Otter Lake Regional Dog Park

Otter Lake Rd
White Bear, MN
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Ramsey County
Days Closed:
Portable Restroom
Park Size:
10 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened Fall 2004. Lots of dirt trails, woods, and open spaces. Park also has separate area for small dogs, drinking water, benches, and picnic tables.

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Jenny C's picture
Nice Shady Dog Park In a Beautiful Forrest!

Awesome dog park! We met 2 folks who work on keeping it nice. And they have much to be proud of. This park is large -- four + acres with hills and woodie trails and benches and picnic tables. There are 2 parts -- areas for big and small dogs. The water was at the bottom of the hill as you enter. This was a real treat for our rescue dog who has only lived in the high desert. There were many new smells and experiences in the woods. I would rate this lovely park 5 stars if it had a bench near the entrance or in the lovely valley with the water spigot. I had back surgery and am not yet ready for up and down trails. There were many users but you didn't see them because of the woods. We were there at noon but in the evening bug repellent will be required!!!! Easy to find -- very near I-35. If you have extra bags being them and add them to the post boxes throughout this gem of a dog park!

murphy's picture
Fun park - could be muddy if wet

Had a good time with the dog at this park - lots of good hills, woods and open spaces for him to get a workout. I would not bring a dog here that is hard to catch - you'd never find them again! lol There are two possible issues with this park - there are a lot of dirt trails that could become muddy/slippery if its wet out and the fence is only about 4.5/5 feet. If my dog wanted to, he could totally clear it. Fortunately, its much more intersting to be inside!

JillM's picture
Wood Chip Provider

Who is the tree guy that provides the wood chips? I used him before for my trees that needed trimming but I've lost his contact info. He did a great job and I'd like to use him again.
I miss this awesome park but my Shepherd just got too protective towards some of the dogs.

lynnz52's picture
Pretty Nice Park

We've been here only once but it was a good time. My dog is little bit of a sugar butt (he gets mounted a lot), so we had a nice random dog friend follow us around the whole time. Don't worry, neither myself or my dog is offended, we try to discourage it only because some people find it embarrassing, and other dogs mind it more than mine.

We would come more often, but the park is just a little too far of a drive for me.

Alldog's picture
Just a bit frightening

Hi Everyone! I am going to be new to visiting the dog park this year. I have a Great Pyrenees, a pekingese and a chinese crested.

Sully is the Pyr and I would love to bring him to the park a couple of times a week if possible. He LOVES other animals, but he is a bit of a pouncer. What I mean is...He jumps around like a bucking bronco when he is playing. He is not trying to harm anyone. Just super excited. Other dogs seem to be intimidated by him and attack him frequently. He takes it in stride.

Just wanted to give you an idea of who we are. Going to try the park today.

Farmall45b's picture
Wood Chip Spreading Sat. 10/30/10

We will be spreading wood chips on Saturday morning 10/30/10 and could use all the helpers we can get. Feel free to stop by for a little while or all morning.

Farmall45b's picture
aggressive dogs, smoking, poop pickup, crowds, ect.

daisysmom, many of the problems that you state in your post can be dealt with directly between users at the park when they occur. It is Ramsey County policy that there is no smoking in park areas where children are present. We have found that the more signage at the park the less effective it is. When you see someone smoking, not picking up after there dog or just acting inappropriately, please politely ask them to not smoke, pickup, control their dog ect. Your point about not walking your dog on a leash inside the park is a very good one. Mixing leashed and unleashed dogs in the same space is not a good idea. As daisysmom stated, owners are responsible for the actions of their dog (i.e. vet bills from their dog attacking another). If you have any issues with another user at the park, please contact the Ramsey County Sheriff by dialing 911 or calling the non emergency number posted at the park.

daisysmom's picture
aggressive dogs, smoking, poop pickup, crowds, etc.

