Quail Ridge Dog Park - Wentzville

Game on!
Pawpaw Drive off of Quail Ridge Pkwy
Wentzville, MO
Operating Hours:
Dawn - Dusk
Managed By:
St. Charles County (636) 949-7535
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area, shade structure, benches, and drinking water in the warmer months. Be sure to bring water for your dog in the winter months.

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Taylorrrr13's picture

I want to take my dog here i can't figure out how to get there. Someone help. I've been there before but i don't remember how to get there. I can't even find an address for the place.

pugmomma's picture
Not a safe place

I am a frequent dog park visitor and have tried a few relatively near my house, although I normally try to avoid Quail Ridge. Almost every time that I have visited Quail Ridge, a scuffle breaks out among the dogs due to the lack of attention so many people pay to their own dogs. The last time I went I saw a dog get its face slashed by another dog. I decided to give the park another chance today which I now know was an incredibly stupid decision. I watched a dog get attacked and while it was dying, the owner of the attacking dog left. When I left the park, a woman told me that a couple of weeks ago a dog was attacked and ended up with a great deal of damage to one of its' muscles. I have never seen or heard of so many occurrences like this happening at any of the other nearby parks. I will never return to Quail Ridge again.

Mpoole78's picture
Dog killed at park today

Also in regards to my previous post. If anyone knows the man that was at the park today with the large black Great Dane that simply left after his dog killed someone else's dog please contact the authorities.

Mpoole78's picture
Dog killed at park today.

Today I took my dog to this park for the first time. I was excited when I got there to see the size of the park and the number of dogs out to play because it was such a nice day. After being there just a few minutes a very nasty fight broke out. It took several large men to pull the dogs apart and unfortunately a dog was left dead. I can't explain the effect this had on me today I am crying again as I type this. I can't imagine the grief and pain this is causing for the family that lost their beloved pet today. My heart broke for the man as he laid on the ground with his gravely injured dog trying everything he could to save the dogs life. I don't know after today if I will ever be able to bring my dog to another dog park. I can't bear the thought of her precious life being cut short because of another careless pet owner. If you take your pet in public please be aware of it's behavior and please stay home if you have an aggressive dog. Thank god my dog was not involved or injured as well as my sister who was just arriving with her new baby puppy today was their first ever visit to a dog park and thank god she was running late.

3dognight's picture

I loved the place, it is soooooo easy to have fun a Quail Ridge. The dog park was welcoming.

stlree's picture
What a great place for dogs

I have recently moved out to this area and was thrilled to find a dog park so close by. This park is great, so my dog thinks, as well as I do. My dog is in 7th heaven in this park. She runs like there is no tomorrow. The people there are very friendly as well as their canine companions. I highly recommend this park.

chocolatluver89's picture
good for the passing traveller

We didn't have any problems and enjoyed our visit as we passed through. The shade structure was a nice relief for people and dogs from the sun. Although there wasn't an issue during our visit, I definitely noticed that people seem to go there to socialize with each other and don't pay much attention to what their dog is up to.

Tim Ueltzen's picture
Nice park

This is a very busy park. Our dog always has good time and we have never had a problem with other dogs hurting her.

jessylp87's picture
not a fun experience...well more than once

When I first came to this park with my puppy English bulldog (at the time she was 5 months old)...I thought it'd be a nice safe place to play for her. There are signs everywhere that say if u have an aggressive dog to not bring them in the park. I wasn't there for 10 minutes and then a siberian husky grabbed my puppy by the neck and threw her around like a hot potato and wouldn't let her get back up. Just kept bouncing her and throwing her. When I finally got my puppy the husky then jumped on me trying to get to her. The huskys owners just stood and watched and didn't make an attempt to even stop him. They left when their dog ran back. And then the next time I went, a pit bull bit my dog in the face 5 times because my dog was trying to get a drink of water that I brought and the pit bull was drinking out of the water I brought my dog and snarled and bit at her for my puppy trying to drink out of HER WATER. That owner even gave me attitude about it even though her dog was in the wrong. Ridiculous. Don't bring ur dog to a fog park if u know they're aggressive. simple.

