Walnut Creek Park Off Leash Area

Bring a towels to dry yourself and pet off before getting back in the car/truck.
Turkey Rd off Schram
Papillion, NE
Operating Hours:
6am -10pm
Managed By:
City of Papillion
Days Closed:
Park Size:
2 acres
Type of Park:
Not Fenced
Other Notes:

Opened spring 2008. The dog off leash area is fenced on three sides and has a water border on the fourth side. This dog park includes a pond for swimming, drinking and rinsing water faucet, trees, and benches.

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DextersMom's picture
Dexter's Paradise

My bloodhound, Dexter, and I went to this park on a recommendation of a neighbor! He loves to swim, he loves to hunt! Like I said, it was paradise to him! He swam ALOT, he went "hunting" in the tall grass along the trails! Being almost 7 years old, he couldn't keep up with the younger dogs, but he gave it his best try! When you do go, don't wear white. The dogs shake, the mud flies! Will return next Saturday...great exercise for Dexter and myself!

Lhandrick's picture
This is Sparky's Favorite Park

This park has something for all seasons. When it's hot, there's water. In the winter, tall grass provides interest. The paths are wide, and the shared play area has both shade and benches.

If you're new to the dog park scene, there are plenty of pathways to choose away from the main water area. There are no cans, so please carry a bag with you to pack out trash and dog poo.

The mix of tall and short grasses, shade, water, trees, benches and long runways makes this Sparky's favorite of three parks we've visited in the Omaha, Sarpy county areas. See photos.

Nutmegwxchic's picture
Wonderful Park

My two large dogs love this park! Yes, it is a "Pack it in/out" park which means NO TRASH CANS. You have to take your pet's potty bags (which are provided, by the way) to a trash can outside the park. This is a policy for the entire park, not just the dog park portion.

Also, if you don't want your dog getting wet or muddy, this might not be the place for you. My dogs loved running through the mud and water!

Lastly, if you don't want your dogs to socialize with other dogs, this is also not the place for you. My two dogs have made many new friends here and get so excited when we turn the corner to the park to see who they may meet that day!

They have paths cut in the tall grass to allow the dogs to run around and not get bored. Mine even run through the tall grass! Though, I would make sure they are on some sort of flea or tick medicine as they are bad out there...as well as some mosquito spray for mom/dad!

We love this park and will continue to visit as often as we can!

Vox and Kaska's Mom's picture
Not for all breeds (Dogs or People Alike)

Though I've only awarded 3 stars this is our family's favorite park but as mentioned, it's not for everyone.

Cons: If you like socializing with fellow pet owners, this is not really the place. We've been a handful of times and we're often the only ones there. It's also for the outdoorsy type. Very muddy, very tall grasses, a lot of bugs (make sure to protect your four-legged family members with flea and tick repellant). The other negatives are the smelly pond, lack of trash cans and the fence does not enclose the perimeter. There are 4 ways to escape: both ends of the pond have a couple feet unfenced, across the pond is an escape route and through the gate if your dog is small enough.

Pros: On a positive note, there's a lot of fun activities for your dog. Mine love getting into the water and there's a nearby water pump to hose them off before going home. The grasses have entertained my pups for hours, running, sniffing and playing hide-&-seek with me. There’s a tree lined are if they want to stay in the shade. Also, as mentioned, it's not very popular, so you get to spend some quality time with your dogs instead of sitting on a bench and watching them from afar.

Hope a few improvements will be made (trash cans please!) but that doesn't discourage me from driving the 25 min it takes me to get there. Way more entertaining than Hefflinger.

mrnomis27's picture
This is a total change of

This is a total change of pace when compared to the Hefflinger Dog Park on Maple.

Upside: Our two dogs really enjoy getting in the water, so this was ideal for them. They were able to chase balls all day and get a good little workout while I lazily sat around tossing a ball.

Downside: Really muddy along the water. You have to just surrender yourself to getting super messy. There are no trash cans so if your dog poops, you get to take that treat home with you.

Really looking forward to going again.

mverhalen's picture
Our dog loved it!

Our dog loved romping through the tall grasses and sniffing around. The "beach" area was very muddy, so bring towels! Also wear cruddy shoes because apparently many people were too lazy to pick up after their dogs. There are no trash cans so you have to carry out your stinky trash.

This is unlike Hefflinger and Capehart dog parks. You can't really stay in one spot while your dog plays (unless it is near the water). It's more of a place to hike with your dog. I would recommend this area for dogs who will come when called. There are tall grasses throughout and I had trouble seeing Gracie at times until I called her to come back. Warning for small dog owners, there is a large red gate that a small dog could easily go through (it leads to the parking area).

From 370, take 96th, turn right on Schram, then turn right on Turkey. Just past the RV area, you will see the Off Leash Area on the left. If you turn left just after the Off Leash Area onto the dirt road, you will see a parking area and big red gate leading into park. Alternatively, you can pass by the Off Leash Area on Turkey Rd, and park just past it on the right. You have to walk less than 100 yards to the small gate entrance.

Visitor's picture
Not bad, but not the best

For a primitive park, this is what I expected. Lots of tall grass for the dog to play in and sniff around. What brought it down was the fact that owners are not cleaning up after their dogs. It's not like they are leaving it in the tall weeds, no, I'm talking about right at the entrance and along the cut paths. Maybe if they had signs with rules for the park and maybe a trash bin to put the waste in, people would be more inclined, but as it is a primitive park, you must pack out what you pack in.

When I took my dog, there were no other dogs around to play with, but he still had a good time sniffing and searching. By the time we were finished, his tongue was a foot long. I'd suggest packing your own water in unless you enjoy muddy paws. =)

Oh, and if you take the second left instead of the first, there is a parking lot right next to the gate. It is a dirt road, but you don't have to hike to the dog park.

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Park at the Primitive

Park at the Primitive camping area, first left after the main camping area. If you have a runner or a swimmer, consider before letting your dog run in this area. The fence is truely just three sides. Water is on the south side of this area.