1.) Need a "no smoking in Ramsey County parks" sign.
2.) Smokers shouldn't toss their stinky butts on the ground any more than irresponsible dog owners should get away with leaving what comes out of their dogs' stinky butts on the ground.
3.) The vast majority of people & dogs there are GREAT, but I've also seen some bad ones. If your dog is an aggressive jerk, and you think "he's just playing" but the poor animals he's relentlessly "playing" with do not appear to be enjoying it & having fun, and are just trying to get away from him, be humble, understanding and polite, put your animal on a leash and LEAVE before someone, canine or human, gets hurt! (and you get stuck w/ the vet bill, if you need that for an incentive.) You can still walk your dog ... on a leash in your neighborhood or at a regular park. Please don't bring it to the off-leash dog park.
4.) This park is GREAT if you can get there weekdays before 3 or 4 p.m. Otherwise it's gotten too crowded. (for my liking, anyway.)

huckleberry's picture
Deer Hunting

Otter Lake Dog Park will be closed Oct.22-24 & Nov. 12-14, 2010 for deer hunting.

carlsonjess's picture
Missing collar

Tanner lost his collar today. Please be on the look out for it. It is black and it has a blue bone-shaped name tag. You can call the number on the tag or 651-341-6444. It could be anywhere in the park or even outside the fenced area. He got tangled with my other dog outside the park so I let him loose to untangle the leashes and left him off his leash until we went into the park due to him staying close and listening well.

carlsonjess's picture
Tick Removal

I found this great page about tick removal. If you are unsure about the correct way to remove, check it out.

Jans2dogz's picture
Dog attack

After many,many fun visits to the dog park, there was an incident on Sunday, April 18 at 3:15 p.m.
My schauzer X cross attacked by another larger dog, and while at first I thought my dog was okay, it turns out she was injured and required two stitches, etc. She is on pain meds and antibiotics and suffered much bruising and swelling.
If anyone else who was there at the time and witnessed this attack, and might know who the owner of the other dog is, please have her contact my veterinarian with proof of rabies vaccination. (and help with the vet bill would be nice too, but I am a realist)

Because of the chaos and shock, I did not pursue the woman and her dog as they quickly left the park.

There were at least 6 people who saw the attack and tried to help.

Just in case someone knows her or her dog, my vet is TLC. 651-209-0557. Say you are calling about Ruby the schnauzer mix.

Proof of rabies vaccination would be good; both of my dogs are up to date on shots.

The dog who attacked my dog and was relentless in pursuit of her is a yellow,medium sized mixed breed, Austrailian cattle dog mix is only a guess.

Thank You

BrodyLove's picture
First Time At The Dog Park!

We brought our puppy to the dog park earlier this morning, he had a great time!!! We will definitely be bringing our puppy back soon! The other dogs were friendly and so were the dog owners! Thank you for such a wonderful area to let our puppy run around and meet other sweet dogs! :-)

korygrandy's picture
First-timer had fun

This is the second dog park I've been to since owning my golden retriever. The first was in St. Anthony which is a large open field unlike the wooded area of this Otter Lake. Buddy preferred Otter Lake but he loves the woodsy atmosphere. I was glad to see the fence because he's not one to stick around once he gets bored. Bring some old shoes or boots and some towels in the early spring as it's wet, muddy and there are small lakes. We will be going back when it dries out a little bit.

Otter Lake Guardians's picture
Earth Day Cleanup April 17, 2010 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Mark you calendars for our annual Earth Day cleanup of the dog park. This event is sure to be fun to dogs and owners alike and give users a chance to meet one another and pitch in to clean up the dog park. Please see the following link for more information.

Flyer PDF

Otter Lake Guardians's picture

The dog park is completely fenced. There are two sides to the park, a small side that is about one acre, and a larger side that is about nine acres. We are working to get updated information about the park including getting a street address issued and will get this information to the editors of as soon as we do.

Dave's picture

Is this park fully fenced or not? That's an important detail that isn't clear here.

Lola's picture
Q.Will my dog's turds disappear if I kick snow on them? A. No

Hi. Lola's mom here. I'm not a dog park guardian, but I am a neighbor and a regular at the park and I've gotta say the poop situation since the fence went in is completely out of control.

Yes, there are several of us who attempt to cleanup the neverending turd piles during our daily strolls through the park, but guys, we can't do it alone--we need your help because let's face it, OPDP isn't going away anytime soon and unfortunately, neither are the owners "to which poop does not exist".

