Kenton Paw Dog Park (at Pioneer Park)

Puppies banned form park b/c of Breed
Puppies banned from this park b/c of breed only!!
3950 Madison Pike
Covington, KY
Operating Hours:
Sunrise - Sunset
Managed By:
Kenton County
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened July 2004. This dog park has a separate small dog area, drinking water, benches, and trees.  Friends of Kenton Paw Park support this dog park. We have heard that pitbulls are not allowed.

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Shans727's picture
Discriminatory against any Pit Bull and Wolf breeds

This park is discriminatory against certain breeds and not worth the time or effort! Pit Bulls are great dogs and it's all about how you train and care for your animal. The day we went we weren't allowed in but there was another dog that was allowed in being aggressive towards other dogs.

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Park Bans Breeds

Went to this park today, which I have been to a couple of times before, and was asked to leave by a Covington Police Officer because someone didn't want my puppies to play with their dogs.

I have registered American Bullies which is NOT on the sign posted of what "dog" is not aloud in the dog park. My puppies have play here before and people and their dogs loved them. The only dogs fighting each other today was a Dobbie and a German Shepard but, they were aloud to stay. The police officer had no idea about the law just that there was one and that I had to leave even though my dogs were/are NOT vicious. ALL dogs can be vicious at any time!!! I am trying to introduce my puppies to other dogs/breeds and their owners to socialize them and be a responsible D-O-G owner. This park however bans only 1 type of terrier.

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Not worth the drive

This park is poorly managed and not kept up at all it has potential to be a really great space for dogs and their owners, but instead it is very dumpy and messy. Also there is no guarantee that the fences will all be complete nor the grass mowed. Truly a poor excuse of city management.

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Great park for the dogs to

Great park for the dogs to socialize and run. However today 11-9 some one "misplaced" my red Hulk frisbee. If found please place in lost and found box. thanks

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Park Open?

Is the park open YET?