Murfin Animal Care Campus Dog Park

Delila wants a park !
K96 and Hillside
Wichita, KS
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City of Wichita
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Opened October 21, 2011.  It was open for a short time in the spring It may  but was closed to let the grass take root.

This dog park has a separate small dog area and drinking water.  Kansas Humane Society and Wichita Animal Shelter support this dog park 316.524.1590, ext. 203

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Murfin Dog Park

The Murfin park opened to the public today! Can't wait to check it out.

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I recently moved here from Emporia, they have an excellent dog park that I utilized everyday. I never imagined it would be so difficult, to find a place for my dog to run, in the biggest city in Kansas! I'm willing to PAY, for my dog to have a safe place to run! I would prefer a west side location. It needs to have some shade and water, also be free of glass and toxic debris. IF ANYONE KNOWS OF SUCH A PLACE...I WILL PAY A YEARLY FEE, DAILY FEE, HOURLY FEE, WHATEVER!!! My dog is getting depressed from lack of running freely!

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just called

Hi, I just called the city on 8/28/2011; they are the sponsor for this park not the Humane Society. THe number is 350-3366.
They stated that funds have run out and there is no date to open the park at this time.

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Molly & Lacey want to play near Butler Co.

I took my 2 dogs in May found closed. The men working said they were filling holes near the fence line

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Opening Date

When I called in Fall 2010, they said they were scheduled to open in June 2011. The reason mentioned for the delay was due to the fact that they were trying to establish Bermuda grass there. I just called the KS Humane Society again (now June 2011), and they said the City is in charge of opening it and now mentions that the park is scheduled to open in September 2011. KS Humane Society mentioned the same reason both times I called as to why the opening was delayed - due to the fact that they were trying to establish grass there so that it wouldn't turn out to be a big dirt pile. How long does it take to establish grass? It's been growing since last fall! haha...Also, they said it is locked, so it is not open to the public yet. Not sure how Lauren got in. Maybe they started locking it after they saw people bringing their dogs in. The delay is probably due to a financial or political issue because I doubt it takes that long to get the grass growing. Who knows in September what the reason for the delay will be then.

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murfin park will open ?

Can anyone tell me when Murfin dog park will open?

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The dog park hasn't had an official opening, but people can still take their dogs there. (I asked the people at the Humane Sociaty) It is pretty nice. They are going to plant new grass and will open water fountains for people and dogs. They have three fenced senctions, I don't know why yet. It is a pretty nice place to take your dogs. :)

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I drive past this almost

I drive past this almost everyday and am looking forward to it opening. For some reason they keep pushing back the opening date. I just called and they said that as of right now they are planning to open it Spring 2011. I can't wait to take my puppy!

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Murfin dog park

Just wanted you to know that, while the Chapin park is great, it is very inconvenient to get to--especially when one lives in NE Wichita. Would love to know when your new place will be open. I've seen 2 different postings....the first one said early summer 2010 and your post above says late 2009.

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I am looking forward to ANY

I am looking forward to ANY dog park open to the public. Please let us know what we can do to push this along. Thanks.

EDITOR COMMENT: The Chapin Dog Park just opened to the public a few months ago.