Woodview Open Space Off Leash Dog Area

481 Larpenteur Ave
near Tamarack Park
Roseville, MN
Operating Hours:
Sunrise to sunset. Small dog hours: Tuesday 6-7, Thursday 5-6, Saturday 10-11, and Sunday 1-2 (no big dogs during these hours)
Managed By:
County of Ramsey
Days Closed:
Big dogs are not allowed during small dog hours
Park Size:
4 acres
Type of Park:
Not Fenced
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog hours.  This area has a pond and mud.  This dog park is not fully fenced; it should not be confused with the Arlington Dog Park that is fully fenced nearby. 

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Paul Miller's picture
Park for regular dogs is NOT completely fenced

We visited this park on Sunday, 10/2/11. Our dog is 40lbs, so we used the regular dog park. Despite signs to the contrary, it is NOT completely fenced. Our dog explored ahead, staying in audio range, parallel to Larpenteur Avenue. While there is a treed rise that borders the road, after about a quarter mile there is NO FENCE. When we walked up the rise after her, we were shocked to find that she had ran across 4 lanes of Larpenteur Avenue to an apartment complex across the street! Needless to say, we will not be going back.

hampshiregrenadier's picture
Big dog area NOT fenced

So you go down the trail a bit and there IS a gate but it is a fence 'along' the trail, NOT surrounding the entire space. Great if you don't have a runner; beware the stretch along Larpenteur is wide open. In the winter it is excellent for going out on the frozen pond; others say it's a mudpit next to the swampy pond. I have a greyhound so it was rolling the dice today; unfortunately I won't go here again in the likelihood she'd see something to chase and that'd be the end of it. Some reviews I have seen have confused this with Arlington, which IS entirely fenced.

Rileypup's picture
Not Safe

The dog park has two areas, a small dog area right in front and a lower area for larger dogs. While playing with the pups someone broke into my car and stole my purse. The parking lot is on a busy street and right infront of the small dog area, yet no one saw or heard that they bothered sharing. The purse was hidden in the back seat, the police said that its quite common, save yourself the headache and go somewhere else with your dog.

lynnz52's picture

There's other reasons to not bring treats to the dog park.. ex. My dog will sit at your feet and beg and then not play with the other dogs. If you gotta bring them, you gotta, but be prepared to share because my little guy's puppy eyes are irresistible. :)

CastIron's picture

It's normal and reasonable to bring treats for your dog. It's all but necessary to go through a gate. If you think that such normal and unprovoking activity constitutes a reason for a dog to become aggressive, then perhaps a dog park is not a good place for you or for your dog.

lynnz52's picture

The fenced in areas were small, and there weren't very many dogs in either area. We still had a good time.

Visitor's picture
we are willing to drive this far because

we can count on our dog having someone to play with and we have had all good experiences here.

Visitor's picture
Small dog hours

The smaller fenced area is open to all dogs, except for the small dog hours(35 lbs. or less.) The park is limited to only small dogs on Tuesday 6-7, Thursday 5-6, Saturday 10-11, and Sunday 1-2. Sometimes, especially Saturdays you can have 30 to 40 small dogs having a good time during small dog hour.

Visitor's picture
Good for the little guys

Brought our puppy to the park. Although small dogs were not the only ones in the small dog area our experience was great. From my personal experience a dog fight can occur anywhere, the sidewalk or a dog park. The important this is to be aware but by all means do not stop socializing your dog. Sometimes the lack of socialization with one dog is what leads to a 'fight'. Small dog time at the park is Tuesdays 6-7pm and Saturday from 10-11am.

donnylutz's picture
I really like this park!

It's not the biggest, but it's well kept and I've always found cute dogs for my guy to play with.

As far as agressive dogs, don't stop coming to this park because of it. What happened to your dog (very horrible) can happen at any dog park. It's so sad when people stop bringing their dogs to the parks because of rare instances like this. It means less nice dogs for my nice dog to play with!

Visitor's picture

In my experience dogs fight for 2 main reasons, and usually in this order, first, a dog commming through the gate, second, treats (please leave them in the car). There are other reasons dog don't get along but I have seen those the most.

Visitor's picture
Aggressive Boston Terrier

I had walked up the trail from Victoria with my family and my 6 month old Standard Poodle. Started into the lower dog park and a Boston terrier attacked my poodle. Very aggressive! the worse I have seen at any of the dog parks with any dogs! Then the Rottie that was there became quite interested in my dog as well but did not attack him. The Boston terrier was grabbed by two children. No adult would take resposibility for the dog. A woman that was there when we walked up said that he just needed to sniff my dog and he would be ok. NO.. he attacked my dog as we were waiking in the gate. Biting him viciously and quickly on his underside. Terrifed my dog, tried to escape but the Boston would not let go. What is the matter with some PEOPLE!! I wished I would have called the police but the children holding the dog were maybe 8 and 10 yrs old. The couple of adults that were there said he had been fine with their dogs. Sorry no excuse.. my pup had done nothing but try to get into the park. I have been to the upper park a couple of times when he was younger and for the most part things were always fine. Only once before at the larger dog park and there was some questionable behavior by a couple of dogs then. A shame, closest to my home but not great experiences.

Visitor's picture
Great Park!

Our puggle loves this park. We go there with a friend who has a Shepard and use the smaller area and always meet the nicest people and dogs. I have never had any problems at all. It's a great park to go to!

Visitor's picture
A pretty nice park

There are two fenced parks here; one above and one down below on a path. The upper (smaller), fenced park is mainly for smaller dogs while the larger one below is mainly for larger ones. Owners do need to do a better job at picking up after their dog and watching it so they don't hurt smaller dogs but for the most part it's a pretty decent place to let your dog run without worry.