Rice Creek North Regional Dog Park

Lexington Ave
Lexington, MN
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Ramsey County
Days Closed:
Portable Restroom
Park Size:
13 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

New fencing in Fall 2010.  The pond is fenced separately from the dog park, so dogs can swim if there owners allow them to.  The park has a path and drinking water (no separate small dog area).

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Mollee___'s picture
Love it !

The new parking lot is very nice closer to the park & tons of more parking spaces for when it does get busy & having the drinking fountain for both you & your dog is very convenient for those hot days when the water you bring is just not enough. The people & dogs there are great I have not ran into any issues! Love how big the park is & the pond is nice when it's not super muddy otherwise bring a towel or keep your dog out or they will be covered head to toe! It's always the busiest after 6 (on nice week days) and varies on the weekends!

Chiowner536's picture
Horrible Experience

We went on a sunday, lots of BIG dogs and disrespectful owners. This is a dangerous place for LITTLE dogs. Our dog was attacked by some larger dogs and the owners acted like it was no big deal. I would highly discourage small dogs to go there. Its a great place for BIG dogs.

OLDA User's picture
Rice Creek

There is access to the pond, from inside the park.
The park is 13 acres - completely fenced in, with a 1/2 mile walking loop. Two double gate entrances, plus one emergency gate in the "back 40". The pond is fenced in with a separate entrance... it's the owners choice to let their dog(s) go into the pond. It's a great park with little conflict. If you plan on visiting, bring a gallon of water to share.

Jenny C's picture
best dog park around!!!

This dog park is huge!! Completely fenced and GREAT for sport dog training. I was able to take my black lab there and lock myself in the pond area to do waterfowl training with no disturbance and also able to let him run with tons of dogs that are always there. Only downside to the park is on a nice day the parking lot fills up from so many people.

dlbahr's picture
Dog Park

This park is fenced in and there is no access to a pond. It has large open field with a circular track and 2 two gate entrances and 1 Large gate entrance. The gates are just off a black top trail for walkers and bikers. The times to go were their are other dogs does vary, but 9:30AM, and 6PM are goodtimes for week days and weekends can really vary.

leopold12's picture

It is a nice park with large path around the outside. Last time I was there it looked like they may be putting a fence up. The most dogs I have seen there at a time is 3, and I have tried serveral different times of day, maybe I just havent found the right time. Does anyone know when its busy? I go because I want my dog to socialize and obviously thats hard to do when no one is there.

Visitor's picture
great park

this is a great park! its open all year. the no fence is nice for owners that have obedient dogs and will come at a moments notice. but is also nice for owners training their pups to be off leash. our ACD rescue did amazing for never being to obedience school.

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My dogs love this park

Don't let the non-fenced scare you away from this park. It is set back and away from any danger. It has a large pond for swimming, nice place for dogs to cool off. Huge walking trail so us humans can excersize too, one time aroung is about 1/3 mile. This is a fairly large park.