Red Oaks Dog Park

RO Dog Park
31353 Dequindre Rd
adjacent to the Red Oaks Waterpark
Madison Heights, MI
Operating Hours:
Half an hour before sunrise - half an hour after sunset
Days Closed:
Free if you walk in but parking fees are $5 day, $30 annually (resident) or $10 day, $46 annually (non-resident)
Portable restrooms
Park Size:
5.2 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened July 6, 2010.  Red Oaks Dog Park has a separate small dog area, pavilion with benches and shade, pet waste bags and water stations for dogs.

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Winter review

Q: Is this park open in the winter?

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Want to bring dogs.....

Hi, I've just moved here and heard about this park. Do I have to be a "member"? If so, how to I join?

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Great dog park

@MSK - Big surprise because little dogs that can't hang with the big dogs can't do anything requiring a large space or agility courses. I have a miniature poodle and she can hang with all the big dogs. Any smaller of a dog and the dog should stay in your purse not at a dog park. This park is awesome, most parks the people have to bring their stuff to an empty place. So glad they created this place,which is better than Royal Oak's stuffy (key ring limit) with nothing added to the empty space.

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Red Oaks Dog Park

If you have a small dog who can't hang with the big dogs the small dog section is really insuffient. A lot more attention is paid to the big dog section which includes an obsatcle course. The small dog section is a relatively small a boring stretch of land. Not worth the $30 if you have a small dog.

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Grand Opening Celebration!!!!

July 24, 2010 from 8am-11am.