You know the ones I'm talking about. The couple "whose dog went at home before we came"; the lady hanging with her peeps by the front entrance whose "dog already went once and therefore could not possibly poop again" or the "I'll get it on my way back around" guy; and of course we can't forget the "I don't have a clue where my dog is and I really don't give a crap because he/she just left one for someone else to pick up or perhaps step in" lady right?

How do we combat the OPDP problem? First, we should definitely start following the offender(s) around as a group chanting "pick it up, pick it up" over and over until they actually do. Wouldn't that be awesome? Yes, it would be, until somebody snapped I suppose.

OK, here's another idea that although unpleasant would be extremely helpful in combatting OPDP at Otter Lake--if everyone would please, just make it a habit to stuff some extra bags in your pockets and if you see a pile, just bend over and pick it up. Stinky, but simple and effective.

Thanks for your help. Have a great poop free spring.

Farmall45b's picture
Thank You!

Thank you for your positive comments about the park. In addition to myself, there are two other dog park guardians and numerous volunteers that help keep the park clean and running smoothly. The ticks and trails are not too bad in the spring and summer. We have been woodchiping non stop for the past year, and this has really helped. There will probably be some wet times during the spring melt, but this usually only lasts a short time. Please keep checking back for volunteer opportunities and information helping out at Earth Day cleanup.

KMFuller's picture
Love this dog park

I love the Otter Lake dog park. My dog has so much fun and the people are always so friendly. I have brought other new dog owners & they think it is great as well. The area is totally fenced in which is good for my dog (although she can jump the ones between the two parks with the high snow, which I discourage). Most people seem to follow the rules of cleaning up. Once, I was a little frightened by one dogs behavior, but the owner was right there to help out. I really appreciated this. I want to thank Tom, the park guardian for all of his efforts to keep it running smoothly. I have only been here in the winter months; the chips of the slippery spots really help. How are the ticks & trails in the spring? A person I walked with yesterday told me about this website. Laminate the information & post it on the board so others can join in. I'd be willing to volunteer to help out. Thanks for the happy dog & people experiences!

Otter Lake Guardians's picture
Mean Dogs

If there are owners not following the park rules, please ask them to comply with the park rules. If owners refuse to comply or continue to be a problem, please call the Ramsey County Sheriff to have them address report the situation. The non emergency number can be found on some of the signs throughout the park.

Visitor's picture
Mean dogs

There are a few dog owners that don't keep track of their dogs. My dog was bit a few times and some owners don't even say anything. Be sure to keep them on your "Radar"

Farmall45b's picture
Icy Conditions

The icy conditions have returned to the dog park. I have been trying to spread woodchips on the slopes when it is warm enough for them to melt in and provide traction. The chicken grit that was purchased last time it was icy also seems to be working well. If anyone wants to donate some money I will pick up some more chicken grit and spread it this weekend. Just let me know if you would like to donate to the cause.

The county has been told about the ice situation in the parking lot. I suspect that they will try and do something about it next week. In the interim I could pick up some tube sand to help that situation out too.

Otter Lake Dog Park Guardian

Visitor's picture
Year round fun!

Our girls, Callie and Stella, love, love, love the park as do we! It is great entertainment whenever we go and we enjoy watching all the dedicated owners taking their pups for an outing(even in the tundra of winter). We are VERY appreciative of the efforts of the Park Gaurdian and countless other volunteers we have seen that help groom, clean up, and maintain this grand park. Thank you for your time and support in making this park a highlight of our week/weekend! If you have not been yet, plan to visit and see for yourself the enjoyment you and your pup can have!

3doggies's picture
Keeping the entrance clear

I have been coming to the park with my two dogs since July and we LOVE the park. I too have noticed that lately there seems to be a bit of congregating at the entrance area. And I also have to agree that this does make for a difficult entrance and exit. Since I have noticed it more in the winter months though, I am hoping that as the weather warms people will start moving around the park.

As far as the aggressive dogs, I have noticed a few that do not play well and are unattended. I handle it by taking charge with verbal or physical commands. Because dogs are all about "body language" try stepping between the other dog and yours using no eye contact. Use words like stop, no, leave-it etc. I have used this technique when males try to dominate my female or playful puppies get a little too excited and don't want to back off. They seem to respond to it well.

