Keene Creek Dog Park

Grand Ave and I-35
Duluth, MN
Operating Hours:
Days Closed:
None, but all dogs must be licensed (for Duluth residents this is only $8 annually)
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area, small trees, and benches. For more information on licensing your dog in Duluth contact the city. Be sure to bring water for your dog.

Directions: go west on Grand Ave and go under I-35. On the right side immediately after the I-35 off ramp will be 62nd Ave West. Turn right on 62nd Ave West. The first right is a small parking lot. Park here. A short way down the sidewalk that goes towards the left is the dog park.

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Erin Ann's picture
Good dog park!

We are from out of town and when when we vacation in Duluth (usually once a month) we bring our pups. We had no idea that Duluth had a dog park until we read the info in their Visit Duluth guide:
We've visited this dog park about 4 times now and have enjoyed it. It is smaller than other parks we've visited, but the dogs don't seem to mind! There is not a separate area for smaller dogs but that hasn't been a problem while we were there and we've never had any trouble with aggressive/violent dogs - the owners were attentive of their dogs. It is true that if you are a Duluth resident, you must have your dogs licensed. For those out-of-towners, your dogs must be up-to-date on all vaccinations and must have proof of their rabies shot - you can find the info here:

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reply to review

Well if u want be negitive and only look at the negitives u r right on a few things, Yes we do congregate in the middle but we are watching our dogs, and yes there are difference in opinions and we honor each person. I watch the packs run and play and yes every once in a while a dog my go alittle too far but has been stopped asap. They are like kids playing and coming home w/sm. bruises. If u r that possessive u probably shouldnt leave your house/go to any dog parks. I see dogs running and playing w/wo their owners. Just watching them fills joy in my heart, its like FREEDOM from small places. I have seen many small dogs come in and leave w/o harm. I also go in the evening it is well lite by the freeway lights. I agree do not let your dog drink the water bring your own water, oh such a inconvenience(sp), oh my...and I have had my car broken into in well off areas just as much as the low income area, you should not leave your valuables in your car any way, no matter where you park. I love the dog park since I had to move into an apartment, it is a total blessing and cheers me up every time I go there. I havent ran into a dog park where the dogs all got along...Kreene Creek dog park is a great place to bring your dog and watch them socialize and have fun. I just feel bad that you are such a negitive person that you cant see all the blessing that this dog park brings to each dog and their owners.

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Playing w/others...

I have been going to the Keenes Creek dog park and I have had a lot of fun watching other dogs play and run, and chatting w/others bout their dogs, ect. We have been going on 3 wks of being there daily and Callie actually started to play w/some of the dogs there all by herself w/o me telling her to play and I have witnesses that saw her play w/Cody, spider, Lenard and a few others. I was so proud of her, yeaaaaa!

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Keene's Creek Dog Park is owned by the City of Duluth and requires that dogs be licensed by the city...but getting a license if you're from out of town doesn't make sense for most people and the park does not appear to be monitored at all.
The park quickly becomes crowded on nice days and certain times of day. Many people seem to congregate in the middle of the park (one large open, mostly grassy, area with a small hill in the middle)...although it's nice for owners to socialize too, it seems many people don't watch their dogs closely. I've witnessed pack attacks and fights and have heard about more from other people...especially small dog owners. Small dogs can escape from this aware...there are gaps at the gated entrance that smaller dogs can fairly easily get under and out. The park is located near a freeway ramp and several busy streets and intersections. Also, many people don't seem to pick up after their pets even though there are usually bags available. Bring your own water to this park on hot days...I would not recommend allowing your dog to drink water out of the nearby creek...too many natural occurring bacteria and man-made pollutants are found in Keene's Creek. Some people have had their cars broken into in the parking lot for the park - so make sure to lock your doors and don't leave valuables there. Although the park closes later in the evening, I would not recommend going there after dark.

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I used to visit a dog park in S. Paul and people would bring milk jugs of water and leave them for other dogs as needed and then their people could bring those jugs home again and refill them and bring them back. Also brought extra plastic grocery bags for people who forgot, to help keep all the dog doodo picked up. It was all a team effort to keep the park looking nice and make sure the experience was a good one for everyone. I have yet to visit this park but will be moving up here soon and visiting soon after.

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I enjoy the park (just wish

I enjoy the park (just wish it was bigger). My dog loves other
dogs and enjoys meeting all of them. I wonder if it's okay to
get the water from the Creek for them when there isn't any. They
all get so thristy.

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This park is rather

This park is rather spacious. My dog loves to run all over. However she is a miniature schnauzer and if there are lots of large dogs there (which 75% of the time there are), she gets attacked by a pack of large dogs. Also, the people who tend to bring there pets here , don't pay very close attention to their pets, so there are a lot of pack-fights and dog poop everywhere. But if you go in the mornings during the week or when it is drizzly out, you usually get the park to yourself, which is awesome!