Locke Dog Park

Bring Water
Been busier on Sundays of late.
New Park w/a greeter
450 71st Avenue NE
Fridley, MN
Operating Hours:
Dawn - Dusk
Managed By:
Anoka County
Days Closed:
Park Size:
1.5 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has trees, mulch ground cover, and benches.  Be sure to bring water for your dog.

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murphy's picture
All depends on when you go

We went during the weekday and had a lovely time - nice people, great dogs = happy mutt.

We went on the weekend and there too many dogs in such a small space. There were also issues with particular owners bringing known agressive dogs (and then keeping them on a leash so they were even more defensive). The dogs were exhibiting pack behavior and any dog running was seen as prey. Not a good situation for a dog that just wants to run and chase the ball.

jw_dog's picture
Great Park

We love taking our dogs here, never really had an issue with the people and it's a huge open space. Not a big fan of the wood chips, but other than that, dogs love it there. Plus we like to walk the dogs on the trails too once in awhile.

Nikachan's picture
New park

It's a work in progress but has potential.

Chip's picture

It looks like the new park is open. Just a few finishing touches on it. Hopefully see you out there soon. The new park is just down from the old one was about 4 hundred yards. Has a big parking lot next to it and you can't miss the park.

BuckyBoy's picture
Great park!

Awesome park, Great people and dogs.

JackieMayaPooh's picture
Looking forward to checking out the park!

I have three dogs (2 Golden mixes and an Australian Shepherd mix) who I plan on bringing to the dog park as soon as we have decent weather (will that EVER happen?). They've all had several vacations at Camp Bow Wow where they played with other dogs all day so I'm sure they'll have a blast at the dog park.

Chip's picture
Cass and Cletus

Sorry to hear that about Luke. Well see each other soon, I'm usally there about 3 to 3:30. This week will be different since the weather but hopefully will see you guys soon.

bphynn's picture
Cassie and Cletus

Was there a couple of times this spring. Didn't see you there. Luke has a hard time getting around. Brought him one time and had to help him get back in the car.

Chip's picture

Cool Jackie, the park is really wet now but in 2 weeks will probably be better. Will be nice to see all the people and dogs who hibernate come out this spring.

jackiem's picture
Its that time again

Hey Chip,
Baxter and I will be at the park very soon to start out the pug season. Hope everyone is well.

Chip's picture
Cassie and Cletus

Where have you been? Come soon!

Puppy Love's picture
Tried it and hated it

I went to this park for the first time with my young dog and did not enjoy it. Too many big dogs, and way too small. Its dirty because it's all wood chips. No grass, no big open spaces. Definitly will not be back. I would rather travel to one that has open space with grass for my dog to run.
Plus the other owners were somewhat snobby, and unfriendly, and clicky.
Did not make my experience, or my dogs enjoyable.

Nikachan's picture
The south gate

And a thank you to Nikki's owner for coming in with a Paul Bunyan size crowbar and freeing the south gate from being frozen to the ground so folks can use it.

Nikachan's picture
That said.

I did thank those gents who acted as goalies while the inner gate was down, but I thank them again.

"Thank you" are 2 magic words. "Please" making the trifecta.

Seem to have gone out of fashion. That's too bad.

Nikachan's picture
You're Welcome


I think I prefer dogs.

Chip's picture

Even with the heavy snow and such the parking lot is plowed and the gate is dug out so you can get in. Be careful and make sure the back gate is shut as someone has not been shutting it and your dog may wonder out of the park.

bphynn's picture
Chip and Yukon.

By the way, Yukon is the good looking one. Cassie, Cletus and the Lukester go up less frequently, but try to get there as much as possible. Great park. Chip a great guy to talk to.

Chip's picture
Hey just to let the people

Hey just to let the people who don't already know my name it is Chip and my dog is Yukon. We usually know each other by the dogs. I try to get to the park everyday and even if it's your first time or 10th say hi since we are friendly peope and easy to take to.
Also don't let the snow and cold get you down most poeple are there year round.

Tonkasampaco's picture
Is anyone on FB?

