Orion Oaks Dog Park

2301 W Clarkston Rd
Lake Orion, MI 48362
Operating Hours:
Half an hour before sunrise - half an hour after sunset
Days Closed:
Parking fees - $5 (resident) or $10 (non-resident) or annually $30 or $46
Park Size:
24 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park offers a 24-acre fenced enclosure with small dog area, including two trails, picnic shelter, drinking water, field area, new parking lot; and access to Lake Sixteen dock for swimming (sorry, dogs only!) Modern restrooms are available.

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Gilford28's picture
Great park

Nice big park with a verity of terrain. The park has woods, trails, and open space. Its popular and has plenty of dogs to socialize with. Another plus it had the nicest restrooms i have seen at a dog park.

papoter's picture
getting a pass...

I have been going there for a year and there has only EVER been one time that there isn't someone in the little trailer-office right when you get into the parking lot. You can buy a day-pass or an annual pass right there.

papoter's picture
The BEST dog park ever.....

I have had friends from New York bring their dog for a visit just so they can go to this park --- it's THAT great.
It's clean, well-kept, free poop bags, great parking, wonderful combination of trails, a lake or open spaces. The fencing is perfectly maintained and all the runs are double-gated to prevent accidental escape.
It is fabulous for doggy-sanity and play, but I have to say that there is not one single time that I haven't left there with a smile on my face and just feeling better. I LOVE it there and I can't even describe how fun it is to watch dogs being dogs....!!!!

melissamarybrown's picture
Orion Oaks Picnic Area?

I LOVE Orion Oaks; it's the best dog park in the Metro Detroit area. We've always had a positive experience with the facility and the people who visit.

I would like to meet a few friends there but would like to make an afternoon of it, complete with lunch for the humans. I know it's restricted to take food into the park but is there an area outside of the dog park to eat lunch? It would need to be walkable as one of our dog friends gets carsick.

KieraKittie's picture
Like it lots.

Is actually my first dog park experience. Started bringing my 12 year old Collie mix here last year, unsure how he would take to a dog park I kept him on leash and let him guide me the first few visits. It was clear, at first, he was a bit overwhelmed but after a few visit he is a natural. Now 13 he loves visiting, and barking all the while. Everyone is friendly, and it is kept very clean.

somolov's picture

I'd like to take my dog to this park, but I don't know how to get a pass... can anyone please inform me on how to acquire a pass to the park?

EDITOR COMMENT: Call Oakland County 248.437.7345 or go to their website to buy a parking permit.

lolo8641's picture
dog photographer at park last summer?

Did anyone catch the website of the Guy that was at the park last summer taking pictures?

Jenny C's picture
Orion Oaks Dog Park

This is the cat's best of dog parks!

JessieBerner's picture
BO ~ Basset Hound

I am trying to reach a lady who has a basset hound named "BO".
She fell in love with my dog (Basset/Dashund) and I'd like to take more about the Basset Breed, but have been unable to go to dog park lately.
If you see a lady with a Basset named "BO" would you ask her to contact me? Thanks

martha's picture
Lost Bailey

So sorry to hear about Bailey. Will keep my eyes open for her/him. How did Bailey get away from you? Is the fencing not tight enough? Labs don't usually run too far away? I'm concerned as have a little yellow, myself.

Visitor's picture
Lost Yellow Lab

Lost Yellow Lab @ Lake Orion Bark Park 11/11/10 10:00am. Ran into park perimeter.Name Baily. Please call 248 379-6892

Evie's picture
Great park, great people!

First time to this dog park. Just wonderful! Lots of room to run and walk. Nice nature trails and wooded area.

People and dogs are friendly!

Moessymoe's picture
Large, Wonderful Park

This park is absolutely wonderful. There are trails that lead to different enclosures. Our favorite happens to be the dog dock. It is absolutely wonderful to take your dog here when they need some exercise because they can cool off. Just make sure to pack a towel or two!

The large area is absolutely wonderful to let your dog stretch his/her legs. There is also a separate part for the smaller dogs to run and play. There are also trails that you and your dog can enjoy. No leash is needed inside because everything is fenced off. Everyone is very nice out that way and like Lyon Oaks it is worth the drive.

The bathrooms are an added bonus to how wonderful this place is. Definitely worth the membership fee because you can also use it at Lyon Oaks.

Visitor's picture
The park ROCKS!!

Our 6 month old puppy LOVES the park. She has an amazing time running with the other dogs and playing. It is a very clean park with tons of room to run. 5 stars for sure!