Dos Escuelas Dog Park

Access off Desert Shadow Trail
Henderson, NV
Operating Hours:
6am - Midnight
Managed By:
City of Henderson
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes: This dog park has benches and drinking water (it may be turned off in the winter), and no separate small dog area.
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doggymama's picture
good then unpleasant

The park was spacious compared to most in vegas and the water was turned off for winter which is understandable but made all of the grass dry up. There were two dogs there when we arrived who were very nice and social but a little later there were some older people who came with their dogs. They were nice at first but one man in particular kept 'talking' to me about how he thought my dog was aggressive when his dog and another dog kept starting fights. He then tried to advise me to find another dog park which I responded that I was policing my dog and saw no problem with him learning how to socialize with other dogs. Overall it was ok but don't go around 4pm unless you want a bossy old man letting his dog terrorize others like he can do no harm.

Bella B's picture
Nice Dogs & People

This park is located off of Desert Shadow Trail, behind a school, which makes it hard to get to and from during parent drop off & pick up times.

As far as local dog parks go, I think this is one of the nicer ones. It felt bigger than most of the Henderson dog parks, probably because it doesn't have a small dog area. The dog park is located in a pretty little park with nice landscaping, lots of grass, and shaded walking areas. Also, Paseo Verde between Green Valley & Valle Verde is one of the nicest streets to walk your dog on. It has lots of grass and depending on the time of day, shade.

Unlike the previous reviewer, we've never had a problem with the water fountains, or the placement of the benches. Yes, there is a lot of dirt, but there is definitely still enough grass. We haven't found a dog park in this area without the same problem.

Visitor's picture
small, but nice

park only has 1 section. There is lots of grass, but it's all dried up and basically dirt now. There is a covered sitting area, but its far from the entrance gate. There is water fountain inside the gate, but it wasn't working when I was there.

The people are nice and all seem to know each other. Park is hard to find as it is behind the school.