Bark Park at Heritage Park

Racetrack Road & Burkholder Blvd.
Henderson, NV
Operating Hours:
6 am to Midnight
Park Size:
5 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area, trees, benches, lights, agility equipment, and drinking water, and a water play area.

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zenzinin's picture
Awesome! But too far for us :(

Can you say wow? It IS the best dog park I've been to in Las Vegas/Henderson. We came here just to check it out one day!

There are 4 sections; big dogs, small dogs, mix of both, and a water section for dogs to play. Love the water section even though it's small. This park is spacious, nicely decorated, has grass, has some training equipments at the mixed dogs area which my dog immediately played on, benches to sit on, friendly, has many water fountains, has restrooms for people!

NONE! Aside from a few flies that kept chasing me, but which park doesn't have their resident flies? Not sure if there are lights, but other reviews says there are.

I tried to find fault in this park, but found none. Some owners did look at us weird when we put Okami's water bucket down, and one owner even said "Enter_Dog's_name, that's dirty! Come here." That's understandable though. We were so used to a community sharing water bowl that owners bring at other dog parks. However, it's not acceptable here; not all owners appreciate it, so don't do it O_O! Bring a small bowl only for your dog instead.

justsitandwait's picture
Best dog park in the Vegas

Best dog park in the Vegas area. They are currently building bathrooms, and a water play area for the dogs. 3 cages. One for large dogs, one for small dogs, and another cage for a mix of the two.

Jenny C's picture
lots of space to run

My dogs love this park. They have lots of room to run and this park is really well maintained.

kate78's picture
love it

This is the best dog park in the las Vegas area. Nice park, nice people and great dogs.

Julian and Roscoe's picture
bark park

This is by far the best dog park i've ever seen! It's very large and landscaped with hilly areas and flat running spaces. There is a water fountain for the dogs and people and separate areas for large and small dogs. It's really a great place to socialize your dog!

sharice927's picture
The only issue is there is no

The only issue is there is no restroom for the adults (or kids). The play areas are large and the agility course is very cool. It's a very nice park.