Chapin Dog Park

2466 E MacArthur (E 39th St)
1/2 mile east of Hydraulic
Wichita, KS
Operating Hours:
Dawn - Dusk
Managed By:
City of Wichita (316) 268-4361
Days Closed:
Portable restrooms
Park Size:
10 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened winter 2009. This dog park has a separate small dog area, benches, very little shade, and drinking fountains.

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Crissy's picture
Keep A Better Eye On Your Dogs!

I just love the dog park the first time i took my 3 pitbulls their it was great but there was alot of poop and some owners didnt even pick up after their dog and one of my dogs hurricane got attacked by this boxer an their owner diddnt even do nothing about it he just sat there an watch his dog attack mine then he finally got up came to me an while i was trying to get are dogs to stop he said are you going to do anything...really guy?

dag1634's picture

Ideal for both small and large dogs. Kiddie pools in both for drinking and soaking w/ access to water, of course. There is even a dog-level water fountain. The City keeps it nice, providing plastic bags and trash cart for the dog doo. Of course, some people cannot be courteous enough to clean up after their dogs. :( Otherwise, it's super nice.

clinger's picture
dog park chapin

Thanks for the park. The only complaints I have is owners who refuse to pick up their dog's poop, and owners with aggressive dogs. My dog was bitten a few weeks ago and was unable to sit or lie down for two days. This same dog had shown aggression to my other dog on a prior visit to the park. Last week, only one lady with three dogs was at the park when her dog also tried to bite my dog. I told her the dog has issues, and she told me she wasn't going anywhere and did nothing to restrain him. I waited outside the fence for a half hour until she left. When she left, she leashed one dog, and the other two were off leash, one being the aggressive one My point is, we all would like to enjoy the park, but if you fail to control your dog's aggression, then either muzzle them or stay home. I don't need more vet bills because you haven't socialized your dog. Thanks to all who built and maintain the park. Also, read the park rules before entering!!

shelties's picture
after reading about crash

we have not been to the park and after reading a post by crash not sure if i will ever take my dogs ? yes they are dogs with that note. you as crash puts it people need to have control of there pet. some pets are hyper and dont care if they run over another pet and after reading crash. sounds to me that this person thinks they should be the only one there. #5 of the rules state you must have reasonable control of your dog at all times.. with that said i would have to say that his dog is not under control so if by chance his dog runs your dog over and hurts your dog he wont care. but if his dog runs your dog over and your dog bites. he will more than likley sue you for damages. so is it worth taking your dog that is in control or would it be best to just leave the park to crash....?

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Thanks for Mowing

Changing my review to 5 stars!!! Thank you for mowing the park. Our dogs had an excellent time there this weekend.

Piper's Mom's picture

My husband and I love taking our 2 dogs to the park, but I have become very disappointed in the city for not mowing the extremely tall weeds. My dogs get lost in the west end of the park due to the high weeds. I understand city money is tight, but if you can mow around the outside of the park, why not inside???

crash's picture
once again

Ok people if your dog is skittish and/or not used to other dogs you may want to find somewhere else to take your dog. We bring our dogs to the park often and for the 2nd time someone has tried to hit our dogs. Dogs’ play they bark they jump on one another, THEY ARE DOGS not children they don't play like humans and they let each other know when they don't want to be messed with. I lost my temper with a lady yesterday for trying to hit my dog, he had been at the park for about an hour before and over an hour after the incident with NO other problems what so ever. Its not peoples dogs that are the problem with the park it’s the people that are the problem...and please pick up your dog doo!

Sadierenie's picture
I really do enjoy taking my

I really do enjoy taking my dog to the park she loves it. I'm not sure we will be back. Her paw pad got sliced the last time wer were there. I'm greatfull the city gave us a dog park. But over a old landfill. Really! Now there is all kinds of glass coming up. Thankfully my dog is ok. But can I risk bringing her back? It would be nice if we could have a glass clean up day. Beware people!

Amber Glompster Johnston's picture
I love it!