I Love going to the park, but would rather go when there are people to chat with and dogs for tonka to play with. Is anyone on FB, it seems it would be easier to check in that way!!! Friend me if you are! Thanks all, Beth Daas (Tonka, Sam, Paco and Marcus' mom)

EDITOR COMMENT: We provide free groups on the right side of the page. About the fourth green box down there is an area to start a group or join a group. This allows people to start forums and plan play times or clean up times for the park. They are working well for other dog parks.

Nikachan's picture
That's good.


gemma and nala's picture
great day

brought my two dogs gemma and nala there for the first time yesterday. they had a blast, even my old dog gemma. she is not even sociable and she enjoyed herself. my young dog ran herself silly and basically slept til morning. great place, nice people, friendly dogs. going to make it anual every week, weather permitting of course.

Nikachan's picture

Woof, woof, woof, wooooof!!!

Missing the park already. I pulled something in my back leg last Saturday running around like a crazy girl and having a great time playing with my pup buds.

Bruce said I need to play it low for awhile. Rats. He said maybe 2 weeks. What's a week? Aspirin is helping.

Anyway, it's sure a nice park with a nice woods and I miss it alot. All the folks who scratch me. And I love looking for squirrels and miss my buds. No leash!!!!

Hope to see you all soon.

Nikachan's picture
It's a wide world

Hey, Chevygal. Glad you got the park to work for you. Different times do seem to bring different crowds. And of course different dogs. The park is open to all.

Some just don't get along. People and dogs.

Like public transit.

After having been between positions for awhile, me and pup tended to go mid-afternoons, and got to know a certain set of people - and my pup got to know a set of dogs. She only really plays with certain dogs.

Upon returning to work in the spring, at first I would come home and take her to the park about 6. There was no one there I knew nor dogs my pup knew. So she mainly was ready to leave quickly. So mainly have just been going there on the weekends. Tho went there yesterday about 3 and no one around - it was dang hot so likely others had better sense than me. heh.

I would say that park is large enuf that if you find a person or a dog annoying, there are other places to go in the park. Just walk away.

A reminder to all, please bring ample water, esp these days. But year round really - dogs get thristy even in January. A milk bottle size is at least how much to bring. Better to bring too much than too little.

Chevygal83's picture
Nice park, with a few exceptions

I brought my dog up there for the first time a couple of weeks ago and have been back just about every day. The fenced park is large enough for large dogs to run around but small enough to not have to worry about your dog getting too far away. Half of the park is open and the other half is wooded. Plenty of shade. There are a couple of picnic tables to sit at and put your water jugs on, but keep food out! There is a gate in the rear that leads to some nice trails around the creek, which can be a nice escape if other dogs/owners are too much.

The first few days I brought my dog up in the late afternoon, but have now settled into early evening. The evening crowd seems a lot nicer and less clicky (yes, there can be drama even at the dog park it seems). There is one owner I ran into that almost made me never go back, but I decided to switch times instead. This guy came off as God's gift to dog parks, and was just generally creepy towards me and a couple of the other women up there. Plus I noticed he'd be nice to peoples face, but the moment they left he'd start talking bad about them their dogs (complaining that peoples dogs had the nerve to actually bark at a dog park). But, I just switched times and everything is fine. If he's there when I show up I either take my dog for a walk or go to the other end of the park (the dog park is big enough, lol).

Other than this guy and a couple of other less questionable owners, the only other beef I have is that it doesn't seem like all the owners clean up after their dogs or themselves for that matter . . . but its not bad at all. Just a few piles of unattended-to poop and a few left-behind water bottles and such.

Nikachan's picture

"Also I brought my new rescue Gus today and he was barking at a woman there, I felt bad and kinda freaked out cuz he isn't like that but I wont be bringing him back for a while so no worries."

Barking at the dog park? No worry.

Gus deserves a 2nd chance - don't we all? Heh.

Some people deserve to be barked at. ;)

Walking into a fenced in area and being unleashed amongst a bunch of unknown dogs who are sniffing you all over and unknown people could be overwhelming for some.

Took my dog a month to start to figure it out.

