Lyon Oaks Dog Park

LO Bark Park
Fun in the snow!
Dog Chase
52221 Pontiac Trail
Old Plank and Wixom Roads
Wixom, MI
Operating Hours:
Half an hour before sunrise - half an hour after sunset
Days Closed:
Parking fees - $5 (resident) or $10 (non-resident) or annually $30 or $46
Park Size:
13 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park features a 13-acre fenced enclosure with small dog area: benches; shade shelter and picnic tables; pet waste bags; and field training area. Please bring water for your dog and some to share.

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enovak1417's picture
Love this park!!!

This park is both dog and people friendly. My 8 month old husky/Shepard loves to run and socialize with other dogs. It's a great park to take puppies/not-so-well-behaved dogs to during the day to socialize with a minimal amount of dogs. Most people clean up their pets waste and have control over their own pet. It is recommend to bring trash bags and LOTS of water for your dog, especially on hot days. A lot of people, including myself bring jugs of water to constantly fill up every water bowl that is there. There are two fenced in areas for larger dogs which get rotated, and one for smaller dogs. However, if you decide to bring in a smaller dog to the larger dog area, be aware that other dogs, including mine, will want to play with it, potentially getting knocked over. People and dogs are both very friendly and it's great to see such cool breeds come into the park. I would recommend this park to everyone (especially if your dog has a lot of energy).

teamHENDRIX's picture
Husky day ?

Me and my 6 month old Sib Husky are trying to arrange times to meet and play with other huskies. Ive heard this is a friday thing here ? can anyone confirm this ?

vkoe's picture
Great park!

I have a pitbull and people are going on and on about the "viscous pitbull" and steering people away from this park because of this. Please do not stereotype all pitbull as bad pitbulls. Because they are ALL not bad. I love going to this park with my extremely friendly pitbull.

fido's picture
Dangerous dogs and irresponsible owners

It is such a shame not to be able to use this dog park anymore .My dog has been attacked at least twice badly and the last time was the final straw.
The same dog and owner (pit bull/or mix) was responsible twice, and still continues to take dog in park without a muzzle.Owner also had treaks in her pocket to try and control her dog which is asking for trouble right away.My dog was bitten in face just missing his eye, the attack also frightened another dog owner in park.
It is just not worth the risk of an injured or dead dog.
There is also a dog trainer that uses the park to socialize the dogs he is training for there owners , also a dangerous practice .
Very dissapointed to have to stop using this park because there are a lot of good dog people out there.
Finally a warning that the worst time ever to take your dog to a dog
park is a weekend as numbers are not restricted in this park and lots of dogs only get to go there at this time and are very hyper.

jkozole77's picture
Love this place....

This place is great, there's plenty of space, dog bowls, benches, tennis balls. There are a few mud puddles to be cautious of if you don't want your dog to get wet. There may be one or two alpha dogs there at any given time but that's a given for any dog park. We've never had trouble there, people are friendly, the dogs do just fine and it's fantastic exercise to wear them out. I highly recommend this dog park.

karenluella87's picture
my dog was attacked

My dog AND my boyfriend were bit. We were walking up to the gate when this dog tired to get at my dog THROUGH THE FENCE and the lady just laughed it off and walked away. Should have left I know. Inside not more than 5 mins our dogs decided yo get aquainted. While sniffing this dog started growling and before i could blink it was an all out brawl. The dogs were seperated and we decided to leave. People were screaming at me to get my vicious pit out of there. 1 he is a boxer not a pit and 2 my dog was defending himself. On the way out we saw my dog was bleeding as was my boyfriend. My dog had been bit just below his eye thunkfully not his actual eye. And my boyfriend on his finger. Of course the park did NOTHING. We have never had an issue before this but I can assure you we will never be back. Hindsight I should have called the police. DO NOT GO ANYONE AND ANYDOG VICIOUS OR NOT IS ADMITTED.

petie's picture
my dog was also attacked at this park

My dog was also attacked at this park. I just found out from other dog owners that the dog that attacked my dog was previously banned from the park for aggressive behavior. Just curious what type of dog attacked your dog?

2gruv2's picture
my dog was attacked at this park

This was my second visit to this park after adopting my swiss mtn, hound mix over the weekend. All dogs were playing till my dog walked up to meet this dog and was attacked. To make it worse after tearing this dog that had locked onto my dog I was told by this dogs owner that I had to leave. Not only that I was also told by the owner that he was going to kick me and let his dog finish my dog off. FYI my dog doesn't know how to bite or fight! It takes a bad apple to spoil a bunch. The staff at this park was unable to do anything. Stay away from this park. After being bitten and nothing can be done is CRAZY!!

babyjj's picture

I do love this park. I do think they should put a rule in place where small children are not allowed...especially with food. Last weekend there was a baby in a stroller eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. Not a smart move for the mother and for the park to allow this to happen.

kimberlyann's picture
this dog park is great our

this dog park is great our dogs love going there, they always have a good time, the dogs meet lots of new friends,

Moessymoe's picture
Beautiful Park

This park is much smaller than Orion Oaks but is worth the drive. The benefit is that you can keep an eye on your dog much easier. There are a few picnic areas that are covered, which is wonderful when it rains. They have a small dog area as well as two large dog areas. The large dog areas are switched, one will be blocked off while the other is in use. They keep the grass well cut and they have bags for picking up after your dog. Don't forget the bug spray!