WHOO! Its the closet dog park for a while! A LOT of beautiful dogs go there, and almost everyone picks up the poop. There is usually water available for the dogs only though. But, there are porta-potties for the humans haha. There are some benches there and some weird table things. Not a whole lot of shade, but thats what sunglasses are for, right?

awind's picture
Too much poop

Today was the first time I have taken my 3 year old dog to the park. Unfortunately, there was so much poop that it seemed i was trying so hard to avoid stepping in it that I wasn't enjoying my dog or the park. A couple came in with 3 large dogs and the minute they got there, their dogs defecated and they just ignored it. Very disgusted. Before I went in, I took 5 minutes to read the rules. Guess not everyone follows the rules!

good dog's picture
Poop Problems

Take my collie pup there and he loves it, loves it, loves it. I also like talking with other "dog people" and making new friends. But I'm not so keen about the poop problem. In the large dog area, only a few people pick up their pet's poop. The area is filled with the stuff. Some folks even watch their dog do their business and still never pick it up. Sigh...

Schewolff1's picture
Clean up

I love taking my dog to the dog park but due to people choosing not to clean up after their dogs. I can no longer take my dog per my vet. I just left my vet's office and my dog is sick due to someone else's dog having parasites and it is contracted by infected feces. Since he is my only dog and the only place I take him is there that is where he got it. I have seen several people NOT clean up after their dogs. I sure wish some people would have some consideration for others. CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

crash's picture

sorry for the exter pics for some reason i can't remove them and also my pics of crash keep coming up as gabby

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the good, the bad and the ugly

The good:
My wife and I love the dog park most every owner has been cool and our dogs love it. Plenty of room for them to run and play.
The bad:
Water is an issue and shade. Also there could be some structures for our 4 legers to play even something as simple as concrete storm pipes or some of the old concrete play ground equipment that the city is replacing in our people parks, just something for the dogs to play in and on.
The ugly:
Ok the rules state those big dogs are not to go in the small dog area and small dog area not to go in the big dog area. m good with that and I am good with the small dogs visiting the big side its the owners I have issue with if you bring your small dog over its going to get played with!!! Don't get upset if you have your small dog over and the bigger dogs want to play (they are dogs after all) and please don't kick at the bigger dogs for that. Also if your dog can't be off the leash because they can't play nice please leave them at home we don't need that either.
---and happy thanksgiving

Schewolff1's picture
Love the Dog Park

I really love taking my dog to this dog park. I have only one complaint. What can be done about people that do not clean up after their dogs? There was a lady the other day that brought in 6 dogs and out of the 6 dogs 4 of them deficated and she just walked away like nothing happened. PLEASE KEEP IT CLEAN FOR EVERYONE!! Be considerate.

Rusty1's picture
The Good and The Bad (Bad Mostly)

I love taking my dogs out to dog parks. This is a nice looking park with lots of room (Over All). Basically it has potential.

There is too much shattered glass everywhere. I've heard of several dogs getting their feet cut-up from glass rising out of the land-fill.

The City should have planted grass instead of weeds, to help with the sticker problem. I took eight stickers out of my dogs paws one day, and thet was after ridding home in the car.

The New Water Faucets look nice, but are severely lacking in performance. The dogs need the kiddie pools. Water used to build up, but that's why the city should have installed french drains to keep the area clear.

I like the benches, but the park could use some facing out for ppl to throw balls. Plus shade is important in the summer. I bet there will be a few dog deaths next year due to the lack of water and the lack of shade.

Poop bags and bins: There aren't nearly enough. There's seven acreas of area in the large dog park, and only 2 bag dispencers and 2 Garbage cans, and their both in the fron 2 acres. What's the point of the rest of the park?

On a scale from 1 to 10 I would give this park a 2 ( down from 5 due to the water issue). The city obviously just doesn't get it. Check the Ft Woof Dog park ( for References on how to get things right.

Sadierenie's picture

The new dual people and dog water fountains look great. Nice thought but they don't put out enough volume of water. Now they took the pump out we can't fill up water buckets for the dogs. What we had before was much better. I hope they plan to put the water well pump back in. Otherwise we will have to bring our own water.

Sadierenie's picture

Love the park the benches are great Thank You!
I like the new gates they are much easier to use.
Thank you! My dog loves the park we come as often
as we can.

court_mia's picture
Great place for pups to play

We took our two dogs there and they loved it. It was plenty of running space to where the dogs could get away from other dogs and enjoy some exercise. The pools, access to water, and "potty" bags were in good position. I would only recommend that they put in benches inside the park for the owners to sit. The upkeep is adequate but that takes the dog owners to make that happen as well.

