South Boston Dog Park

Columbia Rd and William J. Day Blvd.
(do not park on Day Blvd)
South Boston, MA
Operating Hours:
6am - 8pm
Managed By:
The Friends of South Boston Bark Park, Inc.
Days Closed:
None, but dogs must display three tags at all times- license, rabies, and ID
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes: Opened December 2008. This dog park has benches, trees, drinking water, and tunnels. This dog park requires all dogs to have a "City of Boston Dog License, Rabies Tag, and Identification Tag with the dog' name, owner' name, and telephone number." Pitbulls must be muzzled as city ordinance. Friends of South Boston Bark Park, Inc. supports this dog park.
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Igor's picture
sad encounter

I had high hopes for this park...I had been there in its early days and looked forward to the day I could bring my dog to the park....well I have a dog and I have brought him to the park...there are broken toys everywhere and several piles of poop (some have been there for awhile)...I spent the visit chasing my dog taking broken bits of toys out of his mouth and dodging the poop....I was not 100% successful. I will try it again but will be very sad if it doesn't impove.

Gopher Dogs Boston's picture
Our clients love this park!

We are a dog walking/pet sitting company based in So. Boston and our doggy and human clients love this park! It is never overcrowded and the dogs always have a blast. It's a great place to meet new people and for the dogs to socialize in a safe environment.

DeucesMom's picture
It's great

This park is super convenient and very clean. I do agree with the other postings about the gravel being rough. Also I'd like to add that the pit bull muzzle policy is not being enforced and my dog was also bitten. Someone should address this because on numerous occasions I have just kept walking.

Brady's picture
Mixed Rating

As far as location and setup I rate the Bark Park a â€Å"4†. It has one large fenced in area, and a second smaller fenced in area. It†s always clean and easily accessible. Unfortunately, there is no lighting for evening adventures. Yes, the pea stone is a little rough, but they†re dogs. I†ve brought my dogs to the park on several occasions and they have never been hurt by the stone.

As far as patrons, I would rate the Bark Park a 2. It seems some people have chosen to ignore the pit bull ordinance in Boston. My dog had a 2 inch piece of fur ripped from his back by a pit bull. Dogs will play rough, but the owner is still responsible for the behavior of their dogs. Many owners once inside the fence consider it a break from their duties and simply do not have control of their pets.

Great facility, but I often keep walking when it†s over crowded with aggressive dogs.

Southie Gus's picture
This Park is GREAT

My dogs love this park. The dog water fountain is a great feature. Shaded and fenced. The pea stone is not great but I heard it was free.

doglover4ever's picture
awful park I will never bring

awful park I will never bring my pup here again! Save yourself the time and disappointment and dont bother going!

Visitor's picture
dog park

My daughter said the same thing to me this morning about the gravel hurting her dogs paws. so it is a real problem.

Visitor's picture
Doggy Yoga

I am a yoga instructor in the Boston area and a dog lover! Would anyone be interested in a Dog + Owner Yoga Class in the Boston Area....hopefully at Dog Park if I could gain permission?
Please respond to [email protected]

Visitor's picture
awesome park for every dog

I bring my one year old boxer to the SB Bark Park almost every day and never had a problem. She runs around all she wants and has never hurt her paws. Most of the dog parks in the city are gravel and I've never seen any dog get hurt by it. It's a great time for both the dogs and owners.

Visitor's picture
I rated this dog park "poor" - here's why...

I visited the South Boston Bark Park with my two small dogs - an Irish (shorty) Jack Russel terrier and a Patterdale terrier. By all appearances this park was great with it's adequate running/exercise area and nice benches for us two legged types. Buttercup and Wally were thrilled to run, fetch and otherwise socialize with their new found acquaintances. All in all we had a great visit to the park or so it seemed...

Once home I noticed Buttercup limping about the house and Wally licking his paws. Upon inspection of their paws I found inflammation and bleeding in the areas between the pads. The little guys spent the following two days nursing their injured paws.

Here's where the "poor" rating comes in. The ground cover used in this dog park is injurious to dogs. I am appalled that an dog owner's group would be so irresponsible, using stones with rough protruding edges. It is my intention to bring this matter to the attention of other users of this park with the goal of having this dangerous cover replaced.

PS- If this problem is rectified I will happily upgrade my rating to five stars. I hope that opportunity becomes available.

Visitor's picture
Awesome Park!

I love this park! From my experience, both the people and dogs who use the park are very friendly and nice. It's a very clean park as well. Oh! And they have a doggy water fountain now.

Visitor's picture
Yay for this new park!

Yay for this new park! Awesome, shaded park. Fenced, with tunnels and benches. They are hoping to get new lights and a water fountain in there. Great place for SB/Dorchester pups!