for the owner. I have seen a few owners chase after their dogs because they took off and were having too much time. A must see location for anyone with a dog in the are.

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I'm sorry that I'm going to be so direct, but REALLY?! You went to a dog park and didn't expect to see dog poop everywhere? I agree, people should pick up after their dogs, it IS disgusting, but going to a dog park is not like going to a country club, there are no signs every few feet and dog poop will be everywhere, if you don't want that I suggest taking your Papillion to doggie day camp, INDOORS.

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Very nice park

I've been to a couple of different dog parks in the area. This is by far the biggest and nicest of all. It's very big and has a creek that dogs can swim in. I agree that they should have done a better job at fencing some of the entrances (I can think of at least 3 ways to get in). My only complaint is the area by the creek gets very muddy. I've almost slipped and fell one time and had wet muds all over my hands from that. And since dogs are allowed to run around in a huge area without boundaries, some of them get too aggressive. The owners are either not around or not doing anything to correct them. This is one main reason why I hate dog parks. To the reviewer that said they couldn't find it. I had a similar issue when I first went there but I was able to find the dog run myself just not the creek. There are always tons of people in that park, next time ask people. And you will have problem with dog poops in ANY dog park.

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My husband and my Papillon went on Sunday May 31st 09.
After reading all good stuff, we thought it was going to be great. We got there and no signs telling you where the "dog run" was. (If you never been there, you would be walking around looking where to go). A women was asking were the dog part was and we couldn†t help her either.
Every foot, they was dog poop everywhere! It was disgusting! Why not pick up after your dogs? We turned around and left. People who own animals should clean up after them. No matter where you are with them. We will never go there again. They should have dog patrol and give tickets out to owners who are so lazy to bend over or have the common courtesy to pick it the hec up! You ought to be ashamed if you where one that didn†t. BIG disappointment!

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great park

The park is not fenced by a fence but by a thick tree line. I own 6 dogs..that I take there and have never had a issue with them taking off out of the park. There are gates at the entrances so I honestly think the dogs just think its fenced. Plus any given day when I go there are anywhere from 50-100 other there is to much excitement inside to worry about getting out. There are several acres of land and many different when I say there are tons of dogs there please know that it isn't some little dog park. It is the best free dog park I can think of.