Oak Lake Dog Park - Lincoln

Oak Lake Dog Park - Lincoln 1st St & Cornhusker Southeast corner
Large open area surrounded by trail
North 1st St entrance
southeast corner of N 1st and Cornhusker Hwy
Lincoln, NE
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Lincoln
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has benches (no shade). Be sure to bring water for your dog.

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Renatta Stevens's picture
Dog Parks in Lincoln Nebraska

This dog park is conveniently located at I-80 & Cornhusker, which would be nice for those of us who live in North Lincoln. However, this park is large but really offers nothing more then space.

Unlike Holmes Lake Dog Park, there are no mature & shady trees to rest under or streams & water areas for the dogs to play in. There is not much for seating if you get tired after playing with your dog. My husband & I have been there twice with our Dogs. The first time we were not very happy & left pretty quickly. We went back a second time several months later thinking it may have improved. This was not the case. There is broken glass everywhere & it is not a comfortable environment.

I suggest making the drive to Holmes Lake (Richman's Run) Dog Park if you want your lil' guys to have fun & come home tired.

Good Luck & Have Fun!!!

Jenny C's picture
ok but not great

It is one big open but fenced area. It would best suit bigger dogs because of this. Not many people go to this one so if you like that I would say go for it. Otherwise if you one your dog to socialize I say go to the other dog park.

BD Mayhem's picture
Big on size, small on courtesy

This is by far the largest dog park I've visited. A walk around the perimeter would take at least 15-20 minutes. And really, that's too big. If your dog does his business, it's going to be difficult to find it unless you follow him around waiting for it.

But there's a lot of poop laying around. I saw only one official bag station, and the only bag in it was already filled. Yep, someone picked up his dog's poop and put it in the bag holder. Disgusting.

There's no water that I could find, and the few benches are all open to the sun, which wasn't a problem in the 10 degree January weather, but in summer, that could be really annoying.

It is conveniently located near I-180 and Cornhusker Highway, so it's fine if you're traveling, but I wouldn't want to go there regularly.

2tuxedokats's picture
I agree

I agree with the post from 10/11/2009. They've used hog wire to fence it which is okay if you have a big dog but my 12 lb terri-dox would walk right through it and be gone. He doesn't care about how much area is inside and the park is HUGE but a stop I doubt that I'll be stoping again unless we need a potty stop.

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Ok park - it's huge and the

Ok park - it's huge and the parking is off the road. It's perfect for those traveling on I-80 to jump off - run your dogs - and get back onto the interstate quickly if you are just passing through. There are places to sit which is nice. No shelter or water. Location on the southeast corner of 1st and Cornhusker Hwy on the north side of the river/lake area.