Hefflinger Dog Park - Omaha

Maple St
Omaha, NE
Operating Hours:
Dawn to Dusk
Managed By:
City of Omaha
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes: This park has a separate small dog area (dogs must be under 30lb) and drinking water. This park gets muddy so things to remember are boots and towels. Omaha Dog Park Advocates help maintain this park and have regular quarterly meetings.
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hsprinkel75's picture
I am very sick of this

I am very sick of this behavior there. Wish we could do more. Lots of those types look at me as if i am crazy dog lady.

WaltersOwner86's picture
Hefflinger is aight.

Coming from the Twin Cities, I know how dog parks are supposed to be: full of acreage, wooded, and lots of trails. Therefore Hefflinger is not a dog park, it is merely a large fenced in off-lease area where "regular" dogs go to socialize with other dogs and get exercise. There is nothing to mentally stimulate dogs out there. My large dog is older and doesn't really like to play so we break the law and walk off leash further south on big papio trail where we can walk by the creek and he can run in the woods and explore. Besides, we always have that area to ourselves. When I utilize Hefflinger, I walk in one loop around, scoop my poop and roll out in about 10 minutes to go get an actual walk in with my dog. People mostly stand around, and the dogs create a large pack which ends up being very intimidating to new dogs coming in. Although there are clean bags EVERYWHERE, 40-60% of owners still choose not to scoop their dog's poop. If you like to walk in and stand, and your dog is playful enough to stay occupied, then this place is perfect for you. However, if you enjoy walking around in nature, listening to trickling water/ bird sounds, watching your dog playfully run and explore the woods then you'll find this place to be purely utility and only frequent it once a month.

marley101's picture
Mean dogs

I like the park and most of the dog owners are responsible, but there are some dog owners who let their dogs play aggressively and hurt other dogs without stopping them. This happened just this week. I said something to the owner so that she would stop her dog and she responded "sorry my dog loves to have something fluffy in his mouth. My dog was hurt so bad this last time, we will not be back.

huskymom02's picture
Love it!

I love this park! It is much better than the other park in Omaha. The people were much nicer, as we're the dogs. You of course always get those couple bad people and dogs..so it's expected. But this couple had the two NASTIEST dogs I have ever met! They were on their phone the whole time while their small terrier mutt was starting fights with every dog that came near it.

My dogs had such a good time over all though! I don't agree with letting intact animals in though. While this male was very friendly, most intact males aren't. I think that rule needs to be reviewed.

Overall though, amazing park. I didn't see a lot of poop which is always a good thing, and my dogs LOVED the running space!! The water bowls set out is also a very nice touch! I love that the parking isn't by a busy street and there is a lot of space so you aren't door to door like most dog parks.

My own major problem is that since it doesn't technically have an address, if you aren't from
Omaha it is VERY hard to find.

Jenny C's picture
Great park

First time going there and we have small dogs that never get along with other dogs well. But after a min our dogs loved it, I must say park was very clean and had grass. But yes it is up to owners to clean up after pet that's it. Great job Omaha loved it

Bette K's picture
Hefflinger Dog Park

What a wonderful dog park! Thank you Omaha for providing an enjoyable park for our two little King Charles Spaniels and their humans when we visit Omaha. It was so nice to have a safe place to let them play!

happy go lucky's picture

We frequent Hefflinger with our schnauzer - she absolutely loves running around and socializing. I would have to agree, it is up to each one who utilizes the park to take care of it. We can all work together to pick up the trash, and pick up and throw away the poo. As with anything else, when we all work together in a community, it can stay a nice place. I agree the people are friendly. And we love the water fountains - its a great touch in the summer for the dogs. Its a good place, and we're thankful to those who helped make this possible for city dogs to run and exercise off leash. Thanks to all who contributed!

Visitor's picture
Thank you Volunteers

The park is wonderful. I just wish it was closer to us (We live downtown.) The one thing I love about it is it is separate and apart from the Nebraska Humane Society. I view them as power and money hungry and don't trust them, are afraid of them. I wish to thank all the volunteers who created this park, a lot of hard work and I'm sure they feel unappreciated at times. When I go I usually take a couple extra bags and pick up piles of poop not belonging to us -- er, the family dogs. I give this park a four star rating (four out of four)!

Visitor's picture
Overall an ok park. Nothing

Overall an ok park. Nothing special, but nice parking lot off the road and nice entrance into the dog park itself. There was a family that brought an extremely aggressive dog after dark as we were leaving. Hopefully that was an oddity. I would return there when visiting Omaha.

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The park depends on you.

The Heffllinger Dog Park is run by volunteer groups only. There is not a cleanup crew (this is you) and you will not see park police because it is up to the public and calls to the Humane society to keep people/dogs in check. If you see anyone breaking the rules that are posted or doing something you find inappropriate or unsafe you should not be afraid to speak up. The park holds monthly meetings at the library on 90th and Dodge at 6pm on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. They also do a couple fund raisers for the park each year and this money goes directly back into to park amenities. More information can be found through the following link http://www.omahadogpark.org/.

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Hefflinger Dog Park

I have used both the all-dog side (Great Dane) and the small-dog side (FIVE dachshunds!). Just an FYI that the park is a defunct series of baseball fields. The all-dog side is two complete fields. The small-dog side is one complete field (for size reference) It is disheartening that one person has one bad day there and gives the park one star. An uncollared dog and poop put into the wrong bin. This is not the norm! Plus, the poop bags are a collection of recycled bags and it does kinda look like it could be the trash. I cant make excuses for the poop on the ground, but, sometimes we dont always see our dogs "go". It is a very social place and you always end up chatting with other dog owners. The mud problem is better since they wood-chipped the entrances. The other problem areas are fenced off with plastic snow-fencing to keep dogs out. My only caution would be to the all-dog people. Yes, this means that your little dog is welcome...but a puppy was killed there by a big dog two summers ago. If that tiny little dog had been on the little dog side...I'm sure he would still be alive today. Not that I'm making excuses for the big dog, but, there are very good reasons why the little dogs have their own area and THIS IS IT!

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Great Park

My husband and I take our small 30 pound dog there on a weekly basis. I have no complaints about the small dog area. The people are nice and the dogs are all pretty friendly. The small dog area is very large and my dog really has a great time just chasing the other dogs. We will return.

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Intact Dogs & Dog Poop

All dog area (haven't been to the small dog area). The park allows "intact" dogs (i.e. dogs that have not been spayed/neutered). Recently one male tried to mount my spayed female. The male had NO COLLAR on & when the owner finally did put the collar on there were no tags - a clear violation of the rules! Plus, the owner could not control her dog and made the comment that her husband was the only one who could control the dog! The park is filled with dog poop, which is a health issue. Someone even put a dirtly bag full of poop in with the clean bags! Too many irresponsible owners! We won't be back or support the park until something is done. :(