Visitor's picture

Take Centerville Road north to County Road H2. Take County Road H2 East to Otter Lake Road. Take Otter Lake Road north until you see the boat launch by Otter Lake. The dog park is located of the south side of the parking lot for the boat launch/regional park.

Visitor's picture
how do I get there?

Hi there,

I am interested in this park, but don't know how to get there. I am coming from Centerville Rd. and Hwy 96. Thanks! Casey the Corgi

Visitor's picture
are you serious?

My name is Kyle. I own an American Bulldog, and I am a proffesional Dog Trainer. A simple paragraph such as yours is a big part of the reason some breeds get there bad name. I'm sorry your dog was "viciously attacked" as you so put it, and I'm also sorry there was an irresposible dog owner with his dogs off a leash if there is known aggression. I would hope most dog owners will be smart enough to ignore your plea to "avoid" these dogs. A dog park is an extremely important part of socializing a dog. It is very important to communicate with the owner of other dogs before play is started. As far as the unleased owner with aggresive dogs... If you cannot keep your dogs under control, I would suggest YOU "avoid" the park. This would be a better solution than spreading more rumors about a dog that resembles a bully breed. Thanks.

Farmall45b's picture
Donations Welcome

You may have noticed the new water dishes at the park. I bought some rubber water dishes to see how they hold up to the ice. I also purchased some chicken grit to put on the ice in the entrances. Many of the small but important things that are done at the park are done through volunteer labor and monetary donations. I thank everyone who has help through donations of their time and money in the past.

I still get many people offering to help out at the park/donate to the park so I thought that I would let everyone know that they can always get in contact with me to donate money to the dog park. Monies collected are used to purchase water dishes, grit for the ice, woodchips in the summertime, and other small things needed at the park. Plastic poop bags are always needed too, so feel free to bring your plastic bags and fill the mailboxes at the park. I will post other volunteer opportunities as I think of them or they come up.

Tom Richter
Otter Lake Dog Park Guardian
[email protected]

Farmall45b's picture
Park Maintenance & Repairs

Winter is a great time to begin planning for the year ahead at the dog park. I would like to ask all users for their input as to what maintenance, repairs, and additions are needed at the park. I will use this information to coordinate volunteer projects, obtain materials donations, and fundraise in order to complete some of these tasks in order to maintain and improve our park. Additionally, the Ramsey County Parks & Recreation Department has asked me to submitt a "wish list" to them so that they can plan their budget for the upcomoing year. Parks & Rec has funding to do some work in the dog parks and would like input as to what the needs and wants are.

Please follow the link on the right hand side of the page for the Otter Lake Dog Park Users Group to post your suggestions in our discussion topic. If you are not a member of the Otter Lake Dog Park Users Group on, please take a moment to join, all are welcome. The group is only private for safety reasons. I will approve all membership requests when I get them.


Farmall45b's picture
Keeping Entrance Clean and Agressive Dogs

People and dogs that congregate near the entrances has been an off and on problem at the park. We have moved the picnic tables away from the entrances to encourage people to move away from the entrances. Now that the weather is cold and the park is snowy and icy, I notice more people hanging out by the entrance. To discourage this I have moved the water dishes away from the entrance and continue to encourage users to move throughout the park. As to the issue of dogs that are not playing friendly with your dog, I encourage you to tell the owners that you don†t like how their dog is interacting with your dog and ask them to correct their dog†s behavior. I have found the most people will try to have better dog park etiquette with a little prompting. I think many of the people that are coming to the park these days are just not very aware of good dog park etiquette, and don†t realize the problems that their behavior may cause.

As a volunteer dog park guardian, it is my goal to make the park a safe and enjoyable place for all people and dogs.


Visitor's picture
Keeping Entrance Clear and Agressive Dogs

I really think this dog park provides a great space for dogs. I have enjoyed many visits. However, I am going less and less. Too many people consistently congregate at the entrance - creating problems both coming and going. I usually tried to move past quickly, but it's annoying. Why create a potential issue that could easily be avoided by moving to another part of the park. The other issue is a handful of agressive dogs that don't play well. Our dog is very social and enjoys other dogs and people. However there have often been other dogs that corner, try to dominate, and pin our dog. THe owners are either not to be found or simply think dogs will be dogs or they will work it out. Well for our dog it was not fun and her body language showed fear and stress. She plays great with some of our neighbor dogs with lots of give and take, jumping and running. It's too bad, but I don't like feeling like I have to be protective on such a consistent basis because of a few dogs, but they are there. So now I'm not.