DodgersMom's picture
New to the park

I have gone 3 times now in the last week and I live in CR and often go there but I do like this park better. VERY friendly people and not big drains like at CR where the standing water gets bad etc. I brought my husky/cattle dog mix Patch all 3x so far, he loves it. I have also brought my husky/shephard Dodger who loves it too but he does play kinda bullyish with all the barking and herding. I do my best to watch them very well. Also I brought my new rescue Gus today and he was barking at a woman there, I felt bad and kinda freaked out cuz he isn't like that but I wont be bringing him back for a while so no worries. I am gonna be posting pictures and also on facebook I have a page and group for "Minnesota dog parks" so check them out. Thanks

dukeman's picture

The park is looking good with wood chips that have arrived!!!!!!!!!! Good park, just need to keep picking up the poop and garbage on the ground.

Mikaela's picture
how mushy is it?

I was thinking of heading over on a walk there with Rosie since the snow has melted, and its close to the apartment, but I was wondering how mucky or sloppy the mud would be.. if that's the case. I assume most, if not all of the wood chips take care of that issue, but I wanted to ask and save myself the trouble of the two mile walk before I bother. :P

Tabs on my car still haven't been renewed... mailed them in, no word since. -__-

Chip's picture
Dog Walk

Thank you to Micah for making the Locke Paw team page for the Animal Humane Society dog walk on May 1st. The link in the post below did not work and this is the link to join or to donate to our team.
Thank you.
[email protected]


Visitor's picture
Attacked today

Second time at this park with a 5-month standard poodle. First time was pretty good except for a lab that kept pinning her by the neck. This time was good with all the dogs, lots of friendly play. Then a woman came with a lab that ran full speed to my pup (who was playing with other dogs and was not looking at the new dog) and began to aggressively attack her. We all ran to the group and a man pulled my dog away from the lab. She was really screaming during the attack. Her head was covered with saliva but no obvious damage. The woman said the lab didn't like small dogs or puppies. I won't take the chance again and will stick to dog play with dogs I know at their homes. Too bad, was a nice location and close to home.

Visitor's picture
Walk for Animals

Join the Locke Park - Walk for Animals team

Team - Locke Paw

Step up for animals!

Micah and Samantha will be participating in the 2010 Animal Humane Society's annual Walk for Animals. With five Twin Cities locations, they care for nearly 40,000 animals in need each year.

Our team 'Locke Paw' has a goal of raising $1,000.

This year, the need is as great as it has ever been. Animals also suffer the effects of tough times and this is exactly the time when our commitment must be at its strongest. These animals rely on your support and anything you can give to help me reach my goal will make a big difference in their lives.

This is a short walk that goes miles and miles and miles for animals ? animals that absolutely need us and love us absolutely.

Please support me - and the animals - with a donation by selecting the "Support Me" button above the thermometer or "Make a Gift" below the thermometer. Our efforts will help make a big difference!

Thank you!


Visitor's picture
Nice, Will Return

Sake and I had a great time there today, very friendly owners and pets. The area was nice, accept for there was a lot of doggy do-do laying around. Owners, please be sure to pick up after your pet!
Next time I will probably bring a tennis ball for Sake to play with while we are there.

Visitor's picture

This park doesn't require any special permit or license except for that your be licensed in the city you live in. In some cities you don't have to license your dog. In the 2 1/2 years I have been there I have only seen the police or park patrol check license's twice.

Cassiebud08's picture
We can not wait for our

We can not wait for our first time! Maybe tomorrow.

Visitor's picture

Thanks guys that helped a lot! Im sure we will be down. No for this park you do not need a license or anything?

Visitor's picture

The times where there are the most dogs are during the week from 3ish to 5:30ish and on the weekends from 2 to 5. Bring Penny down, she'll fit right in.

