Silverado Ranch Dog Park

9855 S. Gillespie
Las Vegas, NV
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Clark County
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This park was renovated in 2003 and includes a separate area for small dogs under 30 pounds, benches, lights, trees, water spigots, and gravel ground cover.

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trauma7pdy's picture
All dirt

No grass at all :( Yes pits seem to be an issue sometimes but if the owner knows how to handle and has trained their dog there isn't an issue but that doesn't seem to be the case. Finally just started walking my dogs across the parking lot at the park. There is a large grass area and for the most part people don't mind when your dogs are playing off leash. However animal control has been known to have been called and come pass out tickets, so keep an eye out.

Sarah J's picture
Irresponsible Large Dog Owners

The large dog owners here have no regard for small dogs. My dog is hyper and if he irritates a small dog. . . no harm no foul - he's been bitten twice by very large dogs that have absolutely no business on the small dog side now I have huge vet bills because they either can't read or don't care. Animal Control does not patrol this park so you either have to make an issue of it with the dog owner yourself (recipe for disaster) or leave. There are tons of loose large dogs in the adjacent park and in the parking area. Where is animal control????

red's picture

New to the area and very excited to have so many dog parks. Live close to this one and all 3 times I was there had issues with pitbulls! Won't go back, love my dogs too much and take them to park to have fun and not have to fend off aggressive dogs!

BigD's picture

Some guy brought his Pitbull into the 35lb or smaller area and his dog killed a little dog the other day. I hope he gets sued big time. The sad thing is his Pit will get put down all because the owner is an idiot! My dog gets roughed up by Pits in that park all the time. Its a pain in the butt! Animal Control needs to watch the area!

Jenny C's picture
great dogs...not so great terrain

I really like this park for the regulars who come here. It's a great group. But one of my dogs is a fetch-player and when she runs too much here she ends up bleeding because there is absolutely no grass. It's a great park for a chill hang out.

Jenny C's picture
3 is pushing it

Its nice and open and easy access but it's all dirt and your dog will need a bath afterwards from all the dust! Hardly any trees for shade. Nice big runs tho.

Jenny C's picture
friendly dogs

The dog park itself is nothing to get excited about. It's got a dirt/gravel floor and some picnic tables. It was enough, however, to provide much needed exercise for our puppy on the way back from a road trip from California to Idaho. There were a lot of traditionally aggressive breeds, but all the dogs were friendly and well-behaved.

Visitor's picture

Nice park to different pens for Large 35 over and Small dogs 35LB and under. Unfortunately this dog park is all gravel. The small Dog area is very large so is the large dog area. There is a water supply for dogs in center hut with picnic benches WATER IS SLOW. Most people and dogs i have encountered are friendly (small dog owner). It does smell like urine- not sure what that is about perhaps because its gravel ?

Visitor's picture
A .M. Regular @ Silverado Ranch.

Nice Dogs and owners in the morning. All the dogs are almost fully in control. The problem is when strangers show up, and are aggressive. My dog was attacked here on January 23rd, 2010. She was a bloody mess. I rushed her to the Vet. The woman is now in hiding. Be careful here, but it is a really good park. One other problem for the morning group. The people at night seem to have a party, every day. Picnic tables with 50 cigarette butts on the ground, and dog poop everywhere. These are min or problems and can happen at any park. Wish Animal Control would monitor a bit better.

Visitor's picture
re; Beware

not all "bull" type dogs are aggressive. I'm sorry that happened to your pooch. There are alot of irresponsible dog owners ( of all breeds) and it may be that its not irresponsibility but the fact that the dog is not properly socialized. I currently am trying to re-socialize my Australian sheherd who has become rather uncontrolable. Its a long process.

Visitor's picture

where would you suggest someone who lives in silverado ranch go for a dog park? thanks =)

Visitor's picture
good looking park but beware

Park is very nice with large gated areas for your dog.Lot of pitbull owners where hanging out. People don't control thier dogs. My dog got humped by an American Bulldog named "Bones", when my dog tried to escape bones got super aggressive, I pulled my dog away and bones continued to attack. The owner finally pulled the dog of after my yelling to do so. No concern no apologhy. My dog was bleeding . I will never go back to this park because of the owners..."GETTO", no thanks!

Visitor's picture
Great park

What I like: I like this park because it has three different sections, not just one or two. And each section is large so the dogs have plenty of room to run around. The parks are dirt with some trees and rocks and picnic tables. There's water and some shade right outside the gates.

What I don't like: The fences are short - about 4 feet. So dogs who jump fences should go to another park. There's no grass.

Visitor's picture
Nice Park - dog runs not equipped with water.