Erik's picture

To reply to glow on: The dog park isn't the safest place for dogs, kids or people.Most people with dogs don't bring their dogs to the DOG PARK to be SAFE, or around KIDS. People bring dogs to the park because they love their animal(s). There is an inherent risk when visiting any type of park. My dog Vladdy ran into another dog and was hurt....Was I angry at the other dog? NO! Was I angry at the owner? NO! The reason being: I was at the DOG PARK!($400 later, I still wasn't bitter) I hope you get well soon!! I also hope you quit giving this park a bad name because of your unfortunate incident!

danewillow's picture
Nice park!

The park is great. Some of the people who showed up, not so much. Why must everyone gather within 10 feet of the entrance? Every dog that comes in the park is immediately accosted by a large pack of dogs right inside the gate. I was among many Dane owners there today (we are part of a rescue) and while most of them were well behaved there was one that seriously attacked another dog. If your dog is dog aggressive it does not belong in a dog park! I hope nobody has a bad impression of Danes because of one bad owner. Also, the kids who pounced on our dogs are lucky they like kids! Parents need to teach their kids the correct way to greet dogs. Of course, one kid's dad was approaching dogs in the same manner.

chuckanddons's picture
We love the Park!

Thanks for keeping the park open, and kept up. Our Mini Aussie loves it--sometimes twice a day.

glow's picture

And that is why this is the great USA--you have your opinions and I have mine. It is NOT the safest place especially for children. I have been clipped before, but not the extend of this time. It may be a terrific place for many, but not for my family and I will not recommend a dog park to friends and family. Bottom line, I am in bed and may be out of work--you are not. Nothing more needs to be said.

Farmall45b's picture
Glow, Sorry for your injuries

Glow, I am very sorry that you were injured at the dog park yesterday. I am arrived to the park shortly after you got injured and helped direct the emergency personnel to your location and get dogs and owners to the small side of the park so that emergency vehicles could enter the park. One does take a risk going to the dog park or in any other activity in life. Anyone who has been to the dog park surely knows that it is not uncommon for dogs to be chasing one another and run into humans accidentally. Please consider that the owner may not have even been aware that their dog was the one that struck you, and this may not be due to negligence on their part. While I agree there are some dog parkers who could do a better job of watching their dogs, I know that often, dogs can get to chasing each other and run ahead while the humans struggle to keep up.

I take offense to you suggesting that the park is not safe. I will be the first to admit that there have been issues on occasion at the park, but they have always been resolved. I still suggest that if anyone does have a serious incident at the park, that they call the sheriffs office or 911 to get the situation resolved. I truly believe that the Otter Lake Off-Leash Area is a safe and enjoyable place to take ones family and dogs. Your accident was a freak thing and not representative of a typical experience at the Otter Lake OLA. Please do not lead others to believe that this park is unsafe for people or dogs. Again, I am sorry that your family and dog will not be back to the park again.

Otter Lake Dog Park Gaurdian

glow's picture
Serious Injury at the park 11/19 4:38

Yes. You take a change going to the dog park. Yesterday, my luck ended. A large dog went full force into my back legs causing my knee to dislocate. After the ambulance, hospital, and now months of PT and no physical exercise for 4 months, I am not happy dog park lover. What really bothered me is no one came forward with the dog that did it. Hello, if you didn't were you actually watching your dog! Anyway, there were some kind folks at the park and I do appreciate their help--especially Susan S. The fun has ended for Reeses and our family! That was my final trip.

telos's picture
RE: otter lake dog park by: schmoocamunga

I agree entirely with the take them around the block comment but there are many people who go to the park to let their dog be a dog and realize a little rough housing is fine so long as it doesn't turn aggressive.

