Perry Paw Family Dog Park (at Honeygo Run Regional Park)

9033 Honeygo Boulevard
Perry Hall, MD
Operating Hours:
$30 annually (expires 12/31)
Park Size:
1 acre
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened April 2014.  This dog park has electronic key gate access. See the website for information on how to register.

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finn80's picture
I asked last month if I could

I asked last month if I could just get a pass for the rest of the year. I was willing to pay the money even though it would only be for Nov and Dec. I would just renew in Jan. Nope cant get a pass have to wait till next year?? I dont get it!!!!!! Im with you..poorly run

mooseman's picture
Don't waste your money!

Worst run park in Baltimore City & County. Both Chair and Co-Chair are unresponsive and rude. Wrote to Councilman Marks and he did nothing other than kick my complaint back to the Co-Chair person. All we wanted was to have the grass cut, answers on how to add a 2nd dog, obtain a 2nd pass and have a member's meeting to allow the members to voice their concerns. Instead we got our pass terminated because the Co-Chairperson took a personal vendetta out on someone trying to help a member. If nothing, it did get the grass cut and a schedule for the grass cutting. Pretty bad when you need to involve a councilman over a $30 pass, a lawyer to help you get the pass reactivated (mind you no notification whatsoever was sent to the actual member) and a meeting with the Rec Council! Truly unprofessional folks running this park. You'd think it was a nice park....all that's there is a fenced in grass area with a fountain that works only sometimes and is surrounded by mud! You are better off taking your dog to the nearby woods just below the park as it is cleaner, has a stream, is shaded and the dogs love it much better!!!