Bloomington Dog Park

Fridley, Clarabelle and a friend at the pond.
111th St
between Nesbitt and Hampshire Ave
Bloomington, MN
Operating Hours:
Days Closed:
Free, but dogs must be licensed in thier hometown
Park Size:
25 acres
Type of Park:
Not Fenced
Other Notes:

No fence on the north side. This dog park has a pond, grass, a walking path, drinking water and trees (no separate small dog area).  There are two areas at the dog park but one is not designated for small dogs. A special rule at this park is that all dog owners must keep the leash in hand at all times as required by the city.

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arodgers76's picture
dogs do get out now in the winter more frequently

i've spoken with one of the guys from the factory cross the way and they don't like it when someone dog come on there property ,,, pass the word along

arodgers76's picture
its a great park but the fence only goes so far

its a great park but if your dog likes to wonder keep a close eye cause there's no fence on the north side of the park. it's opened to the warehouses. i know cause my dog got picked up and hauled to the pound!!

Emma777's picture
Great park!

Great large space with walking path around the park. Lots of trees and open areas too. Pond can get a little gross, and would be nice if it was fenced off so it was a choice! Usually lots of super friendly big dogs here, attentive owners, great atmosphere. Parking lot rough in winter, had to get pushed out several times.

mobile_user's picture

Open area of tall, thick weeds.
No grass. Very nasty pond.

Benefit of large area, however.

Overall... skip it.

egganc's picture
Excellent Park!

It's a bit of a drive, but when I want a real outing with my dogs this is a great space. I happen to love the pond (I have water dogs), but for those who don't want their dogs to get wet there is still plenty of space to play -- they won't even know it's an option. Nice walking paths, has open space and wooded space. Good job, Bloomington!

Piedog's picture
Nice for a bit of a hike!

This park is a nice one to visit, because you can get a bit of a hike around the perimeter and my dogs get much more running and exercising when I'm on the move. It's a nice mix of small groves of trees, open meadow and a woods with a pond for dogs who like water. When I first visited - many years ago - it was not fully fenced. Now the fence is complete, and so it's pretty secure as long as you don't have a jumper.

AngieS's picture
Nice Park but...

I've only been to this park a few times and my dog LOVES it. My only concern is that on the discription it says there is a separate small dog area but I saw a few small dogs running around the main park. It's only a concern because I'm still leary of my dogs reactions to small quick dogs. She is ALL over them and the main reason I went to this park was because it said there is a seperate area.

lynnz52's picture
Great Park

I have only been here once, but my dog had a great time. There is a sitting area, a good sized pond, and plenty of bags and water bowls. The owners are very responsible and friendly. Don't feel you have to apologize for your dog shaking water on me, this is for the dogs and we expect to get a little dirty. : )

mnbrewer's picture
Nice Park

I Live very close to this park and It is one of the best. It has a nice trail all the way around. In the middle there is plenty of grass to play fetch so bring your chuck it! There are two ponds in this dog park that are very popular with the water dogs. The entire area is fenced in or has natural breaks to prevent your dog from getting loose. Most people pick up their poop but it seems to be getting worse. If you go please pick up your dogs droppings. The only thing I don't like about this park is that its basically a field. No woods or anything like that.

burger8's picture
This park is fenced in all

This park is fenced in all the way around. There is a small pond for your dog to swim in and a nice, long walking path around the park.There is a TON of space for you and your dog to play fetch or there is a another small fenced in area for small dogs.There are bags and trashcans to pick up after your dogs. My dogs love this park and I hope you enjoy!