Sadierenie's picture
Chapin Park

I love the park this is something that this city has needed for a while. I do wish we could get some benches and shade. I also think people should not bring dogs to the park if they are agressive and not social with other dogs. Most of the dogs and owners are great. I hope you all protect your dogs and give them Bordetella if you bring them to the park.

sprwomn's picture
we love going to the park!!!

we love going to the park!!! I tell alot of people about it! A couple of suggestions perhaps. . . maybe somewhere on the sign coming into the park, the words Dog Park could be seen from street view, more people would know about it. Also, if there were a box (locked of course), people would have the option to donate change or bills to help out with getting benches or other items that are needed for the park!!!!!

miragetdp's picture
New Dog Park is just what Wichita needed!

The new dog park at Chapin Park is a great area to take your pups for a little exercise. They have two runs, one for small dogs (under 25 pounds) and a larger area for big dogs (over 25 pounds). There are several excrement stations for cleaning up after your pet, and a watering hole to keep them hydrated. There are also shade areas for your pets to rest that double as seating for owners. Considering this park is built atop an old landfill, the area is quite nice. Granted, a water feature and additional seating would be nice (as noted by previous reviews), but for Wichita's first dog park, I definitely can't complain! It is easy to get to, just a short drive down I-135, exit at Hydraulic and just past the Drive In. I can't say enough how happy I am to have a place to take my three dogs to socialize and expel a little energy as well. Thank You Wichita!

huckleberry's picture
Grand Opening Celebration!!!!

April 17th, 2010 at 1:30pm. This will include a dedication ceremony for the new dog park.

Kathy Y.'s picture
Chapin Dog Park

Great place for our dogs to run, play and have fun. It would be nice to have some benches and shade for us humans too! Only one negative thing: there was quite a bit of broken glass throughout the park.

JeanChap's picture
Park users...please rate this park!

I haven't heard a bad word at all about our new dog park in Chapin Park. However, the overall rating is "Average." I see that many of us haven't rated their experience at the park, and think if we all rated it as we use it and comment on it we'd certainly see an "excellent" rating!

JeanChap's picture
More fun today at the Chapin Park dog park!

Once more my two dogs, "LadyBug and Socks," had a grand day at the park. We are there nearly every day, weather permitting, and all I have to say to my two is: "Want to go to the doggie park?" and they obviously know exactly what I'm asking and are eager to go. There will be a grand opening April 17. Haven't found out what time as yet. I hope a lot of us will be there!

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Chapin Dog Park!

I'm so glad we finally have a park to take our dogs to...and I hear that comment repeated often while there. I notice that the nuts/bolts on the larger dog area (the innermost door particularly) are often quite loose...can these be welded to the door so they don't fall off? I'm sure planting trees is a part of the future? And seating area for we humans who can't get up on the wooden shelters for the dogs?

For the most part, however, being able to take my two dogs almost daily to this new park is a blessing. All three of us get exercise badly needed, and we all make new friends each and every day. Thank you so much for building and maintaining this for us!

draco621's picture

Been there twice and will go again...just wish they had sitting for humans and maybe some sort of water features..other than that has been great!

Visitor's picture
Curious onlookers...

I am glad to see more people enjoying this wonderful park, we that fly Radio-Control models are happy to have many more visiters watching us fly our airplanes and helicopters...

Visitor's picture
Lifes Great

We have been to the park a few times and each time was fantastic!! Each time more dogs, were so happy to have play mates!!! It is truely something Wichita really needed! Thank You

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chapin dog park

You have to go at least .5 miles east on MacArthur before you find it. It has lots of room for dogs to play and run but it isn't too appealing as a place to take your dog for a leash. Also, there should be more 'poop bag' stations around the perimeter. Mostly, though, I'm glad it's there...FINALLY.

Visitor's picture
Great Dog Park

To be honest this is the first dog park I've been to. However, this one was great!!! If you have a large dog, they have what looks to be about 7 acres. And the small dog section is very large too for small dogs. Drinking water is available on tap. Shade platforms, and clean up bags are available too. I went in January, and it was pretty muddy as the sod was pretty new. Besides that it was great.

Visitor's picture

i am so glad their is a dog park now!