Barkin' Basin Dog Park (at Wayne Bunker Park)

Alexander Road and Tenaya Way
Las Vegas, NV
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Las Vegas
Days Closed:
Park Size:
7.75 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened summer 2005. This dog park has 3 areas: one for small dogs, one for big dogs, and one that is resting. This park also has benches, lights, trees, drinking fountains and water spigots.

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bloopgun's picture
Generallyba very nice park.

Generallyba very nice park. Big nice seating for owners. Howver today bees were nested 6nder tree. But the tape was from the tree fence. Bees on othervsidecof tree not by fence. Owners. Were told not to bringbdogs if afraid they or their dogs might be bitten. Ok but on the other side of fence was a locked yard not in use. And could not be used. Sad. Park could not unlock unused yard until bee problem solved.

Babalonia's picture

This is a great dog park. The people are friendly and the dogs are very playful and happy, with no aggression shown towards other dogs or any of the people. The park has a nice big area for the big dogs and my dog had a fun time there.

Some people don't pick up after their dogs, which stinks, because if you want to walk the perimeter with your dog, you need to watch where you step. If your dog poops, go pick it up.

Jenny C's picture
Big park!

This is the best dog park we've been to since moving to Vegas. It's huge, has lights, and very clean. Also we haven't seen any dog or people fights like some other dog parks have.

Jenny C's picture

It's a great park!!! Drinking fountain for your pups and lots of grass!!! Few poops here and there but don't forget youre at a dog park :)

Greg Veire's picture
BIG park!!

If you like big parks to run your dogs this is a great park. Only this that sucks is there is not any lights.

Jenny C's picture
Best park in Vegas!

I've been to a lot of dog parks with my dogs and this is the best one so far. We usually go to the small dog side. I see all the reviews about dog poop and I have experienced it myself but it's not nearly as bad as the other dog parks. There is always going to be a few people who don't clean up after their dogs.

Jenny C's picture
great spot l

Great dog park
People were friendly and dogs were well behaved
Not much grass but it's Vegas
Highly Recommend!!

Jenny C's picture
good size park with plenty of people

This is a good size park, smaller than some but bigger than most. It's a popular place so there are always friendly people and dogs, more social than any of the other places. Lots of reviews about poop, so yup, if it's the poop you come here for, it's just like any other park. They rotate the big and small area between three fields to give the grass a chance to rest which is nice. Park in the little parking lot off Tenaya not the big one off Alexander. There is a skate park attached so vehicle vandalism is not uncommon.

Jenny C's picture
Great Park!

This park is a really great park on the weekends. The people are great and the park is relatively clean. I won't go on the weekdays at 3:00 any more. The people are horrible and some people hit your dogs when your dog gets close to theirs. My male dog got hit because he was trying to play with another dog. I went crazy because no one hits my babies. My dogs have been through enough (they are both abused rescue dogs)! They also don't pick up after their dogs on the weekdays. I go on the weekends and have to clean up so my dog doesn't step in it like she is prone to. I still love to take them on the weekends to this park but the weekdays I take then to the park in summerland. Those people are much nicer and they pick up after their dogs.

nativevegan's picture
Great park

Love this park. I don't understand why the 3rd park is "resting" though. Would be nice to have all 3 open. The third park could be used for medium sized dogs. Many of the "small" dogs are over the 25lb limit; however, they are too small to be safe in the large dog park.

buckmeister2's picture
nice big part, but...

There is a lot poop all over the place, both inside and outside the dog area. There are two very large women who bring several dogs, including a big TN walker hound that constantly bays, and an aussie. Both dogs are very nice and friendly, but these women do not pick up the poop. they sit and talk the whole time, seldom watching what their dogs do. Like I said, nice dogs, but the park just gets dirtier each time they show up, which is pretty much every day.

oakiebug's picture
barkin basin dog park

Nice park. Lots of room for doggies to run and play. Nice people, too. I just wish the two ladies with the golden retrievers would go to the large dog side. They are nice dogs, but too big and intimidating for the little ones. Plus, they don't have to be mean to hurt a little dog, just step on one would do it.

BonBonz's picture
My dogs love this dog park!

My two dogs and I go at least twice a week. We usually use the small dog run. It's huge and I like that you can see your dog from anywhere in the park. If you come across an unrully (sp?) dog, you can always move to another area since it is so big. It's usually clean since the majority of owners do pick up their dog poop. Like someone else mentioned, I wish it had lighting for evening use.

Visitor's picture
Be happy

Just be happy there is a park for our dogs to play! roll with the flow.

Visitor's picture
Not Taken Care of!

Went to the Puppy area and there was poop everywhere. Looks like the grass hasn't been watered and the grass wasn't cut.

Visitor's picture
Great Park

one of the largest parks its like three soccer fields. if you have a dog that loves to run this is the park for you.. just wish they had lights at night..

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Great Park!!

I'm new to the area also, a transplant from Oklahoma City. My only suggestion, was the watering area for the pups (or people for that matter) were only at the entrance. wish there were a few towards the back of the run aswell. Thanks for such a wonderful place for my puppy to run. Fully grassed is a definate plus!!!

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I really enjoyed this park

I really enjoyed this park until my dog had a head on collision with another dog and the owner took off right away to avoid any confrontation. My dog was fine, but it was still offensive for him to leave without checking on us.

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We just recently moved to

We just recently moved to this area and we have a great time at the park. Our large dog loves to run the "track", which is the fence that divides the small and large parks, chasing the small dogs up and down. I wish the park had lights too.

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Barkin' Basin

This is a great park for dogs. We have been going to this park since opening day. Lots of places for people to sit and lots of grassy play room for the dogs. Large and small dog areas are separate and there are drinking fountains for people and pets. The only real negative at this park is that there are no lights for evening use of the park.