Visitor's picture
New comers

The biggest thing for new timers and well just everyone in genral would to NOT bring treats or toys from home other than a tennis ball or frisbee. About 3/4 of the arguements dogs get into is over a treat or toy from home. Other than that just relax, your dog will feed off your energy so if you are nervous more than likely your dog will be also. This park has alot of regulars who go day after day at the same times and they know how to spot danger signs so put your faith in them as you will learn the same signs after time. No one up there intentially will allow there dog to fight, if a dog gets out of control people usually will just take their dog out and leave or give it a time out. Dogs can and do sometimes play hard so keep that in mind, the dogs will tell you when to hard is to much. I can understand your apprehention as I had it the first time but after 20 minutes of seeing how my dog acted and talking to people that were there my nervousness subsided and it was a good day. Talking to the people is one reason we go, I get to talk to new people and the dog gets to play with other dogs, don't be afraid to say "hi, this is my first time". Most everyone at the park are very friendly talkative people. So to recap, treats are not a good idea or toys from home other than tennis balls and frisbee's. Be calm and show your dog you are having a good time and it will have fun also. And last but not least bring a bag to pick up your dogs poop and throw it away in the blue garbage can in the parking lot. We try our best to keep the park clean, mostly with success but there are people out there who think they don't have to pick it up.

Visitor's picture
First timers!

My irish setter and I thinking about trying out a dog park for the first time. Any pointers for new comers? I just want to know anything I need to know so I dont make other owners upset for any reason. Penny (my setter) is my first dog (I had a dog growing up but Penny is mine) So I am still new at this whole raising a dog thing. Any pointers would be awesome. Thanks!

Nikachan's picture

The City of Fridley does a good job of plowing the road in.

Nikachan's picture

The 1st 15 minutes are the worst. Keep breathing.

Visitor's picture
Good Time

Our fist time at the park was great, I didn't see any aggresive dogs, just dogs who wanted to play and alot of dogs. The park could be alittle cleaner but I guess the regulars try there best to keep it picked up even though it isn't there job. We will be back!

Visitor's picture
First time at the park , was

First time at the park , was not too happy .. was hoping for a better time... felt like the dogs were to agressive and the owners were not paying attention

Visitor's picture
fleas & ticks

We had a huge issue with fleas for MONTHS, and still continue to with Rosalie. We had to flea bomb the house, spray the carpets, frontlined/capstar/washed her, and still they came back. Turns out this cycle of fleas has now become immune to the Frontline. A few generations later, we'll probably go back to using it but for now we're trading off to using a cheaper brand (20 bucks for three month supply.) Anyways, we've gone with a different product that kills eggs/adult fleas/larvae/ticks and mosquitoes. FINALLY, those buggers dropped dead in a few hours off her, like they were originally supposed to with Frontline all along.

Nikachan's picture

Found a wood tick on Nika, Tuesday night. Slightly engorged. Maybe a week on her. Right in her dense mutton chops. Used a water-based tick spray, and shot it point blank. Gone the next day.

Ticks in December? Never did Frontline (or another brand of flea/tick prevention) her after October in the past. New paradigm. Even fleas - which is normally a spring thing - may be introduced by new dogs I suppose. But ticks aren't much dog transferred. Must be the squirrels. We hates squirrels.

Nikachan's picture

Rosie isn't much a bully that I have seen. Sweet girl. Pushy at times, but no bully. Don't want a wimpy dog, yes? The park allows more socialization than most dogs will ever get with people and dogs. Which is a good thing. This hjas made my girl a better dog holistically. That said, she would be nearly as good a pup if we had never gone there at all. She played poorly w/others at 1st. But she never had to. She could have lived her life with never having been to a dog-park and still be a cutie.

I never expect dogs to stand around like cows. Their normal interaction that I have seen is very heart-warming. Some flashing of teeth, but no bites much. It interesting how many dogs have a personality shift at the park. At home my dog is often very barky. Even when people show up she's seen many times she will bark at them. And the more they try to engage her, the longer she barks. But she's pretty easy with people at the park. Often goes looking for some petting. Never has barked at a person. Only occasionally at squirrels. She hates squirrels.

Mikaela's picture
I can agree with the comment

I can agree with the comment above. I bring my dog who has herding instincts and generally seems to enjoy being the playground bully (though I do try my best to keep her in check) but at home, she's a completely different, very sweet dog. On walks, she's even good with dogs...which I don't get, but oh well. She seems to enjoy her foster cat playmates more than dog playmates, which I will never understand...but as long as she's not terrorizing them too much I won't question her species confusion. :)

Anyways, my point being was that I still bring her to the park and people are nice enough to help me either recognize & notify me of her naughtiness, or correct her behavior most of the time.

