NOLA City Bark (at City Park)

Too much fun at NOLA City Bark
Zachary Taylor Dr, Diagonal Dr, and Magnolia Dr
New Orleans, LA
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
New Orleans
Days Closed:
$40+tax annually
Park Size:
4.6 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened March 2010. This dog park has a separate small dog area, wading pool, drinking water, rinse area, paths, benches, fire hydrant splash area, agility equipment, and a shade structure. Register for a dog park permit.

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So much room, nice people, most good about picking up after their dogs and even others. Better than the parks we went to in Denver. Lots of trees, water, chairs, benches, poop stations, restrooms and even a dog wash station which is great in the summer. Easier and cleaner than doing it at home. Love the fire hydrant fountain, great to cool yourself in the summer heat :-) Nice to see the same owners and canines you can count on to be good canine citizens and owners. Best $35 I've spent on my babies. Good exercise for owners too.

Daily Routine

As most people nowadays use facebook, I like to think of this dog park as my facebook. There are so many neat dogs and owners that we have all become familiar and accustomed to seeing our DP friends every day or so. This is the best $35 you could spend for your self and your dogs in New Orleans. This is only the 1st winter OF USE, but the topics of discussion are LIGHTS, LIGHTS, LIGHTS A FIRE PIT AND SPACE HEATERS :) Minnie and P-Oui

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NOLA City Bark

NOLA City Bark is a privately funded dog park located in historic New Orleans City Park. It is dedicated to all the animals that perished in the flood following Hurricane Katrina. It is open to the public but all dogs must be spayed/neutered, up to date on shots and pay a $35 annual permit fee dedicated to the maintenace of this beautiful dog park. There is lots of shade, benches & chairs, water features, a walking trail, small dog & big dog play area, agility equipment for both small dog and big dog park, dog washes, and doggie sprays on the fountains for cooling off, human restrooms, soft drink machine, and truly the most wonderful pooches and their people. Visitor passes are available for a nominal fee as long as the dogs meet requirements. Beautifullly landscaped and maintained by volunteers.
NOLA City Bark has partnered with local rescue groups to promote adoptions and invites well socialized foster dogs for visits. Several have been adopted.
There is weekly maintenance and daily pick-up of waste. This park truly raises the bar for dog parks. Visit our website for more information.

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Has just about everything you could need. Lots of space, special small dog area, water (drinking)fountains, shade, lots of benches, a walking path, water play, bathrooms, washing station, play sand area, hills, very clean and well kept. Must sign up, but very reasonable fee. Can be done via website. Small kids not allowed.

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Grand Opening of NOLA City Bark!!!!!

March 27, 2010. 10:30 am – 3:00 pm. Be ready to register for your annual dog park permit for $35.

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Site Information

Nice site. Helpful to out-of-towners. Location addresses would be nice for those of us who are not totally familiar with the streets.

EDITOR COMMENT: we would love to provide street address for all parks but many dog parks do not have a street address. The map markers on this website are all hand placed and cross streets are provided to the best of our ability.

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City Bark

Luckily, this isn't being organized by the city, but a non-profit group dedicated to this project. Spring has come and gone and there's still no park because they haven't raised enough funds to complete the project but they had a ground breaking ceremony in May.

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New Orleans City Bark

Spring 2009 has come and gone and still no dog park.
If the City of New Orleans plans anything, you can bet that it won't materialize until money goes deep down into some bureaucrat's pockets!