Chalco Hills Recreation Area Off Leash Area

unincorporated Sarpy County
Omaha, NE
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Papio Missouri River Natural Resources District
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Not Fenced
Other Notes:

Confirmed off leash area. It is fenced on one side.

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hsprinkel75's picture

I too am curious to the changes. I started taking my great dane here when i am on my own due to the lack of responsible owners at hefflinger and hanscom. Wish moere people were up for dog play here, but its all in give and take. Noce place to take a walkbwith your dog and let them investigate nature.

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Changes to dog park

A significant number of trees have been removed from the park leaving it kind of barren. I'm wondering what the plan is for the area.

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Dog Area

A great place to take dogs! I would not have found it without directions from a previous review.

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Dog Exercise Area

This is an AWESOME dog area. So awesome I thought about not writing a review so it could remain my little secrete. I personally hate taking my dog to the dog park where all the humans just stand in a clump, with the dogs around them. I want to exercise WITH my dog. This is not completely fenced in, so it's definitely not for you if your dog doesn't listen off leash. It is in the middle of a few roads, so again, if your dog won't listen to you above all else, don't go to this park. It is labelled at the entrance, but if you walk the path north of the soccer fields, you can also access it that way.

It's tall grass with a mowed path to walk on. So again, not for you if you worry about your dog getting dirty or full of bugs. My dog loves to sniff around and "hunt" and he was in doggie heaven. We spent probably an hour hiking around and it was fantastic. I can't wait to go back.

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Leash Free Area

Turn into the main entrance off Giles Road. Make the first left (east)and drive past the park managers house. Drive approximately one half mile and turn left (north) on gravel road. 300-400 feet ahead you will see a restroom shed on west side of the parking area and a gate on the east side with a sign "Dog Exercise Area" and it's leash free.

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Why call it a dog park?

I recently visited this park for the first time. I entered via the Giles entrance to the north. I only saw parking lots in th north west. On the walking trail around the lake, every so many yards warned that dogs must remain on leash. I read signs that were posted and nothing indicated an off leash area. I spoke to a frequent visitor who had a dog (which he just locked up in his truck to go bike riding). He said there was only the walking trail and dogs couldn't go off leash. It's a beautiful place and they seem to have pleanty of space for fenced in dog park. In my way of thinking, any park you can take a leashed dog could be called dog park if this place can. If they have an area reserved for off leash they sure are hiding it. For now I'll stick with Hefflinger Park.

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Looks like the dog area is on the Northeast side of the park

According to this map, it looks like the dog area is on the Northeast side of the park.

EDITOR COMMENT: This map is from 2002 and we do not know if it is current. Please let us know if you have been to this dog park recently and tell us about the location. Thanks.

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I was told by a park worker that the off-leash part was on the south side of Hwy 370, but in the parking lot there is a big "Leash Law enforced" sign up, so I'm guessing that's not true. Would love to know if there really is an off-leash area.

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Really really wish this was

Really really wish this was fenced. This is ideal for those traveling through Omaha. Easy to find with the proper directions given in previous comment.

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Further Directions

You ultimately want to be in the parking lot below the dam but on the West side of it. The dam is at the north part of the lake. Giles Road turn on 154th St. into the park. You may need to turn left onto another street once you are in the park.

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I have heard this promoted on the radio by the Humane Society and spent an hour around the lake asking everyone I could where this area is. No one could help me.