Sparks Marina Dog Park

Max Swimming
Sam and his new Buddy
300 Howard Drive
Sparks, NV
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City of Sparks
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Partially fenced.  This dog park has water access for the pooches, benches, and shade. Small dogs may be able to slip through the fencing.

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cwew's picture
My dog just escape

The park is beautiful. but my husky just escape the park by going in to water today. Look like those ducks outside the fence got him instrested. I had to chase him for about half hour, luckly it ran to the road, and a car stop and help me stop him. I will never let him off leash in this park again!

Archibald's picture
great stop for the long road trip

First, the actual pin is a bit off. The dog park is on the south end of the lake along the hwy. There is a nice parking lot and human bathrooms and a bike trail to the dog park. The fence isn't wrought iron (it may have been once) - the water's edge is perfect for a dog to enter and exit without getting muddy. This place is a must stop especially before crossing the desert on your way east!

barbie8181's picture
Sparks Marina Best Dog park

Love, love, love this Dog Park...I'm not sure who enjoys it the most the Dog or myself...Most all the dogs get along well, people are good about picking up after their dogs..My Sam goes home happy, tired and wet..You really need to bring your dog out and enjoy...As for the doggies getting out, it means the owners is not paying attention...Most dogs are so excited about being there, with all the running, swimming and new friends to make, their to tired to escape..

Shell5470's picture
Best dog park in the area

I disagree with both people who said that the fences in this park are inadequate. I live close to this park and take my dog there 3-4 times a week, I have yet to see a small dog slip through the fence. The fence goes several feet into the water and yes dogs can go around but most dog owners keep an eye on their pooches. There is lots of room for doggies to run and a long stretch of beach for them to play in the water. There are two sets of gates with poop bag dispensers at each one and two trash bins. It's a fun place for doggies to play and it is very safe and secure. I have never ever heard of a dog getting out of the park, getting through the fence that separates Hwy 80 from the Marina, and getting hit by a car. If a dog does it means his owner wasn't paying much attention and the dog doesn't listen well.

Morgan's picture
I don't agree with you sorry:)

I think this is a wonderful park to just let your dog off leash! Let your dog have fun! Dogs can't slip through the fences. Trust me. The fence goes about 6 feet into the water. This park is so fun your dog won want to escape and the whole park is very secure. The fence does get cut off in the water but your dog won't even notice and if it does it won't care because it can swim as far as it wants forward. I don't think it would want to swim out of the fence when it has all that water ahead of it! About the freeway issue no dog would even think about going into the freeway. Dogs are very intelligent creatures . So, I say stop being so uptight and just let them have fun! Thanks:)

kristenleigh7's picture
I Really Like This Park

I take my two giant breeds here as well as my dachshund and I have not once had a problem with them attempting to escape. My great dane loves to swim and there is plenty of room for him to do so without getting in anyone else's way. Its a large space with benches and a small amount of shade available if needed. It is well maintained and loads of fun. :) Highly recommended.

Visitor's picture
If you need a fenced park, I wouldn't recommend it!

I drive through Reno all the time with my 3 big dogs on our way to visit family in CA. I was excited to try this place so my dogs could run off some energy. Other people have mentioned that the fence is too wide for small dogs...but I think it's also important to note that it barely even makes it to the water! The fence continues horizontally while the ground slopes down at the water's edge. My 100lb dogs could walk right out. Additionally, the fence doesn't extend into the water more than a couple inches, so unless your dog is afraid of getting its toes wet, it can walk right around the fence. The park is also right on the freeway (scary with all the fence issues) and I couldn't find any bags inside the fence or on the trail to the park like the website says. Really disappointed, we wont be coming back.

Visitor's picture
Sparks Marina Dog Park

Nice park for large dogs, but the little ones can escape through the wrought iron fence