Jewell Dog Park - Bellevue

Franklin St
Bellevue, NE
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City of Bellevue
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This dog park has a separate small dog area, benches, and shade.  Be sure to bring water for your pet. This is Bellevue's second dog park.

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Separate Areas for Small and Large Dogs

Take Mission in Bellevue, Turn Left (North) on Main. Stay on Main well past the cemetery. Just keep going. Just after you see Jefferson Circle on right, look to your left to find the dog park and parking lot which looks like a fenced sports field.

What I think many will like about this dog park is that there is a separate area for large and small dogs. There's also lots of walking trail if you want to combine your trip with a leashed walk outside the park. It's a lovely area. There are few places to sit in the dog park itself, and no trees in the enclosed area...just grass. This is more of a social dog park. Sparky is bored when no other dogs are there to play, because a grassy field alone doesn't provide much interest. Consider the Capehart Dog park or Walnut Creek dog parks as alternatives - both are within 15 min. driving distance of Jewell Park.

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I just moved here from

I just moved here from western Nebraska and am used to taking my now 4 month old puppy to be socialized at puppy parks. So far we have had so-so results here at jewel park. I've noticed a lot less friendly people and owners that need trained on how to train their a single mother of 2 I often bring my boys along...and have encountered more child aggressive dogs than I've ever met anywhere if you have children it would be smart to find a sitter. Also if you go after a huge snow and things are melting it would be wise to bring rain boots!

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A great find!

We were impressed with the new dog park. There were only a couple other people coming and going as we were there. There are 2 picnic tables within one of the fenced areas (one in a shaded area and one in a sunny area). There's a large dog area and small dog area. Each has a double fenced entrance to keep dogs from sneaking through when others are coming/leaving the area. Our Schnauzers had a blast running around. The place looked mowed and pretty well kept except for a few poo piles from owners not picking up after their pets. There are poop bags and trash cans provided as well as an extra picnic table outside the fenced areas. We will definitely be back often!

We did not notice any broken gates as reported by a previous user. They must have been fixed recently.

Directions: From Mission, head NORTH on Main St. Go 1.2 miles and the park is on the left.

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Pretty nice

We have now been to the park a handful of times and for the most part very much enjoyed ourselves. I have outlined below a few issues we have had as well as compliments.

1) It is hard to find, forget mapquest or Google. Unless you are very familiar with Bellevue's neighborhoods you will be searching a while until you are lucky enough to finally come across it.
2) Some dogs and their owners have no business being there and do not know how to control themselves or their dogs. The last time we went we eventually had to leave the first section and go play by ourselves in the 2nd section because a teenage girl showed up with 5 dogs (none were leashed or had collars) that were so aggressive we not only feared for our dogs but for ourselves. She had no idea how to control them and frankly didn't seem to care. She mumbled something about one of the dogs owners was a lawyer and is cooped up all day. Frankly, I was very angry and left before I yelled at her or someone got hurt.
3) Not very well lit once the sun starts to set
4) the 2nd gate is almost broken and some of the other owners dogs almost got out. We have no idea who to contact about that unfortunately

1) Nicely maintained and clean
2) quiet and peaceful area
3) they provide doggie doodoo bags and garbage cans
4) most dogs and their owners have been a total blast and a joy to be around. There of course is always an exception :)

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As a regular dog park visitor, I am so happy that this facility is now open. However, I am concerned that it is not being kept up very well. Already the gates have been broken and right now the grass is ankle high. Picking up after your dog is twice as hard with the high grass and it also breeds insects. Also, there is very little shade in the park. It's not an issue now, but in the summer there will be competition for the shade provided by the picnic tables, for sure. Quit cutting down the trees surrounding the park! The rumor that the current enclosure will be divided into small and large dog areas? It's barely big enough now for the larger breeds to get a good run in.

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OK, but nothing special

It's a shame that the park didn't extend farther into the rougher terrain to give the dogs shade and more exciting areas to explore. For a small dog park with poop bags provided, there were quite a few piles that had not been picked up by previous visitors.

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Pretty Nice

Just took our dogs there today, nice size area. Pretty muddy by the entrance/exit but the rest of the field was nice and dry. Very friendly dogs and owners. Must bring own water for dogs, no faucets or restrooms. they did supply poop bags and trash cans. Nice park.

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North on Main from Mission. Past the cemetary and College Heights. Road winds a bit from here. (maybe a 1/2 mile from College Heights sign)? On your left, large parking area.

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currently one area

The area that is currently fenced will become the small dog area. There is a six foot fence around this area with a double gate entry. We visited yesterday and had fun in the snow. Lots of are in the park to walk with your pup on the leash too. I did not see water or restrooms from my vantage point. Are facilities available?