Jessica Wollberg's picture
not the best in the area

When I first started bringing my two Aussies here about 5 years ago, this place was great. But it's gone downhill the past few years. It seems owners come to socialize among each other and don't pay attention to or clean up after their dogs as much as I'd like. The place was absolutely filthy littered with dog poop last time I was there. I prefer going to Broemmelsiek now as the area is larger, less crowded, and cleaner. It does, however, have separate large and small dog areas, which other dog parks in the area don't offer, and now has a covered area for shade.

Will Davis's picture
LOVE this Entire Park!

I have been coming to this Dog park since the begining of spring 2011. Very big, BIG dog area and a nice little area for the little pups. I believe there is only 1 tree in the dog area but there is a Nice sized Covered sittin area for People to sit and dogs to catch a drink and shade. Maybe six good sized benches, 3 Seperate, double gated entrances and a place to get water for your pups incase you forgot. (which you shouldnt!) I like to take my Beagle/Lab mix and my BOXER in there first to socialize and take out some energy and then its nice to get some excersize for myself on the beautiful trails and prairies. nice paved paths, some are just natural paths. I would recommend this Park to anyone with a friendly dog. Mean dogs need to go on the paths with a leash in my personal opinion. Otherwise its like taking an elderly man to a 5 year olds Bday party. Its NOT fun for them or others. Hope this helps you!

Jenny C's picture
Nice Park

Plenty of room to run. No mature trees for shade but okay sized covered sitting area. But it can get crowded with dogs and people seeking shade. Handicapped entrance only has one gate and it is right at the covered area so really need to watch dogs when this gate is open - as it leads to the main park road.

Mackelpine's picture
I visited this park last week

I visited this park last week to exercise my dog during our long road trip across the states (thus I am not a local). The park was set way off the main road, but we found it alright. There was no one else at the park when we were there, but I found the grounds to be beautiful! Looks like water is available during the warmer months (it was still turned off when we were there), lots of grass/not muddy, there were only a few neglected poo piles, and the park had the nicest pit toilets I have ever been to! (No stink at all) This dog park is a gem but if I lived nearby, I would likely find it inconvenient to frequent as its location seems to be out of the way.

linglewoman's picture
Large Dog Park

We were quite surprised there was a dog park nearby. A neighbor told us about it. So we took our chocolate lab there for the first time as he is very friendly and loves other dogs.
To our amazement though the first & only time we take him there he is accosted by a mean boxer dog.
If your dog is not friendly with other dogs why would you bring them to a doggie park???????????????????????????

Brilar's picture
Small Dogs Need Their Own Area

You try having a small dog who is scared of large dogs sometime and see if you think one or two classes is all they need. Not all dogs come as puppies, and not all puppies are curable with just a little socialization. Yes, small dog areas are very necessary! Maybe large dog areas too!

An area where the playmates are the same size is a much better way to help them become comfortable than just throwing them into a pin with bouncing heavy weights. Lots of short, good experiences are far likely better than the "throwing them into the water" approach. Spending the entire time under the owner's feet is a lousy way to spend quality time at the dogpark!

Visitor's picture
Phone number?

What phone number do I call to find out if Quail Ridge park is open?
EDITOR COMMENT: Managed By: St. Charles County (636)-949-7535

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Its good for the little dogs

Its good for the little dogs and big dogs to learn how to play with each other. The Humane society has great classes which allow big puppies and small puppies to learn how to play with each other. Sometimes all is required is for a little dog to have something to stand under or near to feel secure, and be allowed by the owners to "tell off" a big dog. Dogs bark, owners need to be OK with this!

Visitor's picture
Quail Ridge Dog Park

The big dog area is spacious with a covered pavilion (sitting area) in the center. Lots of room for the big guys to run and have fun.
The separate small dog area was super-tiny with no bench, chair, tree, bush or any other amenity (for dog or human). The grass in the small dog area was so long that our little one stumbled and tripped and ended up walking on the worn path alongside the fence which was only fun for a few minutes. On the random day of our visit, several bigger dogs were in the tiny small dog area because the big dog area was getting too crowded and some of the dogs too rough. This translated to our Chihuahua immediately getting pushed around by multiple 40+ pound dogs which defeats the point of having a small dog area - so this was not a positive experience for our little dog at all. Our search for a nice "small dog" facility continues...