Nikachan's picture
What to expect

Had someone w/dog new show up at the park today. After about 10 minutes of too much attention from the other dogs, the dog's owner said she should maybe leave. The usual suspects convinced her too ride it out. After a 1/2 hr all was well.

She later confided her dog had never been much around other dogs. Neither had mine until I took her to the park. Unless you take them where there are other dogs, they won't be.

My 1st dog, a beagle, I got when I was 4, mostly never ever had to be 'social' to other dogs for his entire life. Only when hunting, and all were focused by task then. No pleasantries. That said, some folks have been bummed when their dog doesn't 'play well' with other dogs. That's silly. Dogs haven't been breed to interact with other dogs. Dogs have been breed to interact with us humans. Other than sled-dogs.

If they bark too much or bite too much at other dogs, we should be somewhat patient. New turf for them. We've bred them for centuries to be sweet to us, protect us, and not their own kind. Unless they are sled-dogs.

This dog-socializing thing may well not be for all dogs. You should consider that. But give it some time. Don't be disappointed at your pup if it doesn't work out. There is little need for dogs to 'play well' with other dogs. Practically. The reaction to other dogs is the very least valuation I would use to judge a dog. So long as they are sweet to their masters is all that counts. Most dogs never deal with other dogs. For decades. Except in such parks. Which is a new thing mostly.

If they don't play well with other dogs, so what? Does not diminish their value as companion to a human.

Nikachan's picture
Heh, yes mem, boys will be

Heh, yes mem, boys will be boys. More so 10 & 12. Short of actual committing a crime consider yourself lucky. That said, I would advise any youth that running is ill-advised around trackers who are much faster than they are. Many dogs were bred to run down prey. Other than terriers and such who were bred to dig out prey.

The boys (and girls) should know that running may invite some dogs to chase them. Have seen it. Maybe get a nip - as a coup. Running is not really a healthy thing around a bunch of dogs. But it is a runnable park area. A great trail right next to it. I like running down the back path. And having dogs buzz by me. But I weigh more than most dogs. All dogs really.

Glad you like the place.

memingwa's picture
Good Park-Good People

I've been going to this park for almost a year. People are friendly, & the dogs are awesome. I've seen breeds that I either haven't ever seen or haven't seen many of. Most dogs interact with the people, but it's plain to see that the dogs came to see the other dogs! Once in a while, a couple of dogs get into it, though generally it's peaceful. When there is a fight, owners are right there to handle their dogs. Most folks do clean up after their dogs. Some don't. (Shame on you, you slacker!) Rather than rant & rave, now I just try to just accept it & pick up a pile when I see it. My pet peeve is the hanging poop bag! I just don't understand why... the smell of hanging poop curing in the sun is awful. Many people forget it; some may just be inconsiderate. Many of the folks here will pick up others' poop. After all, we don't want to step in it. I like it when I don't see my dog going & someone lets me know! Cuts down on the piles if owners don't see their dog go. I have never seen any dog park where there aren't a few slackers.
I like that most of the people who come there genuinely love dogs--not just their own, but all dogs. Also, most people there are friendly & respectful. As long as you pull your weight & are pleasant, you'll enjoy this park. I wish it were a little fancier, but the county's budget is very tight. Maybe some day, some of us can raise funds & make some improvements.
I rated it 4 stars because it needs a coat of woodchips--has needed it for a while. County, get some of those folks assigned community service to spread 'em around.
I'm glad to see kids come. I agree that parents need to take responsibility for their kids. When I bring kids, if they're whiny or disruptive, I cut my visit short & I don't bring them back for a while. Many parents can't pay a babysitter to come to the park. It's good for kids to be exposed to different dogs. Helps teach them how to behave appropriately with dogs. When I brought a couple, 10 yr & 12 yr boys, they ran around in the woods a lot. I explained to them that they could get run over or hurt by the dogs if they kept getting in their way. They assured me they could handle it. I pointed out that if they got hurt, it would be because of their behavior & they'd have to suck it up!
Enough, see ya' at the park. Oh, and bring your owner--they need to get out too.

Chip's picture
Nov. 1

Tomorrow it's suppose to be in the 50's so hopefully we will see many of you out there.