Alpine Dog Park (Ramsey Bark Park)

6600 Alpine Ave
Ramsey, MN
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Ramsey
Days Closed:
Park Size:
few acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened June 2009. This dog park has benches and drinking water.

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fmox's picture
closed a lot

I like this park but this year 4 out of 5 times I've driven over there, some kind of maintenance is being done (sometimes the cell tower but not always) and I can't use it. Trucks are there with the gates wide open. I don't like bringing my dog when there are 30 dogs running around but prefer earlier in the day when there are maybe 5-10. I'm talking about early afternoon. If there were a place to go on the Internet that posted "closed today from 10am to 3pm" that would save me a trip. These closings happen way too often. The park itself is nice but the rating reflects this situation - which happened again today.

park user's picture
nice park

I have been going to this park for 2 to 3 months now.I find most of the people not to be rude, but very kind. Never have I heard or seen the police be involved in anything. The park is well liked by the dogs and really, that is the true reason we all go there. And being open all hours is a good way for people who don't get along to avoid one another. And our dogs can still go and get their socialization and exercise.

CorsoGirl's picture
Rude People

I thought this park was a decent switch from our regular few until this last time. As soon as we walked in almost everyone was being rude to us. Apparently we didnt fit into their clique. One lady grabbed her kid fiercly by the arm when she tried to pet my dog and said "dont! we dont know that dog!"... as a trainer, dogs sense everything including tension. So now their not only making it uncomfortable for me and my family, their making it uncomfortable for our dogs as well.

jw_dog's picture
Nice park, people not friendly

We have been out there a few times, park is nice, like stated before some of the people are friendly, but there has been on more then one occasion where people are rude and very judgmental on types of dogs. I wouldn't suggest bringing your dog here unless you have a lap dog, because dog discrimination seems to be common at this park unless you are part of their clique of course. It's too bad, because we like the layout and convenience of the location, but not going back anymore, which is probably ok with the dog patrol people there i am sure.

Jaci's picture
Love This Park!!

I have two small dogs and when weather permits we are there! The park has a lot of room for running and playing. There are several benches and a water fountain for the dogs. I have found the owners to generally be very good about watching there dogs and very friendly.

LOVE DOGS's picture
Great park & Great people

This park is great, a couple of acres completely fenced off, picnic tables and a bench for dog watchers, a doggy water fountain, and mutt mit's and garbages. The dogs that come to this park are great, they are all very well behaved and love to play with others, I have also found every other dog owner that i meet there to be very friendly and great people to spend time with. I go there everyday and have been for 3 month's now, I have never seen or heard of any kind of fight or dispute between owners and never seen any aggressive dogs or fights. This is a great park and one that i will continue going to every day!

j123's picture
Love this dog park. Have

Love this dog park. Have never had any problems with other owners and our puppy likes to play with and jump at other dogs. This park is nice if you want to bring your dog to socialize with other dogs. It's not necessarily extra large for lots of running.

LovesPuppies's picture
Nice Park; Unfriendly People

The park itself is great. It's in a pleasant location, with lots of well-maintained grass for the dogs to play on, and even a doggy drinking fountain. There are many nice people who visit the park with their dogs. However, there are a handful of dog owners who make the park just awful. They are confrontational and unfriendly. I have been going to this dog park for two months, and there is some sort of dispute at least every month that involves the police being called. It's a shame that the dogs at the park get along better than the owners.