Its just a matter of finding the fun pack when you get there. :)

I'll have to head over to the battle creek park one of these Saturdays.

cole's picture
treats at the dog park

I just got back from the park and their was a women with small children walking with a large bag of dog treats. Her little girl was afraid of the dogs so she was screaming every time a dog would get near her and her mom. The noise really set off the dogs not to mention the treats!!!!!. I wish people would think before the enter the park. Treats, Really??????

schmoocamunga's picture
otter lake dog park

I must say I was disappointed with this dog park. I am a regular attendee at the Battle Creek dog park and a member of a dog park in Delano. Otter Lake just did not seem big enough and my dogs got bored too easily. However, the real problem I encountered were the people. I did not feel that they were friendly and felt they discriminated toward my dogs. If people want to take their dogs for a walk, they should go around the block. A dog park is for the dogs to play and meet and have fun. Witnessing people tell other people what to do made me want to keep my dogs right next to me at all times, and having people call their dogs away from mine because they are a certain breed made us feel un-welcomed. It could be a good gathering place for the dogs but my first visit went without incident but was still not good enough to make me want to keep coming back.

Farmall45b's picture
Park Address

As far as I know, there is not a streer address for the dog park. The dog park is located on Otter Lake road midway between the cross streets of County Road J to the north and County Road H2 to the south. The dog park is park of the Otter Lake Regional Park and Boat Launch. The dog park is located along the south of the parking lot for the boat launch.

Visitor's picture
How to get there ?

Can someone provide directions or a address for this park. Id love to go but map it vague would like a physical address for gps. Dont see anything other than otter lake road
Thank you

redwingchick's picture
Corndog Bitten-Other Dog's Owner Ditched

At the dog park tonight Corndog was bitten on the face by a chocolate lab. He was merely sniffing her and she tore into him. The owner seemed very nice and apologetic and offered to give me her contact info if there was a vet bill. I accepted her offer. She couldn't find a pen and we didn't have one so she offered to go to her car and get one. I said, Okay we will meet you at the front gate. We circled around and looked for her and she never showed. The bite was superficial and Corndog was fine and started running and playing immediately so I am not worried about that. I was very angry but now I am just hurt and disappointed. The dog was a chocolate Lab female named Coco who seemed sweet as could be to me but then whammo. To Coco's owner, I will be surprised if you sleep well tonight. I trusted you to be at that front gate with your info. Why couldn't you trust me? Did you honestly think I would sue you? For the record, I do not blame the dog. She obviously felt threatened and was defending herself against a perceived danger. I blame the owner for not making it right. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Visitor's picture
No Toys Please Part 2

Sorry, my bad, the sign doesn't say "No fetching" it says "No fetching when crowded". Still, if you do bring a ball please take it with you when you go. I would hate to see a dogfight break out over a toy.

Visitor's picture
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this dog park!

I have taken my dog to this park three times in the last 4 days now and we absolutely LOVE it. It's a haven for my dog and the only way she can get good quality exercise. Dog owners there are very respectful of the rules and we have only encountered well behaved dogs. I did notice someone recently with a ball (which does not interest my dog at all) but someone must have informed them of the rules as during my next pass around the park the ball was gone.

Visitor's picture
Enjoy dog park

My beagle and I just discovered the larger part of the park is fenced in and love it. We don't have a fenced in yard so this is great for her. I had taken her to the smaller fenced area before, which was fine. I've found all the owners to be very cooperative and responsible with their dogs. Lucy has had a couple of issues but it was just playfulness that she isn't accustomed to because of her lack of socialization. She's picking up on it as we go more often.

jenniferh's picture
Hate the new fence

I have to say that I was probably breaking the law everytime I visited this great park, but I always walked through the cattails to go to "the other side". But now with the new fence, that is over. I'm not a fan of the fence for that reason AND the fact that with my dogs, (who are thin skinned and not very furry), this type of fence is quite dangerous for them. Especially since they didn't expect a fence AND they run FAST! :(

redwingchick's picture
Corndog Loves It!

Took Corndog there for the second time today and he had a great time! He met two Pit Bull buddies and had a good time running with them. Great park!

Visitor's picture
Best Dog Park I Know

I go here regularly with my dad, sister and friends! This place is a great place to go with dogs of all sizes, although our little dog can get through the fence. We have alot of fun during the winter on the ice. Our airedale loves running on the ice